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I usually don’t demand things on my blog, but I demand you all to visit Casey’s blog after you read this guest post. Why? Because she great. She’s genuine and fun, and you’ll love her.

I first started talking to Casey on Twitter {about photography and camera bags, if you were wondering}, then I visited her blog and realized we are kind of in the same boat. We are both moving around the country and living out of our comfort zone because of our husbands. We’re learning and growing due to our situations and it’s a wonderful thing.

Seriously, go say hello.


Hey friends! I’m Casey and I blog over at The Aslan’s Auspicious Albany Adventure. I’m thrilled to be hanging out here on Rachel’s blog, talking about something that hits close to home for both of us.

You see, Rachel and I have a lot in common like loving photography, spoiling our pooches and the love for travel. But what has always drawn me to her corner of “blogland” is that we are both living the vagabond lifestyle. {Her more so than I, but we can relate!}

I am a Texas girl born and raised Southern. My hubby tends to call it a liberal Southern, but there is no need to bring politics into a simple guest post. Anyways, my hubby landed a job in the North East, upstate New York to be exact, and my Southern world was turned upside down and tipped towards the North East.

I will tell you at first I was a hot anxious mess and I just knew I would be a blubbering sob fest, and that’s just not pretty for a brand new wife.

Here’s our timeline…

September 2012: Joe received the call for an interview up in New York. At this time I was less than 40 days away, from only the most important day of my life (wedding day), so I selfishly didn’t think much about the interview. I kissed the hubby goodbye, wished him good luck and went back to the napkin color swatches.

October 2012: Little did I know, two weeks later (two weeks before the wedding) I would be swallowing the large pill of news that I would be moving 1,700 miles away.

November 3, 2012: Wedding day aka “Best day of our lives”.

November/Thanksgiving[ish]: returned from honeymoon, apartment stalked via the internet, picked apartment to live in, PACK PACK PACK.  All of this occurred while working full time and supporting our family on my graduate nurse salary pennies.

December 5, 2012: Joe moves to New York to start his new job. Yay!

January 17, 2012: I make the move to the frigid North East. My first week in my new home the weather was well below zero…let’s just say climate shock.

Phew…to say it was a whirlwind would be an understatement. I was completely out of my element and looking for ways to cope. That is when I found the world of blogging. I found women who were going through the exact emotions I was experiencing. They understood why it was perfectly acceptable to sit on the couch with a gallon of ice cream and cry.

Now, this isn’t a sob story but one of recommendation. Yes, you heard me right, I recommend you move to a foreign country state to learn how to lean on your (very new) spouse.

It’s a humbling experience and one that I would encourage to any newlyweds.

Yes, as I mentioned previously there was ice cream and tears, but that pity party lasted about 5 days and I have just loved life ever since. I have be able to grow into the wife and to the person I have always looked for while living at home.

I would love for you to jump on over and join in our adventure. Stop by, say hello and let me know what you think. A huge thanks to Rachel for letting me invade her blog for the day!

From our home to yours,


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  • Adriana

    Casey is too adorable!

  • themovetoamerica

    Lovely guest post. Will stop on by …


  • Erica

    Woah that’s a craaaazy time-line! Well done!