bmw museum and plant in munich, germany

BMW museum in Munich, Germany

Before I talk about the BMW museum and plant in Munich, Germany, can we just discuss how cool their subway system looks? I wish DC’s Metro or Boston’s T looked this modern. And don’t even get me started on the Chicago L.


I’m not that into cars. I just wanted to put that out there. As long as my SUV is running, comfortable and doesn’t smell like a taxi cab, I don’t really care about the rest of the details.

My husband, on the other hand, knows all about the different models and whatever else car enthusiasts are enamored with… engines? He wanted to check out the BMW museum and I obliged because the outside of the building looked pretty sleek and fun. Plus, there was a Pizza Hut nearby and I wanted to devour the entire salad bar because I can only handle sausage and sauerkraut for so many days, even though I find it absolutely delicious.

BMW museum
sightseeing in Munich
BMW tours

Those metal balls (hehe) were my favorite. I probably watched them for ten minutes straight and took around twenty photos. They’re forming a car… see, see?!

BMW museums
car lovers
BMW museum in Munich, Germany

I also thought these hanging signs were neat because they made for an interesting photograph.

museum in Munich, Germany
BMW plant
BMW museum in Munich, Germany
BMW museum in Munich, Germany
BMW museum in Munich, Germany
BMW museum in Munich, Germany

In my dream world, dream Rachel would own the car above.

BMW museum in Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany

Have you ever been to the BMW Museum and Plant? Do you care about cars?


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  • Z K

    I’ve never been a big car person by any means, but this still looks like a cool museum! Neat photos!

  • stephanie court

    I’m not that into cars (my current car is 16 years old and I see no need to get another as long as it’s still running…) but I do like museums and history so I’d totally check this place out … if I’m ever lucky enough to go to Munich. :)

    PS – If you think the L is bad, you should see the nonsense SF’s BART has to offer. I’d take Chicago, or DC’s, public transit system over BART any day.

    • Jessica – Independent Travel C

      haha, yes, BART….when the workers aren’t on strike…

  • Michelle

    Ditto about cars, but these photos make them interesting!

  • Amanda

    i don’t really care about cars but the little yellow one is precious! I’d love to drive it! The metro is beautiful- it looks like a modern art museum. (Maybe the Tube can pick up some tips?) x

  • Kylie @ Lip Gloss & Lunges

    My husband would LOVE to visit this museum! He loves BMW’s – he even talked me into getting one! He thinks they are the greatest cars ever! Your pictures make me want to visit it also!

  • Molly @ The Move to America

    Like others, I am not so keen on cars, but do like to see the evolution of them and how the designs have changed. I also like the little yellow bubble car!

  • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

    this is AWESOME!

  • Lix Hewett

    Eh, cars, but COLORS and LIGHTS. Excellent pictures.

  • Stephanie

    ooo their metro station is really neat!

  • Ashley Angle

    I’m so bummed out that my husband and I decided against going here! BUMMER! Looks so cool.
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Erika

    I’m not a car person either, but I enjoyed these photos! Especially the little tiny smart BMW or whatever you wanna call it! :) And also… oh, Munich… so clean, so pretty! I never got to experience this particular uBahn stop, but I do remember being so impressed with the cleanliness of that entire city. I really like Munich, have been a couple of times, and feel like it would be a fun city to live in that’s interesting but also a little low-key in comparison to other bigger European cities… Anyway, YAY!

  • Per @ Perky Thoughts

    Those metal balls are pretty neat!

  • Mar

    Ok my mind is kind of blown on the first two pictures. How on earth do they do that?,

  • Jessica – Independent Travel C

    We visited the BMW-Welt in the Spring, which is the showroom part of the complex, but we didn’t pay to tour the actual museum as an hour of looking at engines, cars, and motorcycles was more than enough for me:) But we both enjoyed it and the futuristic architecture alone is enough for a quick visit. The 1934 is a very classy choice, I agree!

  • Debbie @ Buisson International

    Wait… Are those real balls? Where do they come from? I probably would have stood there for ten minutes too!

  • From Casinos To Castles

    That is so cool! I can’t wait to go there. My husband and I are both into cars although he is more than I because he actually understands all the mechanical stuff. He said the Mercedes museum is really nice too.

  • Amy Lynne Hayes

    I love Munich!! I didn’t get to go to the BMW Museum, but we did ride bikes by it. It was so different to see so many BMWs parked in the streets, whereas in the States they are definitely considered a luxury car. They do drive like a dream though – love that German engineering!!

  • Megan Hemmasi

    Do I care about cars? Not in the least. But my husband sure makes up for my lack of interest. He would LOVE to visit that museum! Maybe I can plan a trip to Germany with that as the bait?! :-) Seriously though, I am always amazed at how he just seems to randomly know just about everything about every brand, model, etc. of car. Where does such knowledge even come from?! I’m the same as you- if it runs without making scary noises and gets me from A to B then I’m happy :-)

  • Fran

    How awesome! Love those balls [hehe] forming the car, too cool!

  • Alisia

    I’m not a big car lover either but this museum looks interesting architecturally and even the cars they showcase. It is kinda cool to see how these cars looked in the early/middle 1900s.

  • Kate Hall

    I am taking my first trip to Munich next year and I can’t wait! It looks similar to Frankfurt in the “Germany” aspect of things, but on such a grander scale!

  • Amy | Club Narwhal

    Rachel, I am totally with you on not being into cars but ever since I moved to Detroit, AKA cartopia, I have noticed that a beautifully made car can make my heart flutter. Especially if the car is mint vintage, which they seem to have coming out of their ears here :) That metal ball thing looks amazing!

  • Crystal Turpin

    I got to go the Korean equivalent of this and loved EVERY SECOND OF IT. Cars, oh baby, the cars!!! I’d die to go the Germany and see this museum. Also, AMAZING photos, lady!

  • Lisa

    Love it!! I tried going to the BMW museum last time I was in Munich but didn’t get around to it. Definitely want to try next time, it looks pretty cool!

  • Jane

    That is very neat!

  • KPsays

    Stunning photographs! Wheeeee wheeeee!!!!! BMW should pay you ;)