weekend postcards #4 | a place to meet new bloggers

meet new bloggers

Welcome back to Weekend Postcards! I hope you’re excited to meet a bunch of lovely bloggers this weekend. From travel bloggers to geniuses in the kitchen, this post has you covered. Be sure to stop by their blogs and say hello!

Our Nest blog
Blog | Bloglovin’ | Facebook | Twitter

Mar t.o. & fro blog
Blog | Bloglovin’ | Instagram | Twitter

LB in Wonderland blog
Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Boots Parade blog
Blog | Bloglovin’ | Twitter | Pinterest

Pursuit of Pink blog
Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

A Fabulous Life in Jamaica blog
Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin’


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  • Alisia

    Absolutely love this post! I stumbled upon this blog in bloglovin and I love it! I always look for new blogs that interest me and I love the list you provided. Check out my blog when you get a second: boardingtogether.wordpress.com I’m still pretty new at blogging but it’s coming along great!

  • Britta

    Love the post! Thanks so much Rachel :)

  • Princess Burlap

    You know, I really love this postcards format you’ve employed in featuring your new bloggers. It feels genuine. I’ve had sponsorship experiences that run the gamut from tear-inducing (happy tears) to borderline insults. Bravo for giving your aspiring bloggers the regard they deserve, and doing it all pretty-like.