life’s little moments

life's little moments
life's little moments

I finally met up with my blog friend LB in Wonderland yesterday. We went to lunch at the Parish Cafe in Boston and I think her boyfriend was happy to hear that I wasn’t an old, creepy man pretending to be a blogger. She even sent him the photo above to prove it. Funny story about that photo… before it was taken we were discussing how we could never be fashion bloggers because we’re too awkward when it comes to posing. Then the wind started to pick up, we accidentally banged our heads together (hard), and finally snapped the picture. We are totally awkward! Anyway, I loved meeting up with her and I’m sure more “blates” are in our future!

Onto other matters… Malcolm and Ollie are starting to improve after a bout of Giardia. We actually ran Malcolm to the emergency vet a few days ago because he started shaking uncontrollably. The vet gave him fluids and something to settle his stomach, and hopefully the shaking was just due to nausea and not something else. It was horrible to see him like that!

Other than that we’ve been enjoying the wonderful weather this week!

What have you been up to lately?

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Filed Under: Life's Little Moments18 Comments
  • Jenna

    I’m always nervous before blates, but then they end up being the best thing ever! Glad yours was awkwardly awesome :) Also Gglad the pups are starting to feel better… sick fur babies are no fun! xxx

  • Lauren

    Eeek! So sorry to hear about your puppies! Glad they are doing better!

  • jackie

    glad the pups are feeling better and so fun you got to go on a blate. i’m super awkward too so i feel ya :)
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Stephanie

    Aw I’m glad the pups are better, hopefully that vet trip was the last one.

  • Kate

    Emily and I were at Parrish earlier this week! Glad you ladies had fun :)

  • Codi

    I have my first blate coming up next week and I can’t wait! glad you had a good time!

    that comment about Malcolm shaking uncontrollably is so sad! Idk what I’d do if my dog started doing that. Glad they are both getting better!

    Lately I have started the ball rolling with wedding planning AND workong on my new blog project. Fun things over here!

  • Robert Hill

    It’s so great that blogging can actually bring people together and result in people becoming good friends! Also, on a different subject, I’m really loving the new blog design (sorry if it’s not that new, I’ve not had much time for reading blogs lately). But it’s really clean and fresh and the category buttons are really useful!

  • Amber

    Yay for blates! Y’all are adorable.

    Your poor pups! Praying for them to get 100%! xo

  • Jane

    I’ve been super disconnected from the blogging community the past couple months with moving so I don’t know how late to the party I am but I LOVE your new look! So fresh and clean.

  • Lisette

    I’m so glad Malcolm is doing much better. Poor little guy. Love that picture of him!

    And I’m so so sad/jealous other bloggers have chances to blate you. I miss you down south!

  • Maddie Baldassari

    I love Blates! and funny enough I have had three in Boston and I live in North Carolina. haha

  • Amanda

    I would be so nervous for a blate! I’m not sure D would understand…but I suppose if it was with someone I mention all the time he’d probably be ok with it. :) You and LB are so cute! Haha! I love your ‘awkward’ story. Makes a good memory does it not? Here’s to many more blates for the two of you. :)

  • LB

    We should start an awkward fashion bloggers revolution hahah had so much fun!

  • Katherine Nolden

    So happy the pups are doing better! Giardia sucks. I feel you!

  • Kate Hall

    So many lovely blates happening lately! I want one!

  • Stephanie

    I just love your doggies so much! I want to go on another blate soon.

  • Kayli Schattner

    Glad to hear that your doggies are getting better and that you had so much fun on your “blate”!

  • Sara Louise

    I’m so sorry to hear that the puppies aren’t 100% yet, but then again, you posted this days ago (I’m days behind life at the moment) so hopefully they’re back to themselves by now :)
    Oh, and blates are the best! Even awkward, head banging ones!