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Hi all! I have also been blessed with the beautiful name of Rachel! My blog is called Brachel Boulevard. The term, “Brachel” started when my husband and I were joking about celebrity couple names. Brandon+Rachel=Brachel. Over the years the little joke has continued and the term has come to represent all the things we have done as a couple. Together we have two gorgeous children, have traveled to 14 countries, and have lived in 3. We now call gorgeous Barcelona, Spain our home.

Just a few weeks ago, we were talking to a local policeman in Barcelona about safety while traveling. He pointed out that the best bags were like the one I was using-a small cross body bag-and here’s why.

Crossbody bags can be placed in front of you and easily stay there. No need to look around to see if someone is reaching for your purse, it’s right in front of you the whole time.

The width of them is important. Most crossbody bags are small and not very wide. Why you ask is this important? Well, our policeman friend told us of many thieves who will use knives to cut the bottom of a bag, let the contents spill out, pick up as much as they can and run. Because crossbody bags are smaller, it’s harder for them to reach in and cut open the bag, deterring thieves from trying.

Here’s a reason of my own that is unrelated to safety: They make me prioritize what I am bringing. Really, I don’t need that lipgloss, or four different maps of the area, I need the basics: passport, money, map, phone. That’s it. My camera is always out around my neck, ready for a photo op at any moment

I decided to share with you 4 crossbody bags that I am currently craving. I prefer the ones without removable straps to make it that much safer but these are all so cute & functional!

Functional crossbody bags for travel
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  • The Wondernuts

    I just fell in love with Zatchels. Cross-body, real leather. I’m in love. I want one. =) Good advice! I always keep my cross-body bag in front of me

  • Chantal

    Great tips! I actually just got a cross-body purse for our travels to Korea and also ease of use with the toddler. Love it.

  • LO_TS

    I use to have a H&M bag very similar to the first – even in mustard too (my weakness) cross body bags are great and still are my first pick for an everyday bag too, mainly because of how much I can wedge in one!

  • thediynurse

    I love this! Although I have about 20 purses [which is shameful] I use my crossbody one the most. ie- all the time. Not only do I feel safer with it but I’m never lugging it around, switching shoulders due to its weight. And my favorite thing about it? I can go hands free which is really important to me when I’m out shopping or doing something hands on. I get more photos and I have more fun. Maybe its just me but when I have a purse on my shoulder I always feel the need to also hold onto it with my hand to keep it on my shoulder. Love these tips!

  • Ech

    Another perk: My husband can’t throw his things in my purse. He’s always trying to get me to carry his things for him.

  • Jodi

    That is too funny that you posted about this b/c I’ve been shopping around for a cross body bag for travel. I really want to go to Europe in the spring (if I can convince a friend to go) and I want a new cute bag. I love 1 and 2!!!

  • ToothbrushTravels

    I love cross body bags, not just because of the safety element but because you’re completely handsfree, not having to worry about it slipping off your shoulder!