the ritz-carlton in washington, dc

Washington, DC holds a special place in my heart. It was the first place I moved upon graduating from college with a degree in political science, and it was on the Hill where I started the only internship that had ever excited me; I felt like I was doing something to make a difference (even though constituents screamed at me on the phone… details). My internship turned into a full-time job in another office and I fell even more in love with The Federal City. I also fell in love with my husband there (hey, Brandon! *waves*).

On our way from Florida to Massachusetts, we decided to spend a night in DC so we could walk around my former place of employment, stroll along the Mall with our dogs, and enjoy some of our favorite restaurants… Zaytinya, that would be you. We also decided to get crazy and book a room at the Ritz-Carlton in Foggy Bottom. Now, under normal circumstances there’s no way we would ever be able to afford a room at the Ritz-Carlton, but timing was in our favor. Since Congress was out of session and it was Labor Day weekend, the city was relatively quiet and the rates were lower.

I have mixed feelings about our stay because now I’m in love with the Ritz and we’ll never be able to stay there again — well, until I get paid lots of money for spouting bullshit on the web. Right?

Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC
Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC
Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC
Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC
Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC
Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC

The first thing I noticed was that everyone working there was just so nice. At one point, after being asked for the second time if we wanted a Ritz-Carlton bed and dog bowls for Malcolm and Ollie, Brandon turned to me and said: “You would never be able to work here. You’re too sarcastic.” Yep, totally accurate. These people were saints of the hospitality industry. We let the kind man grab one of the large dog beds for Malcolm and Ollie, and turned down the bowls since we had brought our own. After returning from a walk, we entered our room to find the bowls and a couple bottles of water for them. Um, what?! Bottled water for our dogs? Sweet!

The rooms were clean and comfortable, everyone was helpful and went out of their way to make our stay enjoyable, and don’t even get me started on breakfast. I die. Can I live at the Ritz?

Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC Dogs
Lincoln Memorial
White House
Washington Monument scaffolding
United States Capitol at night

What’s your favorite hotel to stay at?


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  • Amy @ The Tide That Left

    Wow! That looks like a real treat! For the dogs too.

    It must be so nice going back to a city that has such special memories for you.

  • Kate Hall

    Oh wow, the Ritz looks stunning! I’d love to be able to stay there just for one night…

    Kate –

  • Sarah Shumate

    Beautiful!!! I like the bamboo in the bathroom – that’s a nice touch!

    I’ve only been to D.C. once, but I’d love to go back again. I loved being in a city where there is so much to do all. the. time. Very cool place.

  • Jade

    Wow, that’s amazing! I was surprised that they let dogs stay there, I know some 5 star hotels are funny about that in London, or maybe that was just my experience!

  • Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    I totally understand what you mean about not being able to go back, for our honeymoon we went to Las Vegas and stayed at The Wynn which is not really so expensive but is Vegas expensive. The room we ended up getting was bigger than the apartment we were living in at the time and I was like o it is going to be so sad when we have to leave!

  • Amanda

    I don’t think I have the funds to splash out on the Ritz now (or for a very long time). Luckily I can live vicariously through you in this post! xx

  • Sarah

    I LOVE the Ritz and would stay there all the time if I had the money. So great! I didn’t even realize they took dogs.

  • Blogger Ash

    Looks amazing! I haven’t been to DC since I was a kid.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Stephanie

    As always, beautiful photos! I want to stay at that hotel! Looks absolutely lovely!

  • Jen

    Ah yes the Ritz. My husbands company used to send to one every year. I’ve stayed at 4 different ones and they were all amazing. We also got engaged during one of those trips so RC will always hold a special place on my heart. And one of my best friends works for the one in Arizona. So when we get a chance to go back we will be majorly hooked up.

  • Fran

    Wow, that looks amazing! I’d love to stay there even if for just one night haha

  • whit | Black Little Button blog

    great photos as always my dear.

  • Pennie

    I just stayed at the Ritz in Atlanta, and I also had a wonderful experience! I just love luxury hotels! :)

  • Melanie Fontaine

    This looks like such a gorgeous place! I totally understand your concern: How can other places live up to the perfect place? But I’m sure you’ll find other places that you fall in love with just as much! :)

  • Stephanie @ Shades of Color Art

    Washington DC is my favorite city! That’s why I moved here two weeks ago :)

  • Julie

    Looks amazing! I could (and wish i would!) live a fancy hotel life all year long ;)
    My favorite hotel was Le Plaza Athénée in Paris and i’ll have to sell one of my kidney if i ever decide to go back.

  • Stephanie

    The dog bed! That is just the cutest thing ever. A fancy bed and bottled water, I’d never get Hawkeye to leave.

  • Kayli Schattner

    Wow, that hotel looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to stay at a Ritz Carlton :) maybe someday I will get just as lucky with my timing! I absolutely love DC- it’s truly magical and I’m glad you got to stop by on your roadtrip!

  • Niki Caron

    I LOVE the DC Ritz! My Dad is a lobbyist, so he spends a couple of days every other week traveling to DC for work and that’s where he always stays. It’s beautiful! And it’s so cool that the pups get to come!

  • Quyen Nguyen

    Love the chocolates! I like to stay at Bed and Breakfasts for the personal touch and attention.

  • Jenna

    This is so awesome Rachel! I’ve always wanted to stay at the Ritz Carlton… so fancy with the dog bed and all :) xxx

  • Veronica Lee Burns

    wow what a place!

  • Lix Hewett

    Oh my gosh, that looks amazing.

  • Mar @ t.o. and fro

    I love Washington, DC! I visited a few weeks ago and was disappointed to see the Washington Monument under construction, but interesting to find out that they were fixing the damage from an earthquake a few years ago. Interesting!

  • Katherine Frazier

    Love this blog! My husband and I are planning a couple of big trips this year. Some by myself and its just a scary thought but looking at this blog has helped me breath and sleep better! hahah!
    Kat |

  • Sara Louise

    Check you out living it up! You deserve it :)
    Splurging on a hotel is my favorite way to treat myself. Obviously that means only one night as opposed to a few in a less expensive place, but I don’t care, it has to be done from time to time.

  • gabrielle

    i had no idea that the ritz was pet-friendly. so unexpected!! thanks for the inside look. it’s nice to splurge once in a while & treat yourself.


  • Lisette

    I stayed at the Ritz in Amelia Island in FL. There is truly no better place to stay at. Spoiled indeed.

  • Rachel Murphree

    Oh wow, that place is gorgeous! I’d love to stay there some day…

  • Erika from Chimerikal

    Oh man, that sounds soooo nice! Okay, so now it’s on my (now-non-existant) bucket list to stay at the Ritz-Carlton. But yeah, I get scared like you do — that staying somewhere like that will spoil all other hotels for me! (That’s kind of what my work as a tour guide did to me… once you do 5-star hotels, your standards get raised and staying in hostels and other budget accommodations seem less bearable.) (Of course, these are amazing problems to have, haha! I feel kind of like a brat even leaving this comment.) :)