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Life's Little Moments
Life's Little Moments

This past week has been rough. We moved to our new city and all was going well until our dogs decided to get sick. After calling the vet and being told to wait and try boiled chicken and rice, things weren’t getting better so we took Malcolm and Ollie in on Tuesday. It turns out they have Giardia. They lick my face constantly. Excuse me while I stick my head in a bucket of bleach.

What have you been up to lately? Hopefully your week hasn’t involved uncontrollable doggie diarrhea.


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  • Kenzie S

    Hopefully your dogs feel better soon! It’s always so stressful when they are sick :(

  • Stephanie

    Oh poor babies!! I hope they feel better soon :( And that they don’t pass it to you! Eek!

  • Rachel

    ahhh oh no you’re poor pups! Yeah I would want to stick my head in a bucket of bleach too! Hopefully they start doing better!

  • Amanda

    Aw poor pups. My week hasn’t been filled with doggie diarrhea, but instead toddler diarrhea. So in a way, I feel your pain!

  • gabrielle

    oh nooo! sorry about your sick doggies. :( i feel so bad for my little guy when he doesn’t feel well.


  • Casey Martin

    Ahhh! I hope they feel better soon and I hope you feel better soon :)

  • Jenna

    Ahhh, it’s rough having sick pups. I hope they’re on the road to recovery now and that you guys have a nice relaxing weekend ahead :) xxx

  • claire

    Sorry to hear about your rough week… hopefully next week is better :) I’ve been snuggling up inside trying to make the most of the colder weather.
    Claire xx

  • jackie jade

    aren’t dogs the best? well mine came home with fleas after our vacation so that was fun too (though still preferable to diarrhea!) hope the pups are feeling better asap!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Noor

    Oh your dog , hope he gets better soon :)

  • Stephanie

    Walter wants to cuddle with your dogs. :)

  • Jen

    Oh no both of your pups are sick? I have dealt with one sick dog and that is not fun so I can only imagine how difficult it is with two sick dogs. I hope they start feeling better soon! I also wanted to give you a heads up that I mentioned your blog today as one that I have been loving lately :)

  • TheHeadlessMannequin

    Aww I really hope your dogs get well soon – moving is stressful at the best of times but ill pets who insist on licking your face really can’t be helping matters! I’m just after finding your lovely blog and have loved dipping into your posts on your previous travels – particularly your Scottish adventures. I’m an Irish girl living in Scotland so it’s lovely to read about another ex-pat’s experiences and to jot down some tips :) I’m looking forward to reading all about your latest adventure!

  • Heather Marie

    Oh no!!! So sorry to hear your pups got sick. I hope it gets better from this point out!

  • Jessica @ Independent Travel Cats

    Sorry to hear about your puppies. Hope the weekend is better. Look forward to working with you soon!

  • Jane

    i just recently had the same thing happen to my dog. i think it was a change in his snack that caused it because our vet couldn’t find anything wrong. but that chicken and rice did the trick! he was on it for about a week and a half and now he’s all better. it scared us though! sick doggies are no fun. hope yours get better soon!

  • themovetoamerica

    I really hope your doggies are better. Sending warm cuddles to them!

    Molly xo

  • christina

    bummer about the doggies. when mine are sick I go from being really mad at them bc I have to clean up the mess and feeling bad for them bc they are sick!

  • Sarah Shumate

    Oh no!! I am so sorry! That sounds so awful! I hope they get better REALLY soon! Can you catch Giardia from your dogs?!

  • Sara Louise

    Poor, poor puppies. I hope they’re feeling better soon :)

  • racingcourne

    Festivals! It’s the beingging of fall so everywhere is having festivals ao that is what I’ve been up to. I hope your pups a feeling better!

  • Sarah

    I’m so sorry that your puppies have been sick! I read your tweets and felt awful for you guys! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. :(