life’s little moments

Life's Little Moments
1// Universal Studios with the family
2// Snorkeling at Discovery Cove
3// Feeding our dolphin friend at SeaWorld
4// Beach day

My family is visiting us in Florida for a little over a week so I’ve been playing tour guide and tourist at the same time. I never realized how much there was to do in this area until our first visitors — and we still have zip lining, kayaking, Epcot and the Magic Kingdom left. I’ll need a vacation from my vacation! 

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Why did you start blogging?
Like a lot of people, I started my blog back in 2009 because I was bored. I kept up with it for a while & met a ton of great people but after a while, I felt very uninspired and let it go. I started blogging again in December 2012 with the intentions of REALLY sticking with it and I have! I’m so glad I jumped right back in because I really missed all of the friendships & support that blogging brings.

What makes you unique?
I like to think I’m not a “run of the mill college girl”. I’ve had quite the different college experience which has taught me a lot, mainly about myself as a person. My blog posts cover a range of different subjects, so chances are you’ll never read the same post twice. I also use GIFs a lot and I mean, who doesn’t like hilarious moving pictures!?

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  • Whitney Ellen

    Can I just say that I am dying from the jealousy that is you going to Discovery Cove?! I want to go there SO BAD. Did you just love it?

  • Dara

    I’ve been in Florida for 3 weeks – there is a ton to do! We are heading home starting today!

  • Amanda

    I live in the area and can’t imagine doing all of those things back to back! Sounds like you are having fun! I went ziplining last year for the first time…where are you ziplining?

  • jackie jade

    ahhh looks like you are having so much fun! now i’m craving a beach vaca asap.
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Areeba

    Yay, the quality family time rules!

  • Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

    What cute photos! Thanks for sharing such a fun time! :)

  • Just Another Shopaholic

    How fun! And that dolphin is too cute.

  • Bonnie Rose

    This looks lovely! My eldest son wants to go to florida so bad. Its pretty much the destination that all the Brits go to when they are not going to Spain, France, or Greece. So many great places to see! I have to get to Harry Potter world soon. I love the beah photos! x

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  • My-cliffnotes

    That dolphin is soo cute.

  • Laura Amy

    Ahhhh, look at that dolphin!

  • lost in travels

    you make florida look so much better than my grandparents did when we went to visit every summer. guess that just means i need to go try it again without the bengay

  • Megan

    My parents are visiting (just arrived today), too! I’m so excited to play tour guide/tourist with them. They’re currently sleeping off their jetlag, and I’m still just so amazed they are really here… sleeping in the next room! :-) Enjoy your time with your family!

  • Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes}

    How fun, what great vacation photos!

    Sparkles and Shoes