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This post is going to be short and sweet because I’d like the photos to do all the talking. I was planning to write-up another post full of tips and tricks regarding expat life and travel, but then I realized… I haven’t even talked about Aberdeen yet!

For those of you who might not be familiar with this blog, my husband and I lived abroad in Scotland for a year. The experience was wonderful and difficult at the same time, and most definitely the best decision we’ve ever made as a couple. We had the opportunity to explore the Scottish countryside and travel all over Europe, and of course, we enjoyed our little Aberdeen.

Aberdeen, Scotland
Our little townhouse with the red door
Living in Aberdeen
Our clothes hanging out to dry
Living in Scotland
Milk delivery every morning
Moving to the United Kingdom
Expat in Aberdeen
Expat in Scotland
Oil capital Aberdeen
Architecture in Scotland
Granite City
Photos of Scotland
Olympic torch relay
Photos of Aberdeen
Aberdeen snapshots
Aberdeen Scotland
Scotland is beautiful
Traveling in the UK
Aberdeen’s nickname is the Granite City
Aberdeen Scotland
Aberdeen Scotland
Aberdeen Scotland
Aberdeen Scotland
An American abroad

And there you have it. Snapshots of Aberdeen, Scotland — our old stomping ground.

Have you even been to Aberdeen?


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  • Gesci Meyer

    We only went to Aberdeen for an afternoon during one of our trips up to Scotland, but we both liked it. It seemed very normal city, if that makes sense- not overly focused on tourism but still with a good mix of history, character, and modern life. I am insanely jealous you got to live up there, although I’d not trade our time in N Yorks for anything! I want a farmhouse in the Dales and a cottage in Moray, ideally!!

  • Jay

    Beautiful photos!

    We spent a week in Aberdeen and I’ll be heading back there to visit friends in August. We enjoyed the city but I did find it a little dreary with the grey buildings and grey weather. I’d love to spend some more time exploring the region though – I hear the countryside (castles & distilleries) are beautiful!

  • Debbie Buisson

    Aberdeen has THE best expat group! I left life in Aberdeen to live in London. You’d think I’d have been jumping for joy but I made the best friends there. The AWA is fantastic and I had heard it is one of a kind! As far as Aberdeen goes, the countryside IS spectacular and Dunnottar Castle is my favorite of all of the castles. The unfortunate side if that it rains 25 days a month, but you learn to live with it and once you get out in it, you realize it’s not so bad.

  • lost in travels

    aberdeen looks so beautiful! i have friends here in korea that are from there so you know it’s on our bucket list ; )

  • tiarenie

    such a cute city. the milk delivery takes me back in time! well.. before my time… ;)

  • lacasasullaScogliera

    Oh, Rachel… oh Scotland in my heart!!!
    What a beautiful photos. I always look at your blog to get a little air of Scotland! What beautiful memories in those streets, in that beautiful city, in the hills north of the boundless during my bus trip from Edinburgh! My landlord had a door like that and my bedroom was on the road in front with a beautiful bowindow! Please send me more photos of my beloved Scotland!
    kisses from Sicily.

  • Amy @ The Tide That Left

    We considered moving to Aberdeen for a time, but then we got offered the job in Qatar. Maybe one day we will. It’s a gorgeous city, which you’ve shown to be true in your photos.

  • Bonnie Rose

    I think I may have been there as a a little girl, but we havent been since we got back. We were just talking to Ryan’s coworker about how much we need to go to Scotland. so hopefully soon.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  • ThePiccoloPixie

    I’m at uni in Aberdeen! Although, for me it’s not such a big thing as I’ve only moved there from Edinburgh… But still! I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to recognise some of the places in your photos.

    Lydia x

  • Jade

    Rachel, these are just gorgeous photos! I have to say that I’m totally jealous of your red front door, as I’ve been wanting to live in a house just like that ever since I first dreamed of moving over to the UK! Also, your photos make me realise that I need to get my ass up to Scotland, stat! It might be one for when my Grandparents come over later this year.

  • Anna

    Your pictures are always so beautiful it really gives me travel fever!!

  • Kelly

    Rachel, your photos are lovely. If Aberdeen wasn’t on my list, it is now. Cheers!


  • Nino

    My parents once visited Aberdeen. Afterwards they often spoke of how beautiful it was. Now I can see why! Beautiful pics!

  • Irene

    Lovely photos! Aberdeen looks like a really beautiful and cosy place. I was once in Edinburgh just for three days but I got the impression that Scotland really had a lot to offer. Hopefully I’ll able to go back there soon and find out more about it!

    Have a great Sunday!

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