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Travel Bloggers Tell All
I find that people either love air travel or despise it. I happen to enjoy flights but many of my friends and family members think it’s a stressful experience. No matter which camp you’re in, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure your flight is as comfortable as possible. Do you tend to get cold while you’re in the air? Do you need a neck pillow to fall asleep? These are things you should ask yourself before you pack for your next trip.

Need a few more pointers? Here are a couple of travel bloggers with air travel tips and their flight must-haves.

Nicole from Treasure Tromp
Travel Bloggers Tell All- Treasure Tromp
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What are a few must-have items when you’re on a long flight?
There are two very important things I think about when packing my carry-on: comfort and entertainment. When it comes to comfort, I always bring earplugs, neck pillow (don’t laugh!), and an eye mask in case I want to take a nap; hand lotion and Smith’s Rosebud Salve to heal dry skin; and plenty of snacks since I can’t count on vegetarian-friendly meals on the planes. As for entertainment, I always bring my iPad so that I can read books, play games, and double check travel plans. And of course my DSRL. Additionally, my carry-on for long flights are usually packed with these essential items.

What does your ideal travel outfit look like?
Travel Fashion

My ideal travel outfit is all about comfort without looking like a hot airplane mess. That’s why I love to wear black leggings, a gingham button up shirt, and flats. And since I’m always cold, layers like a scarf and a hooded cardigan are so necessary.

Biggest tip for a long-haul flight?
I’ll be the first to admit that I can get a little bit cranky during long-haul flights (and possibly go through a 7-stage mood swing). Things are bound to go wrong when you’re traveling for 12+ hours (lost baggage, delayed flights, missed connections). This may seem like an obvious tip, but if you’re traveling with another person, do everything in your power to not take it out on the other person! When you’re feeling frustrated on your long-haul flight, may I suggest one of the following things that helps reduce my stress while traveling: buying an overpriced beer, indulging in a foot massage, and/or taking a nap. In that order.

Patricia from Kisses & Croissants
Travel Bloggers Tell All- Kisses and Croissants
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What are a few must-have items when you’re on a long flight?
I wear contacts, so I always make sure to carry a travel sized bottle of contact solution with me. High altitudes tend to dry out your eyes and when I’m on flights that last more than 16 hours I’m really grateful to be able to put them in their case for a few hours. Speaking of dry air, your skin will also likely dry out, so I recommend bringing along a travel sized face cream. It will make you feel refreshed and look less tired when you arrive at your destination.

Before I forget, I always bring an empty water bottle. You can’t bring water through airport security, and it costs a fortune when you buy it from the airport’s vendors. If you already have an empty bottle, you can just fill it up at a water fountain.

What does your ideal travel outfit look like?
Air Travel Fashion

– Leggings: I know that a lot of people hate the idea of wearing leggings as pants, but I like to be as comfortable as possible. Plus, I’ll probably be sleeping for most the flight anyways. I might as well wear clothes that I’m not afraid of getting wrinkled.
– A Long T-shirt: When I wear leggings I still like to cover up my bum – just a personal preference – so this extra long white tee is perfect for me. Plus it’s a great layering option. You never know whether an airport’s air conditioning will be working or not.
– A Sweater/Cardigan: Preferably one that’s easy to remove and put back on when you go through security. Airplanes are often freezing and more often than not you’ll be grateful for the extra layer.

Biggest tip for a long-haul flight?
My biggest tip would be to pack whatever you need to feel comfortable. Even if you’re afraid that an eye-mask or ear plugs will make you look high-maintenance, just pack them if they’ll help you sleep. Also, bring your own headphones for watching movies and listening to music. The ones they give you on the plane usually suck.

Postcards from Rachel
Travel Bloggers Tell All- Postcards from Rachel
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What are a few must-have items when you’re on a long flight?
I can’t fly without a neck pillow, my Kindle, magazines, a coffee and a massive bottle of water. Even though flight attendants on international flights are good about bringing around snacks and drinks to passengers, I’m always thirsty.

You can find my other travel essentials here.

What does your ideal travel outfit look like?
Airplane Fashion

I like to dress comfortably so loose jeans, a soft tee and a scarf are a must. The coffee is self explanatory. I’m not the happiest in the early morning!

Biggest tip for a long-haul flight?
– Charge all of your electronics before you get to the airport. There are usually charging stations in each terminal, but people hog these.
– Keep an eye on your carry-ons.
– Make yourself at home when you first get on the plane. Put your magazines in the seat pocket, make sure your electronics are accessible, and if you need a pillow and/or blanket, grab those items too. It’s a lot easier to get everything ready before you’re airborne.
– Even if you feel like a weirdo, walk around the plane and stretch in the aisles. You’ll feel so much better.

What are your air travel tips?


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  • Laurie Brotherton

    These are awesome tips. I’m personally a big fan of your travel outfit. THE SHOES!!!I stretched once in the airport & definitely didn’t think it could be weirder than the couple sleeping in a sleeping bag together.

    • Rachel

      I live in my converse sneakers! My husband would like to throw them away. :)

      And… awkward. In the sleeping bag together? Ummmm.

  • Mallory

    I love travel outfits! I always try to look good while on a plane, but it never really works out that way. I usually look like I just rolled out of bed. I will have to use these outfit inspirations for the next time I travel. And I’m loving the bag in Nicole’s ideal outfit!

    • Rachel

      Yes! It’s an ONA bag and they’re all adorable!

  • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

    i love all those outfits! we’ll be traveling for over 20 hours this winter so i could use some extra items to make the trip more comfortable!

    • Rachel

      Ahh, such a long flight! So exciting though. :)

  • Amanda

    LOVE THIS!!! Very similar to my outfits. In the summers I love to wear a maxi. It’s almost like having my own blanket on my legs at all times.:) Is that lame? Is that old gramma isn? Probably, but who cares.

    • Rachel

      I love maxis! You’re right… they are incredibly comfortable! Like a blanket or pajamas.

  • Marielle K.

    Love the outfits! I’ve never mastered the art of looking fashionable yet comfortable on a plane. I tend to look like a college student taking a grunge day.

    • Rachel

      I either look sort of fashionable or half asleep and terrible. :) I don’t think anyone looks awesome when they’re traveling.

  • Kaity

    water! that’s probably the #1 thing on my list. I love to have things like my Nook and my iPod for passing the time (because let’s face it, flights can be incredibly boring), but water is really a necessity. the plane dries you out so much, plus keeping yourself well hydrated is a great way to fight jetlag.

    • Rachel

      I completely agree! I always buy a big bottle after security because the little cups they give you on the plane aren’t enough.

  • Rachel Murphree

    I love these outfits; it’s always hard to balance comfort with fashion, but these are the perfect balance. And I am the same way with water. I think the flight attendants would hate me if I bothered them for water every time I feel thirsty, so I just buy a big ‘ol bottle to deal with it on my own. :)

    • Rachel

      That happened to me on a Delta flight. The flight attendants were so sick of grabbing water for me. :)

  • gabrielle

    all of these outfits are so adorable! i’d definitely wear them in the air & on land too :) love the tip about snacks from nicole. i’m a vegetarian too & the last time i traveled to japan i was staaarving on the plane because they didn’t have anything for me to eat. let’s just say i was a little cranky upon arrival.


    • Rachel

      Now I feel bad for vegetarians traveling! i didn’t even think about that.

  • Amanda

    Nicole and I have pretty much identical travel outfits. I always bring snacks as well. I hate airport prices and the grumpiness that hungry causes need to be avoided if at all possible. x

    • Rachel

      I pack snacks too! Always be prepared. :)

  • Kayli Schattner

    This was so much fun and so creative! I loved reading through the tips and having the outfits to accompany it :)

    • Rachel

      Aww, thank you! I’m glad you liked it. I’m always interested in seeing what other people wear on vacation. :)

  • Lix Hewett

    I like flights well enough, though I usually find myself thinking, “well, if the plane crashes, I’m okay with dying right now.” Instead of, you know… that the plane won’t crash. It works for me!

    Leggings (and tights) are super uncomfortable for me – don’t normally wear them and definitely won’t for a flight! Rachel’s outfit is exactly my idea of what to wear for a day spent in airports and on planes. A big bag, comfortable shoes, jeans and a tee. Perfect.

    • Rachel

      Hahaha. I used to be so terrified of flying! Now I’m used to it I suppose. :)

  • Laura @ Inspiration.Sparks

    What a great post!! :)) and i’m with you Rachel i love flights!! haha and im lovin’ these travel bloggers tips! My travel outfits always look like Patricia’s!! but Rachel your outfit is too cute!!

    • Rachel

      I love the big sweater Patricia picked out!

  • Sam @

    I love travel outfits that are cozy but still look put together. Maxi dresses, oversized sweaters, large scarves – all pieces that feel like pajamas but look cute (who knows when they might want to bump you to first class!)

    • Rachel

      That’s so true! I’ve never been bumped to first… but maybe someday. :)

  • Christina McCall

    I’ll have to keep all of these tips in mind whenever I travel by air again! Love all the outfits as well :) Not sure I could do leggings, but I’d definitely sub in a pair of yoga pants with top/sweater from Patricia’s outfit, the bag from Nicole’s, and the Chucks from yours!

    • Rachel

      Sometimes I wear yoga pants instead of leggings. They’re a little thicker so I’m not worried about everything seeing my bum. :)

  • Sara Louise

    After years and years of long haul flights, I finally gave in and bought a neck pillow. Best thing ever! I cannot believe the difference it makes and I’m way too comfy to care if I look like a spazz.

    • Rachel

      YES! Neck pillows make sleeping on flights so much easier.

  • Melanie Fontaine

    I think the experience really depends on whether you’re going on a long-haul flight or on a shorter one. I mainly fly within Europe, ergo shorter distances and that influences the way I view air travel. I also usually don’t check in a bag, so I can’t bring too many things with me (no neck pillow, sadly). I make sure to have my phone/iPad with me for reading and I bring some school readings to catch up on. I also always make sure to have worked out my travel plans for after the flight beforehand as in: How do I get to the city from the airport? How do I get to my hotel? Where can I go eat tonight? It saves me from the hassle of having to work things out once the plane has landed and I feel tired/exhausted.


    • Rachel

      Oh yes. Getting from the airport to the city can be a challenge. We found that some of the discount airlines (especially Ryanair) landed at airports far, far away from the actual city!

  • Alexandria

    I’m gearing up for my first long flight next fall, and this post helped a lot. I’m so excited about my semester that I’ll be spending in England, but I’m worried that I’ll get bored on the long flight. The destination will be worth it though.

    Great Blog!

    • Rachel

      How exciting! Spending a semester in England will be wonderful.

  • Alix

    No matter how much I love flying, it is the transit in airports that I struggle with! It is hard to think that all I want is to get into my own tiny space that is just mine on the plane!
    My best tip for flying or travel in general – just smile and be pleasant. :)
    Remember that everyone feels the same way you do, so just be civil respect the air hostesses and don’t get grumpy at the poor baby that screams because it can’t figure out what is going on… there is just no point…Besides, you never know who you will be sitting next to!

    Great post!

  • kwiedman

    Rachel, WHERE is that striped top from? It might actually be the most perfect shirt!