reader questions and a vlog? why not!

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Yesterday I realized that my one year blog anniversary is this week. It’s sort of a big deal because who would have thought I could possibly ramble on and on about travel and my dogs for an entire year? Sometimes I even surprise myself! Because I already have a few giveaways floating around on my blog and I honestly don’t know what’s better than an ONA camera bag and a bunch of ad space from my favorite bloggers, I figured I’d do something more personal. I fell in love with Belinda even more after I watched one of her vlogs, and thought Chelsea’s reader question and answer session was fun, so why not combine the two?

Here’s your chance to ask me anything you’d like, unless it’s creepy and/or involves my address, date of birth and social security number, of course. You’ll be able to get some answers, hear my manly voice, and experience all the awkwardness that is the woman behind Postcards from Rachel. Maybe I’ll even invest in a teleprompter to make this less painful to watch. Okay, okay, I’m just kidding. But feel free to leave your questions below, tweet me, or email me at And since I know you all stick around for the dogs, Malcolm and Ollie might make an appearance, too.

Thanks for making this year of blogging truly unforgettable!

NEW: Anyone who asks a question below will be entered to win a 6 month small ad spot on my sidebar. Yep, 6 months with me. It’s gonna be fun! Make sure you’re not a no-reply blogger and let’s get started!


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  • lost in travels

    ahhh!!! I’m SO excited that you’re doing this! I honestly LOVED answering all the questions people sent in! Ok ok, down to business. My question is:If you could move anywhere, where would be your next move?
    Can’t wait to see your pretty face on video! (shoot did that fall under the ‘creepy’ category?….)

  • Dara

    what is one place you would love to travel that you haven’t yet?

  • Kellene Elise

    So happy for you! Congrats on your one year! You are doing a lovely job, I hope there are many more years to come so we can keep reading your beautiful little blog! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  • Belinda F

    Oh my goodness! That is really sweet of you to say! I love that you are going to start vlogging!! Yippee!

    My question for you: What is the greatest lesson you learned while living life abroad?

    Congrats on the one year mark!! I have loved your blog since the beginning!! =)

  • Kelli @She Crab Soup

    Do you use a tool other than the WordPress editorial calendar plugin to organize your blog?

  • Laura Beth

    What do you miss the most about living in the midwest?

    xo Laura Beth

  • Shannon

    I love vlogs! So excited. Here’s a blogging question: I’ve been using Networked Blogs (through Facebook) to automatically publish my posts to my Facebook page. The only problem with this is that then the traffic goes directly to the networked blog’s link rather than my own domain. Do you use networked blogs or a different system, or do you manually publish your posts to Facebook (and twitter while we’re at it)?

  • Kylie Rahl

    Whats one thing you would recommend to beginning bloggers?? Looking forward to it!

  • Amber Burns

    How do you keep it interesting for yourself? You know, blogging things that you e joy going back and reading rather than things that keep the stats up. I’m a wordpress blogger, so just in case :)

  • Katie H

    I’m so excited for your blog!! I have so many questions, but I think the biggest one I have is what tips do you have for someone trying to grow their blog about how to balance life as a blogger and married life/life outside of social media!?

  • Jordan @ All The Small Things

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  • Jordan @ All The Small Things

    What was your absolute favorite thing about living outside the US?

  • Stephanie P

    I love this idea! This question might be simple and perhaps you have blogged about it… but why do you blog? Has that reason changed since you started?


  • jackie jade

    if you had to choose one place in the world to live permanently (without money or job being an issue), where would you choose?
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • sweetsmores

    Congratulations on your 1 year blog anniversary! That’s really exciting! My question would be: what were your go-to activities when you were homesick?

  • Katherine Nolden

    What a fantastic idea! Congrats on your one year mark! My question is: What is the best lesson you’ve learned from blogging? And I’m going to ask another one: If you had to be a Harry Potter character which would you be and why? (I’m such a nerd) Can’t wait to see the vlog! I’ve been thinking of starting one up too!

  • Quinn @ Kimchi and Sweet Tea

    Do you have any plans / desires to move outside of the US again? If so, would your furry babies move with you or stay in the US? I just can’t imagine the logistics behind moving animals to different countries – as well, as the worries of flying them across the pond.

  • Autumn @ The Unreal Life

    What advice do you have for getting your first paid sponsor?

  • Sarah

    What a fun idea! Here’s my question: How do you decide what to blog about? Travel is a big part of your blog, but what helps you make decisions about other blog topics?

  • kayleigh maryon

    I would love to know where your dream place to live would be. You talk about Scotland so fondly so maybe its there. Also if I can ask another question – what would be your dream career?

  • courtnirae

    I was literally going to ask the question Jackie asked right above^^ haha well i’ll think of a different one!
    If you could be an animal, what would you choose? Also, what is the coolest animal you have ever encountered? and why?

    A Golden State of Mind

  • Bonnie Rose

    Congrats on the milestone Rachel! My question: if you could go anywhere to live for just six months to where would you move?

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  • Allison

    Is there a place that you travelled to that you would never go back to?

  • Sarah Brooke

    Hey! I’m a fairly new reader but I love your blog already, I love how you always have something interesting to write about, which brings me to my question… do you ever get writer’s block? If so, what do you do to get past it?

  • Candice @ Just Stay Lovely

    Hey friend! So are you might a,ready know… I just moved to boston about two weeks ago! Any advice on exploring a new city? Is it dorky to buy a travel book for the town I live in?? Haha Also! Any advice on living with your significant other? My boyfriend is about to join in on the boston fun!

    • Candice @ Just Stay Lovely

      And by weeks I mean months hahaha

  • Kaity

    so I really wanted to ask about somewhere you’d absolutely love to live, but it seems several people have already beat me to the punch…hmm. how about dream job? if you could have any job, without having to worry about pay or anything else? what would you want to be? I always think that’s a fun question :)


    What has been your proudest travel moment?
    And congrats on your one year blog anniversary, i love the look of your site!

  • Kenzie @ Chasing Happy

    What advice do you have for promoting your blog’s sponsorship options?

    Also–happy anniversary!! :)

  • Michael

    I haven’t read previous comments so I don’t know if this was asked but…. How did you decide on your career path and know it was the right one for you?

  • Betsy Transatlantically

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  • Betsy Transatlantically

    I might be the only one who wants to know about this, but do you have any advice on expatriating/repatriating a dog? I’m nervous already for when we move with Charlie back to England!

  • pressedwordsat

    I’ve only recently started following your adventures – I’m loving everything so far & thanks for the giveaway to boot!
    I guess my question would be. . . was there any one moment or person in time that caused you to consider blogging and say ‘hey, I could do that!’
    I’m ashamed to admit that I used to follow quite a cheesy lifestyle blogger. After a year of reading her blog, I suddenly realized that I was traveling the world, owned a DSLR, and I could be documenting my adventures just the same! As much as I now look back on her blog and chuckle, she really inspired me to start my own blogging journey, which has been really special.
    Do you have a moment like this?
    xo Ali

  • Areeba

    What is your guilty pleasure in food? I’m a food love , that’s why I’m asking!
    Congratulations for a whole BIG year!

  • Susanne V.

    Congrats on the one year mark!
    My question is: What has been the most memorable moment for you during this one year of blogging?

    xxSusanne @

  • Kristin J

    How do you decide on blog topics? Do you have a list? A schedule? I struggle with topics at times!

  • Sarah Shumate

    Ooooh fun! I love seeing bloggers I follow do vlogs! How about this – What is the most bizarre or funny thing that has happened to you while traveling?

  • Jess

    Yay! My question is– when did you realize that your blog was popular enough to start monetizing it?

  • Whitney

    If money was no option–where would you want to go on vacation?

  • The Skinny Student

    Yay! Congrats! My question: What is the best hotel/ resort you have ever stayed at?