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Travel Bloggers Tell All

Welcome to my Travel Bloggers Tell All series! Today I have two lovely bloggers discussing jet lag, vacation fashion, and travel moments that have changed them forever.

Anna from Eat See Do
Eat See Do blog
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Ideal outfit for exploring?
I’ve been caught out on this a few times as I forget that visiting a little French village may involve scaling a big hill to get to a castle. So now I try and balance it out with pretty meets practical.

Vacation fashion

I tend to live in an outfit of jeans (jean shorts in the summer) and t-shirts and my converse shoes which are just the right balance of trendy yet comfy and good enough for clambering when the need arises, which it does quite often.

A raincoat is an absolute essential and has got me through many good tropical rainstorms. Best of all, you can usually fold them up into your fold up bag. Which brings me to my favorite thing of all: the Kathmandu fold-up back pack. It might not look all that sexy but it is probably the most convenient travel bag in the history of all travel bags ever.

Tips to cope with jet lag?
Stay active. I once had horrible jetlag coming back from New Zealand. Every day at around 4pm when it started getting dark in London I’d feel a wave of exhaustion come over me. I’d somehow work my way through to 5 or 6pm and then go to the gym or do something active to keep myself going till it was a little closer to bed time.

Go out and party. If you arrive somewhere late afternoon or early evening, go out. It’s easier to stay awake by dancing then sitting down watching TV. Make sure it’s not just sitting down though as I once arrived in New York and went out, but with it being more of a sit down occasion than a dancing one, I fell asleep in the chair while everyone was chatting.

Have a nap but set an alarm. This is the hardest one but I’ve found it works quite well. Depending on the time difference and the time you arrive, having a little hour-long nap can give you that little bit of oomph back without ending up staring at the ceiling cursing yourself at 2am.

If you have a stopover – stop over. For really long ones such as London to New Zealand, a stopover in between where you actually have a day or two to readjust really helps, plus it’s an added holiday.

Most memorable moment from traveling?
This is so hard because there are so many wonderful, difficult and life-changing moments when travelling. But I guess there is one that stands out.

We’d been travelling for several months already when we arrived in Vietnam, excited about exploring this amazing country, carefree and, as seasoned travelers, not in the least bit worried about anything going wrong. Then, on our second night in Vietnam, my fiancé got hit by a motorbike. We were crossing one of Hanoi’s famously motorbike-packed roads, where a crossing involves slowly walking between the motorbikes which weave around you. But one was going too fast. After I’d jumped to avoid him, I started shouting at him for what I thought was a near miss, but it turned out to be much worse when I realized that Jono had been hit in the leg and was bleeding heavily.

As I shouted ‘help’ and ‘ambulance’ at the people who were crowding round but didn’t understand what I was saying, I realized just how vulnerable and how lost we were. Sure we could haggle, find good street food, but what use is that when you’re petrified because you have no idea how the medical system works in Vietnam, or whether it’s even any good. As it turned out, the care was excellent and Jono’s just left with his scar from ‘nam and a story to tell.

While I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it there are also some good memories that come from it. That was the first moment we got to see the true kindness of the Vietnamese people. They weren’t trying to sell us something or scam us with dodgy taxi meters. They knew we were in trouble and all they wanted to do was help.

The kindness of the woman who offered her scarf as a bandage; the man that flagged down a taxi, told him where to go and told us “this is better than ambulance”; the taxi driver that took us to the hospital without asking for a penny: those are moments I’ll remember forever.

Lix from A Classic Notion
A Classic Notion blog
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Ideal outfit for exploring?

Travel fashion

Tips to cope with jet lag?
You really have to find what works for you. For some people, power naps are the way to go. That’s absolutely not true for me — naps make me groggy. I’d rather find something to do that will keep me up through my natural bedtime and to whatever time I want to go to sleep. Something exciting, preferably, or involving other people! This will sometimes mess with my heart — I’m prone to tachycardia — but that’s when meds come in handy. I own my unhealthiness. Children, don’t try this at home.

Most memorable moment from traveling?
There isn’t a moment I can think of, but there is a week that made a huge difference for me, and that’s the last week I spent in Oxford in the summer of 2008. I was put up with a host family at first, and it was legitimately awful, so they moved me to a student house for my last week there. I got to experience what it was like living alone in a place I loved, on my own schedule, with my own room and my camera, close enough to the city center to walk there and back whenever I wished. It felt like home in a delightful, unencumbered way I’ve never felt anywhere else, and that was when I decided I wanted to move to England.

Postcards from Rachel
Postcards from Rachel blog
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Ideal outfit for exploring?
I’m not that fashionable and I tend to live in jeggings and boots. That’s why I felt so awkward when we were living in Florida. Oops. I get cold easily so I usually bring a cardigan or scarf, and I always have my camera bag with me.

Travel fashion for exploring

Tips to cope with jet lag?
Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep. Every time we traveled back to Scotland from the States, we would accidentally fall asleep for hours (even if we only planned on a short nap) and our schedules would be thrown off for a good week or so. This was miserable. If you can, sleep on the plane. I’m getting better about this because I always bring something warm and I pack a neck pillow. Neck pillows are the bomb.

Most memorable moment from traveling?
I’ve mentioned Morocco before and that was probably my most memorable experience. Riding around in the Atlas Mountains, visiting a Berber market, handing out pencils to children, and having lunch at an Imam’s house is something I will never forget.


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  • Molly @ The Move to America

    I wore black when I flew to the U.S. in October. I chose the colour because I have a habit of spilling everything I am trying to eat or drink on me and did not want the stains to show too much when I was met by Hubby! When I am exploring – I always wear comfy shoes, practically live in my trainers!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      I spill everything on myself too! I usually wear dark jeans or leggings when we fly.

  • Per @ Perky Thoughts

    Neck pillows are awesome! On my first flight from Manila to the U.S. I slept almost the whole time!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Yeah, they make it so much easier to fall asleep!

  • Christie Sultemeier

    super cute!

  • Crystal Turpin

    I struggled with jet lag and even when I try and psych myself up to NOT sleep I fail. I do need a neck pillow though…I keep forgetting one! Great round-up of blogger tips!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Neck pillows are life savers. :)

  • Z K

    These are such great tips! I had terrible jet lag going to the Netherlands, but nothing at all when I was coming back…so weird!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Yeah, I never have it coming home either!

  • Sarah @ A Girl Smitten

    I love these posts! I am stashing all this goodness away to use for my next trip.

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Thank you! Collecting tips before a trip is always good. :)

  • Sara Louise

    This is one of my favorite blog series Rachel!
    I love reading all of the different tips and perspectives :)

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Yay, so happy to hear that!

  • Jelli

    I think the second outfit is most practical for me (sans gloves.) Wearing shorts in Latin America is like shouting “I’m a foreigner!” Great tips on dealing with Rachel. I try to stay awake and work with the new time schedule right away too. Fun series!

  • Jess Boyd

    Great advice from all. Jet lag really is the worst, but I’ve noticed that it’s more so coming home, so at least I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything fun. I went to sleep at 7 pm and woke up at 5 am for almost a week.

    • Postcards from Rachel

      For some reason I never feel it coming home!

  • Erica

    I love these travel outfit ideas! They are so cute. I want to go out and up everything on your board right now. well maybe just the love shirt as I have similar items in my closet :)

  • Mo Olivas

    I love the second travel outfit! Cardigans are my fave <3 In preparation of a trip to a theme park a few years back I bought a pair of cute flats made by Crocs and I haven't gone back since. They're literally the most comfortable travel shoes ever.


  • Emily

    I love the third outfit! For some amazing reason I don’t get bad jetlag at all. Living in New Zealand pretty much all of my flights are extremely long to get anywhere, but if you can stopover anywhere for at least a night it makes such a difference. Some airlines even put you up in a hotel overnight if your flights don’t connect- I flew Korean Airlines from Auckland to Madrid and Korean Airlines put us up in the Hyatt Regency in Seoul overnight and even gave us meal vouchers for the restaurant! Perfect free way to break up the journey. We even had time to head out and explore a little!