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Postcards from Rachel Life's Little Moments
1// Beach time
2// Back in the UK? Nah, just Epcot
3// Taking my sister’s senior photos
4// Quality time with the family
5// Dinner & searching for dolphins
6// Bath time means cranky pups

I haven’t been in love with blogging for the past couple of months. Actually, I haven’t even liked it. What was once a fun hobby and a place to share goals and pretty photos has turned into something that I have to do. I no longer enjoy answering emails. I’m overwhelmed. I’m sick of the competition. I’m tired of being a part of a million giveaways that I couldn’t give two shits about… and some of the most recent giveaways even seem slimy to me. I’m not saying that I haven’t been caught up in my blog’s numbers because it’s something that I unfortunately think about every day, but now, I’m just not sure about anything.

What was the point of that rant? Well, I don’t know — maybe to get things off of my chest. Or so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did. If you’re new to blogging, stay true to yourself. Don’t get caught up in numbers and giveaways. Don’t feel pressured to create the next best link-up. If you’re feeling overwhelmed due to sponsorship, cut the numbers. Write because you love it. Because eventually, getting caught up in all of the competitiveness will bite you in the ass. 


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  • Amanda

    This post is great. Sometimes I feel like if I want to grow my blog, I have to start sponsoring more blogs, doing more giveaways, etc. but I am afraid of getting caught up in all that and forgetting why I originally started to blog. I hope you can start to find joy in blogging again soon.

  • Amanda Grove

    Amen girlie. I’ve been feeling the same way lately. Not good. Not good at all! Half of it is the fact that I just need a vacation.


    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  • Susanne V.

    Love your honesty! And I hope you find your love for blogging again! It shouldn’t be a job, but something fun to do.


  • jackie jade

    i feel ya. it gets tough trying to stay true to yourself, while also trying to keep up with growing your blog as well. i’m working on trying to find the balance so that this is something i will keep enjoying for awhile. good luck!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Melyssa @ The Nectar Collective

    I appreciate this SO much! The slimy giveaways, the number numbers numbers, and the competition. I can get sucked into it too, but it’s SO much more fun when I just write the things I love and do me. Thank you for this reminder, I really needed to hear it, especially from someone else! I hope you find your spark again, but if not, then I’m sure something else will light your fire. :)

  • Renata Barbosa

    I couldn’t agree more. I find that the more blogs I encounter the less quality I find. It feels as though what has become most important is who has the most followers. When I started blogging I innocently believed that it was about writing, silly me. It’s never too late to go back to your roots. Take pictures because you love taking pictures, write because you love writing. Put everything else aside, forget what others may think and just do what you want to do. And you will feel free.


  • Jennifer Lynn

    Hey girl! I completely agree with this post. I LOVE blogging, but the past two weeks it’s been nothing but a hassle. I’ve been harassed by a horrible site called GOMI, and it was pretty hurtful. It’s made me feel so different about blogging, and just like you, once was a fun hobby has turned into something way different. I do enjoy participating in the giveaways, because I will be honest I am trying to grow my blog. Do I think that some got the wrong idea about a few of the recent giveaways? Yes, a little bit. I don’t think any of them behind the giveaways meant any harm by them. Anyway I have actually thought about giving up blogging for a while, but then I think of all the good that has come out of it. I have met some pretty amazing ladies, and alot of them I have gotten very close to. Blogging is also a way for me to vent about certain things, and if I’m having a horrible day, it’s nice to see so many of my blog friends actually care and support me. So anyway I appreciate this post, and it’s nice to know that there are others out there that feel the same way I do.

  • Bonnie Rose

    I feel like that. then I have to remember that I blog to blog not to wins some numbers race. It sad that there can be this stigma about it, because it can really drag us all down. But we just have to remember why we blog and why we love writing. My favourite thing is waking up to read my favourite blogs and to find my fellow readers commenting on yesterday’s post. To me blogging without a community is not as fun as just blogging. I like both aspects of it. Plus how awesome is it to be honest about your feelings like today and have tons of us ready to encourage you. I think that is just so awesome. Love ya babette.


  • That’s What She Read

    I get overwelmed too! or the pressure to post gets too much and I feel like, resentful! I just step away and leave it all alone until I feel like getting back into it…they are our blogs, and they will be waiting for us whenever we are ready or want to come back! ;)

  • Dannielle

    I see bloggers all the time get caught up in all of these giveaways and sponsorships and to me like you said, it just looks so in-genuine. I started my blog in February as a place to document my life and what I’m into and think it’s great when people stumble across me and like what they see/read. I don’t put number counts on my blog for the exact reason you said, it’s easy for people to get caught up in these. I don’t feel like promoting myself everywhere, so I don’t. I’m also a firm believer in your real life being more important that your online life, and sometimes it’s important to take a step back from technology and regroup and refocus. Take some time for you!

    Dannielle @ Chic-a-Dee

  • Quinn @ Kimchi and Sweet Tea

    Did you just read my mind?! I really thought I was one of few bloggers that felt icky with all of the giveaways + sponsored posts these days. I love a good giveaway, but I recently decided that I would not be doing any giveaways on my blog unless they were simple click-one-button-to-enter types. Some blogs seem so scripted with a formula of linkups/giveaways/sponsored posts each week. It just feels fake to me. Keep up what you’re doing & write what’s on your mind – Love what you do + Do what you love :)

  • Choosy Chickpea

    I appreciate your honesty. I am an very new blogger and have been thinking a lot on how to be true to myself and find my own place in the blog world.

  • Sandie LifeInPositudiness

    I’m so sorry that you feel that way Rachel…
    As newbie blogger, I feel totally guilty of doing everything lately to put my blog out there, therefore participating in your or other’s link parties, and probably giving you more stress…
    Just last night, I realized how much work it is to get more readers, but I get so happy and satisfied whenever I gain 1 follower, or I get 1 comment! It still happens rarely, but it makes me think that I don’t write for just myself, which is what I’ve been feeling for the 5 past months.
    You’re definitely right tho, I’m sure it can get overwhelming, and blogging shouldn’t get to that point…
    Don’t let it get worse, take the time you need to come back to a loving-to-write state! We’re here for you, and we can wait for you!

  • Noor Unnahar

    I can totally relate with your words . Pressure of competition just cuts off the real ambition . Love what you actually do , I wish you success all the way :)
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

  • Amanda

    It’s really hard not to get caught up in numbers. It’s actually nice to know that other bloggers do it too. That’s one reason I haven’t started doing the sponsor thing, because I don’t want to add more work and make it more of a job than a fun hobby. Hope you find the love again!

  • Kyra

    I am so proud of how far you’ve come in your blog! From your first blog right when you left DC to now, look at how many people who’s lives you’ve touched. You are an awesome, relatable person that people love to connect with. Just hold onto that and think of the other stuff like give aways as a way to reach more people. Keep up the hard work friend :)

  • Shelley

    I’ve luckily never felt the need for more followers. I would much rather have true readers! I don’t even enter the giveaways anymore because they are so over the top. I miss the good old days of tiny giveaways that you did by yourself and then proofread more of a chance to win and it was done because you wanted to give something away, not for more followers.

  • Another Clean Slate

    Awww thanks for your honesty. I hope it becomes enjoyable again for you soon!

  • Cece

    Now is the time for you to take back your blog!! That way you can get to loving it again. I’ve been blogging for four years. I never became a slave to numbers or sponsorships or link ups and while at the time I felt like I was missing out on something I’m so glad I stayed true to myself when I hear about the blogger burnout that seems to be going around quite a bit. I’d rather be a little bummed that my numbers aren’t as high then end up hating blogging. I do giveaways sporadically. Link ups sporadically and I don’t have a sponsorship tab. I’m okay with that.

  • Samm

    Love love love love love you, girlie :)

  • Kenzie Smith

    I’ve had a few times where I have felt that same way – that blogging was a chore, I felt overwhelmed, and didn’t want to do it. I took a few days off here and there and it really helped me! I hope that you are able to find it enjoyable again soon!

  • Lisette H

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m gonna give you an uhhhhhh-hhhuuuuuhhhh. AMEN! Preach it sister!

  • Heather Marie

    1. love that you get to go look at dolphins. we don;’t get to that do here in minnesota.

    2. i feel ya with the blogging thing. sometimes its so stressful, when it wwasn’t made to be!so AMEN to you. and glad that you put it so straight forward!

  • Rachel Murphree

    I often feel this way too. It seems like the blogging community is going in a more competitive direction to a point that makes even reading not as fun. When I scroll through my dashboard and see post after post with a giveaway, it just bums me out.

  • Jenn

    I have been around the blogger block a time or two and I have noticed a big change in almost all of the blogs that I read. I am not a huge fan in the direction that bloggers are going! When did blogging turn into a competition?

  • Casey

    HIGH FIVE. I feel ya, girl. Blogging is rough sometimes. I feel a lot of pressure, too. My inbox taunts me on a daily basis (and some days I pretend it doesn’t exist!). I think it’s the nature of the beast after your blog starts to grow. You feel like you’ve gotta write to keep your blog alive and your sponsors getting noticed, so then blogging starts to lose its luster, ya know? Just keep blogging when you feel like it, and when you don’t…don’t. No one’s gonna blame you if you need a break. We all need them sometimes! Precisely why I like going on vacation. ;) Hang in there, friend! You’re not alone…and I appreciate you!

  • Life of a Little Songbird

    I love this!! Thank you for the advice. I am a newbie.

  • la petite lulu

    I really appreciate your honesty! Not enough bloggers say it how it is. But I agree – blogging is not much fun if you’re only in it for the glory of numbers and all that. Personally, I stop reading blogs if ALL they post is giveaways or sponsored posts – stuff that comes from the heart, written for the joy of it, is so much more appealing xo

  • Debbie Buisson

    Thanks for this! I am not even a year into my blog so I have few followers. I don’t have any plans to sponsor to be honest. I write to document and be helpful to others. If those others find my page, then it’s meant to be. If they don’t, then I won’t stress about it. I hope things turn around for you!

  • Bel

    So true! So many people are just into blogging to get followers, so loads of giveaways. Rather boring. I much prefer blogs like yours, much more interesting!
    Nice photos! The dogs in the tub are so cute!!
    Take care

  • Haley

    Thanks for that advice. I’m not new to blogging.. But I did recently start posting again and I don’t completely get the sponsoring and giveaways.. But I don’t like the look of it. It seems generic to me. Although, if you check out my blog- you will see 1. I’m amateur but staying true like you said. 2. I have 1 follower and it is me.. LOL
    I would like more followers but I don’t want to have to figure out the sponsoring and giveaways.. I just want people to read because what I have to say is interesting enough.. like why I follow your blog and others. Isn’t that what blogging was all about!? :)

  • Jodi

    I’m sorry you aren’t liking blogging lately. I hope you can get back to the days when you loved it. Hard not to get wrapped up in the numbers but good advice got new bloggers!

  • snappystreet

    This is a fabulous post! I have been blogging for a year (I started it as a way to be accountable with my photography) and have been really enjoying it.

    I was mindful not to get too overexcited or spend too much time on it, but now I feel like it might be changing! I don’t want to lose the reason I started in the first place, so I must keep doing it for “me” and not the “numbers” x

  • tiarenie

    kudos to you for being honest! take a blogging break and forget about the numbers! i’ve always been very impressed with your blog and how you’ve grown SO FAST yet still take the time to reply to all our comments, etc :) be proud of all that you’ve accomplished in this “blogging world” and write when you want!

  • Sheryl {BellybuttonsandBows}

    I love this post!! I’m a new follower and a new blogger. I do feel pressure to grow quickly & have a lot of followers right away but I need to remember why I started (to share the things I love doing) . I have a very busy life and I need to remember that blogging is my hobby and I can’t give in to the pressure otherwise I will start hating blogging, which I don’t want to do!!

    I found you from LB in Wonderland! My blog is

  • Jeanine Tribley

    You are going through what everyone goes through now and then, do not worry. It is hard out there with so many Blogs, and to keep creative can be a challenge. I myself have found in the last month, I feel a little “blah” about blogging and where I used to write a good four to five posts per week I am now down to 3. As I have to be feeling the creativity and sometimes that does not happen.

    I must tell you that out of all the Blogs I sponsor, you are the ONLY one who regularly tweets out my posts, and so you are doing a fab job as far as I am concerned…your posts are well written and fun. Keep up what you are doing, you cannot go wrong.

    This blogging world is all about the peaks and the valleys, sometimes you hit a valley, but you will soon be on the peak again.

  • Erika @

    I love this!

    Mostly just because it’s so honest… :) I love the authenticity radiating through this post, even if it’s not what a blogger “should” say.

    I’m kind of in that stage where everything’s sort of picking up, where I’m starting to develop a bit of an audience, and I definitely am thinking about what the next moves are. I definitely want to write because I want to write, I want to stay true to my voice and my perspective, and I want to do things that seem authentic. I think giveaways are great, but those aren’t my favorite posts and I usually actually just skim past them. I like learning more about the person behind the blog. And I like link-ups, too, depending on what they are. But like you said: just doing them to increase traffic is empty… it’s not fulfilling.

    I know you just wrote this so you’re probably figuring out what it means for you. But the great thing about this being Postcards from Rachel is that it’s YOUR blog. So you can make it whatever you want. And if you feel like there’s too much bullshit, you can eliminate it. If you feel like you’re too focused on numbers, you can just stop checking, stop caring, stop looking.

    Do it because you love it. Write what you want to write. Say what you want to say. And even if it’s just: “Ugh, I’m so over that,” that’s preferable to just saying what you think we want to hear.

    I’ve only been here a couple of times, but I like this. :)