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What inspires you to travel

Welcome to the Travel Bloggers Tell All series. Everyone has different reasons for traveling and today we’re discussing what inspires us to book that plane ticket or hop in the car.

Sharon and Bryce from the Getaway Brigade
The Getaway Brigade Blog
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What inspires you to travel?
Everyone is different; for us, traveling is a way to achieve balance in life—so when we feel like our lives are lacking in adventure or contemplation, we find it in travel. We’ve driven to the airport and hopped on the first plane going out, just to break our routine. Or if life gets too hectic we’ll book a weekend getaway to carve out time to relax.

We also find that our friends inspire us to travel and vice versa. We’re always discovering new places to add to our list through talking with friends, both in person and through social media.

Favorite part of traveling?
We love meeting new people and getting immersed in the local culture. There are few other ways to fully experience other world views; it provides a perspective you would never be able to get just through reading or watching documentaries. We also love to eat; exploring a destination through trying new foods is a great way to connect with the local scene and expand your boundaries.

Least favorite part of traveling?
This is tough! Having to pack to go back home is definitely one of our least favorite parts of traveling; it’s a chore made more unpleasant by the knowledge that it’s time to say goodbye. Oh, and inefficient airport security systems (McCarran Int’l, I’m looking at you!) are simply the worst.

Gesci from Peach and Thistle
Peach and Thistle Blog
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What inspires you to travel?
Believe it or not, when I was growing up I didn’t dream of traveling. I did have “go to Greece” on my high school list of “Things to Do Before I Die”, but I also listed “invent a new flavor of Jello” and “name a crayon”. (Still holding out for that second one!) In college, however, I met and started dating my now-husband, Paul, and after we graduated his work took us to Idaho, then England, and now North Carolina. We realized whilst living in Idaho that we really needed to take advantage of the opportunities we had around us, and we’ve done our best ever since. From the National Parks in the Northwest to roadtrips around Great Britain and taking advantage of cheap flights around Europe, I have definitely fallen under the travel spell! Having the chance to view in person art I studied in school (the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain and the Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan exhibit at the National Gallery in London), visit sites and feel the burden of their history (Auschwitz concentration camp outside of Krakow, Poland and Culloden battlefield in Moray, Scotland), see places that are so surreal it’s hard to believe they actually exist (Meteora in Greece and the tulip fields of Keukenhof in The Netherlands), and to eat some incredible foods (Kürtőskalács in Budapest- a toasted sweet bread in a tube shape, and pretty much everything in Greece!) and beers (Brussels’ framboise lambics and Oban Bay Brewery’s Fair Puggled in Oban, Scotland)… at this point I can’t think of a reason to *not* travel. And that’s my inspiration to keep packing suitcases.

Favorite part of traveling?
My favorite part of traveling… that’s hard! Obviously the stuff I listed above: I am an art lover, I have a deep fascination with architecture, and physically exploring history is like actually being able to dive into a great book. I love planning a trip, the anticipation of the drive or flight there, and waking up every morning excited to explore. I love the pure exhaustion at the end of every well-spent day, and I love returning home with my soul refreshed but needing to hug our pooches again! It may be cheesy, but beyond having the chance to see amazing places and experience new cultures, I also really love traveling with Paul. We are fairly individual people within our marriage, but when we travel our compatibility really shines. We share similar interests (we hit every art museum and can’t seem to see enough abbeys and castles), travel speeds (we prefer to spend several days in a place rather than the “checklist traveler” cruises and multi-city tours), and because we loved North Yorkshire (where we lived in England) so much, we always make a point to experience both the city and countryside of an area.

Least favorite part of traveling?
When I was thinking about this question I asked Paul what my least favorite part of traveling is and he answered “tourists who are rude about taking pictures”. He’s right- I become livid when people use flash when photographing art, or disobey “no flash” or “no photography” signs. I firmly believe there should be a sort of “adult swim” time when no one hugs statues or stands in front of works of art so that others can photograph them without having strangers in their pictures. After mulling it over, though… my least favorite might be low pressure hotel showers. After long days and miles of walking, I want a good shower!

Rachel from Postcards from Rachel
Postcards from Rachel Blog
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What inspires you to travel?
I grew up in a travel-obsessed family so we were always glued to the Travel Channel and good old fashioned travel magazines and guides. My grandmother was from Germany so we visited her family in Munich when I was very young, and made other trips overseas. I’ve always thought that exploring the world is more important that accumulating “stuff”… And now that my husband is also addicted to travel, we’re having fun planning our next trips.

Oh, and I have a new scratch-off travel map in the kitchen, so I need to conquer that.

Favorite part of traveling?
Learning new things — meeting new people. We continue to travel because this excites us. I’ve mentioned our trip to Marrakech before, but instead of spending time with other tourists, we traveled to Berber villages, passed out notepads, pencils and candy to children, and had a home cooked meal at an Imam’s house. It was awesome.

Least favorite part about traveling?
Rude people and bad hotels.

I’d like to think we’re easy to get along with, especially when we’re traveling. I pride myself on being a nice person, so when we’re in another country and people are mean to us for no reason, that turns me off. Mind you, this only happened in Brussels — and this was the only time someone actually looked at us and said, “Ugh, Americans.”

I also can’t stand gross hotels. When we stay somewhere it doesn’t have to be brand new because I actually like old charm and antique furniture, but it has to be clean… Otherwise I won’t sleep and I won’t use the shower in the morning. We once stayed at a hotel near the London airport because we had an early flight in the morning and lady bugs were dropping from the hotel’s ceiling. Thank goodness I was wearing my glasses, otherwise I’d have lady bug bits in my eyeballs.

So, tell us. What inspires you to travel?


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  • Danielle E. Alvarez

    New experiences – I live for ’em! I love how traveling broadens our understanding of the world and ourselves, often at the same time. My life would be so much less full without it.

  • Gesci

    “Lady bug bits in my eyeballs” cracks me up! I’m the same way about hotels- I don’t need fancy (it’s nice, though!) but I need a good bed and a good shower. We’ve stayed in the fanciest hotel in Lisbon (by accident… I found a deal online and it wasn’t until a couple of days before we arrived and I was googling around and found out it’s the best!) and the Etap hotel in Glasgow, which was basically a sparse college dorm on move-in day, but with sheets. The Etap was clean, though, and the shower was good- the Lisbon hotel was glorious, but we’d never be able to spend that kind of money without the deal attached! One B&B in Scotland had a bed that I’m pretty sure came with the 17th century home, though. It was so lumpy I could have sworn it was stuffed with freshly sheared wool clumps, and we woke ourselves up rolled to the middle several times!

    Thanks for hosting this- I had fun coming up with my answers! It’s one of my favorite series on any blog!!

  • Jenna

    Love this series, as always! Couldn’t agree more with all of your responses. Travelling is certainly the best way to gain perspective and experience something that can’t be experienced by simply watching a documentary. And the lady bugs… weird! How did they all get in there? I would freak.

  • Ashley

    My husband and I had an amazing honeymoon in Morocco ( this summer and also loved traveling through the Berber villages in the High Atlas Mountains. A scratch off map is such a cute idea! I’ll have to look for one.


  • Kelly Ann

    I love this series, I had no idea there were so many travel bloggers!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Lisette

    I’m inspired by my new camera. We all know that :)

  • MOl S

    I love hearing different languages being spoken all around me and watch people converse in their native tongue.
    Dislike.. living out of a suitcase. But on the upside I have mastered the art of packing light :)

  • theladylawyer

    Such a great post! I often get cranky while traveling (mostly during the coming or going process) but it’s such an important part of life and a blessing if you’re able to do so.