october sponsor giveaway | paypal cash

This month my awesome sponsors are bringing you a giveaway involving cash. How much cash, you ask? $210 to be exact. This giveaway is open internationally so follow the prompts on the Rafflecopter widget below. One winner will be chosen (and verified) on Monday, October 21st. Good luck and thanks for your support!

PayPal Cash Giveaway
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PayPal Cash Giveaway
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PayPal Cash Giveaway
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PayPal Cash Giveaway
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  • http://blog.lixhewett.com/ Lix Hewett

    …have you noticed half your ads are out of whack aspect ratio-wise? Or is that my screen?

    • http://blog.lixhewett.com/ Lix Hewett

      Um, and I would buy a 50mm lens for my camera. Or put the money toward a serger machine. Actually I’d probably spend it on Indiegogo rewards, but you know, ideals…

  • Rachel H

    Hmmm…$120….I’d maybe buy something for the coming holidays, like a new pair of boots or a new dress. Probably the boots, haha.

  • http://www.betsytransatlantically.blogspot.com/ Betsy Transatlantically

    it would go towards visa fees, which is both :( because that’s no fun but also :) because YAY for Jon getting here!

  • Lisa Brown

    i might get a Kindle white paper, I need a reader

  • http://www.theladyokieblog.com/ Amanda

    Probably some new running clothes!

  • molly cipolla

    ive been saving up for tory burch boots and this would get them at my door! :)

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I’d buy myself a new fall outfit! :)

  • http://www.thewanderblogger.com/ Sarah @ The Wanderblogger

    Maybe some ad space on my favorite blogs? I can’t justify spending my own money on that, but if I WON some, that would make it okay. ;o)

  • Colleen Boudreau

    New clothes!

  • Elena Istomina

    I would buy new boots. Follow on Bloglovin: bloglovin.com/elena1509
    Follow on Pinterest: pinterest.com/elena8

  • Rebecca Powell

    Honestly I have enough student loans going on I probably would really just save the money to work towards paying those back later, haha.

  • http://bybreenah.blogspot.com/ Breenah

    Boots! My daughter needs some boots and I want some, so why not?

  • Casey

    I would use the money toward my upcoming trip to the UK : London, Scotland and Ireland! :)

  • Cara Howard

    I would buy some Christmas gifts for family, a new blog design, and a pair of new jeans from American Eagle! Please please pick me! Thanks SO MUCH!

  • Chelsee

    O gosh I would probably add it to my fund for law school!

  • http://thecraziestparadigm.blogspot.com/ Yuen

    I would definitely spend in on Christmas shopping and save some for Uni (:

  • http://jennafinch.blogspot.com/ Jenna

    I’d like to buy a plane ticket straight to SE Asia :)

  • http://www.crazytragicalmostmagic.com/ Michael

    A new wardrobe! I’m so overdue for some new clothes!

  • brittany

    i would use the money to buy some fall/winter clothes, a new blog design and something for my brother! Thanks ladies!!!

  • Maureen

    I would love to purchase Christmas gifts and an anniversary gift for my husband.

  • Rosie

    winter coat brrrr

  • http://bitsofgermany.com/ Hanissa Zianida

    Sponsor ads… And maybe pay for college debts interest (veeery small percentage, but still nice)

    Zia @ bitsofgermany.com

  • http://twistedredladybug.blogspot.de/ Anda Alexandra

    presents for my future husband ;)))

  • Bekah @ re•solve

    I got laid off two months ago, so bills! or groceries. eating is nice.

  • http://www.lattesandpawprints.com/ Stephanie

    I would use it for bills that I can’t pay because of the shutdown!

  • http://www.MrsLauraBeth.com/ Laura Beth

    Should save it for a potential new vehicle but that just doesn’t sound like me! Probably put it towards a new camera lens.

  • Amber

    I’d treat myself to some boots :)

  • http://www.mylifeandlemons.com/ Kenzie S

    I would save most of it, and use the rest to start Christmas shopping (:

  • Brianna

    I would save the money and put some(most) of it into sponsoring other blogs :)

  • Shane Prather

    Textbooks unfortunately :)

  • Emelina

    Booooooks! :D

  • Callie Bowers

    I just got a dang ticket…ruined my week to be honest. Would love to put this money towards it! Uggghhhh dang lead foot!

  • http://weiderjl.blogspot.com/ Jenn

    With $210, I would probably buy some new clothes because I have no winter clothes or just put it in my wedding fund! :)

  • http://www.browniediaries.com/ Kaity

    I have my eye on a new camera, so I’m working on saving up money for that :) photography is unfortunately a rather expensive hobby…sigh.

  • thejukebox

    I’d buy some clothes

  • Mar

    I think I would use the $210 to pay off a little bit of my debt :S

  • http://sometimesztakespictures.blogspot.com/ Z K

    I honestly don’t even know what I would do with that money…save it? is that a lame answer?

  • Jun

    Definitely spend it on Christmas presents for family and friends :)

  • Destiny Barker

    This would be great to pick up a few new things for work!



  • Marta K

    I’d buy books for me and some christmas presents already! :)

  • http://hemborgwife.wordpress.com/ Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    I would buy supplies to do embroidery projects!

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  • Sara

    Honestly? I’d pay bills. :)

  • http://www.northernbellediaries.com/ Lisette

    Thanks for organizing this giveaway love!

  • Wendy Elliott Lindsey

    I’d add it to my savings for a newer vehicle, which we desperately need! Trying to save up for a reasonable down payment. ;D Thanks for the chance!

  • http://secretsofcamille.blogspot.it/ Camille L

    I would buy a pair of boots and a jacket.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Courtnie

    I’d use it for groceries

  • Courtney Renee

    Use some for Christmas presents!

  • http://eastcoastglamm.wordpress.com/ Erin

    I’d use it for Christmas presents!

  • Clarissa

    Christmas presents definitely!

  • http://www.creatricemondial.com/ Amy Lynne Hayes

    A shopping spree, I do believe. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on one of those!

  • Kayla Koroush

    I only have one drawer for winter clothes. It’s very bare, I’ll need to go shopping for clothes.

  • http://povertyluxe.blogspot.com/ Victoria Meyers

    definitely catch up on bills!

  • Kayti Clayton

    I’ve recently been laid off and have had a hard time earning extra money – I would definitely use this for Christmas shopping.

  • HufflePup

    We’ve been planning our wedding reception and this would really help!

  • Kayleigh Maryon

    I would invest in my little blog and sponsor a bunch of other blogs which I have wanted to do for the last couple of months.

  • Haley

    210 would definitely be used for bills. Since having a baby we’ve got medical bills stacked up!

  • Crystal Ward

    I’d get new fall boots (my old favorites are literally falling apart!) and put a pretty good chunk towards getting my kitten neutered!

  • Stacey Roberson

    I would buy some winter clothes for my little guy and a cute pair of shoes for myself.

  • Sarah Grace

    I recently moved into a new apartment so I would buy some new home goods like linens and kitchen supplies.

  • Anna

    I would buy some winter clothes

  • Ashley Smith

    lots of Christmas gifts! stocking stuffers

  • Rachel

    donate some money to the nsw bushfires currently happening in Australia; and use some money to pay off my recent travels to Europe.