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On Wednesday night, Blog and Tweet Boston hosted a blogger dinner at Moksa in Cambridge. The Pan Asian restaurant is located in Central Square and is known for its unique tapas and cocktails. Since I had been stalking the online menu a week or so before the meet-up, I couldn’t wait to see what the fuss was about.

Upon arriving I noticed the modern look of the restaurant. I waited with a handful of bloggers near the front door before the reception started and admired the large, sleek bar area and the atmosphere. Moksa is definitely one of the trendier restaurants in the area but it is also comfortable, which I liked.

We were then led to the second dining room in the middle of the restaurant and seated at a small bar for our cocktail hour. Our bartender whipped up a warm punch drink and I swear, I would drink this every day of my life if it was socially acceptable to, umm… be buzzed 24/7. Maybe it was because of the wind chill I had just experienced while walking to the restaurant, or maybe I was smitten by the grilled pineapple chunks floating in my mason jar — I’m not sure. I do know that I’m obsessed, though and would return to Moksa just to order that beverage.

Moksa Cambridge

After drinks, we were seated at a large table and handed menus for a four course meal complete with cocktail and wine pairings. We were also served dumplings and octopus balls which were delicious and tied us over until dinner.

Our first course was a flavorful butternut squash soup with coconut infused curry and soy beans. Now, I’ve made butternut squash soup on multiple occasions including Thanksgiving and I thought my recipe was decent, but I will now be ditching that for Moksa’s. This soup was wonderful! I decided to pair my soup with a Fall Manhattan complete with Bourbon, roasted buttercup squash, cider, honey, and baking spices.

Moksa Cambridge Review

The second course was my favorite. We were served spicy tuna dumplings with guacamole and Thai mango sauce. It was the perfect combination of savory and sweet, and I loved the crunch. I paired my dumplings with a Peking Sailor. This was the most unique drink of the night because the ingredients included gin, campari, elderflower vinegar, cucumber, and bubbly. It was light and refreshing.

Blogger Dinner Boston

We were given three options for our main course: kung pao angel hair, 7 spice crusted salmon, and paneer masala. Since I’m a fish lover, I went with the salmon. The fish was cooked perfectly and served on a bed of greens, masaman curry, and rice. I decided on The Liberator cocktail which was made of rum, curacao, mint, and lime. Moksa is also known for their variety of wines but I couldn’t resist the expansive cocktail menu!

Blogger Meetup in Boston

Dessert, a warm coconut rice pudding with pumpkin bits, was served with a warm milk and honey drink and it was the perfect way to end a night of socializing and delicious food.

Moksa Restaurant Review

Needless to say, my experience at this restaurant was a positive one. I’m already planning my next visit with my husband and friends. Oh, and they also have games and dancing in the back. How fun is that?

450 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

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  • Danielle E. Alvarez

    Gosh, sounds like a fantastic meal! I especially like the sound of the Peking Sailor. And right in Cambridge, huh? Most of my friends in “Boston” live there :) might have to make a reservation next time I’m in town!

  • KPsays

    Awww, so you got to meet other bloggers? How awesome! I think I’m out of time for the rest of this year, but if you are attending any conferences/meetups,let me know! I’ve yet to go to one, and I’m planning to attend two in 2014!

  • Kate Hall

    Oh my goodness this food looks delicious! I am so jealous of you guys in the states, not only food wise but also your blogger meet ups! I haven’t found any in Germany :(.

  • Stephanie

    Yummy looking food! Looks like fun! :)

  • Meg O.

    What a fun time and yummy looking food!! I love me some blogger events!

  • Kayli Schattner

    Okay, I’m jealous…I have not heard of ONE blogger event in my area!! Looks like you had a great time with yummy food :) so glad you ladies were able to enjoy yourself and mingle!

  • jackie jade

    yum- looks like a fun night out! and now i’m craving a tasty drink and it’s only 1 pm. is it the weekend yet!?
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Colleen From Sophie’s Talking

    Moksa looks amazing! Glad you had fun!

  • ToothbrushTravels

    it all looks delish!

  • KPsays

    I soooo want to go to a blogger event! I think I am the only blogger in my city! Definitely going to some conferences in 2014!