the trouble with moving… is that i ugly sob at gas stations and stuff

On more than one occasion, I’ve sat up in bed, looked around and wondered… where the hell am I? Am I residing in DC or Scotland? Are we back in Arizona? Oh, wait. We’re in Florida, right? I don’t flippin’ know!

The problem with moving so often is that I’m confused. All. The. Time.

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Whenever we move to a different location for my husband’s job, I quickly memorize the address to try and make the transition easier. This would work if I didn’t have 10 other addresses swimming around in  my head. So instead of being able to function like a normal human being, I freeze, act extremely awkward and usually break down in tears. No, not tears… ugly Claire Danes sobs. You all have probably seen this on episodes of “Homeland” — NOT pretty.

All hell breaks loose… 
B went out of town in early March for his graduate school orientation and I was supposed to pick him up at the Orlando airport. The drive from our apartment to the airport takes about an hour and I needed to fill up at a gas station so I stopped along the way. I pulled out our credit card, stuck it in the machine and was asked to type in the billing zip code. And that’s when shit got real.

Most people know what their billing zip code is… 

Normal people wouldn’t have any issue typing it in…

BUT… I froze. Because B was on a plane and I couldn’t contact him, I started punching in every single zip code that came to mind. Card declined. Card declined. CARD DECLINED! You get the point. After standing at the pump for a good twenty minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore… 

I had a mental breakdown.
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Leaning on my SUV, next to the evil pump that wouldn’t take my card, I began to cry uncontrollably. Uncontrollably and very loud. So loud, in fact, that the elderly man next to me started to stare. I didn’t care; I let the tears flow, kicked my vehicle’s tires and dropped a few f-bombs.

Then… BOOM! I remembered the zip code. With snot and tears streaming down my bloated face, I showed that machine who was boss. Just like that.
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I wish I could say that something similar hasn’t happened since, but that would be a lie. The nightmare continues… and B tells me I’m a drama queen.

Note: I almost had another meltdown at our local Walgreens when the Pharmacist asked for my previous address. I’m that sketchy person in line who acts like an identity thief. Sigh….


Today I’d like to introduce you to one of the first blogs I discovered when I started Postcards from Rachel last July:
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Lauren from Pink on the Cheek is the biggest sweetheart! Not only is she a wonderful blogger to sponsor because she actually takes the time to get to know her readers, but she also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to blogging. Some of her helpful posts include creating your own search box for Blogger, making a blog button and making a monogram wallpaper for your iPhone {I’m trying this tomorrow!}

She has an adorable furbaby named Mochi and is in the process of planning her wedding, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

You can find Lauren here:


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  • Melanie Miller

    Aww .. I feel for you – I can so see me doing the same thing, and I wouldn’t call myself dramatic :-) I have a hard enough time when I move about once every 5 years (we generally move states, not houses)… I couldn’t even imagine if it was more often! or to a different county .. whew!

    My Imperfect

  • Jenn

    I’ve been there – never broke down though. I have been know try every card in my wallet until one doesn’t ask what the zip code is. Moving definitely has it’s lows!!

  • Ashley

    When gas stations started asking for zip codes it was around the time we had just moved too. Actually I don’t see the purpose of it… I guess its for identity thief? but if they have your card … im sure they have your wallet, license (and therefore zip code) I hope you guys are able to settle down in one zipcode eventually, I know it’s hard. <3

  • Sam @

    This post could not have been more perfect or come at a more perfect time. All I have wanted for the last six weeks was orders. I have been begging, pleading, counting down. Now that my husband finally has them and we are officially moving in 28 days….I am in a little bit of freak out mode. Thanks for making me feel like I am not the only insane person!!

  • Martha

    I’ve ugly cried for a declined card…maybe not because I forgot my zip code, but it was pretty bad. I guess sometimes us tough women have to let it go, right? Freak out mode sucks :-(

  • Angela

    Oh, Rachel! I’m so sorry! Moving definitely sucks but I’ve only had addresses in two different cities in FL.

  • Bonnie Rose

    Thats hilarious. I laugh because I can relate. I’ve not lived in one place for longer than 3 years at a time. Ever. A lot of places have been 1 year or less. I dont even want to think about all the mail that has never been delievered to me because I have moved. I had to recently write down ALL previous addresses I have had in the last so many years for a job interview that had a security check. I wanted to cry trying to fill that out because it took me so long from having to physically have to look up each address. Ugh. I get you.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  • Lisette

    Oh my poor sweetheart. I’ve been living in Georgia for almost a year now and I still have days like this. Only I hold it all in. THAT is not healthy. So I resort to wine-ing it away. (Yes, I just made up the word). HUGS!

  • Adrienne @ BlackWhiteColor

    Oh no!! That’s terrible! I desperately give you kiddos though bc I’m prob more of a drama queen than you and wouldn’t be able to handle moving so much! Def not a YOLO moment for me! You are wayyyy stronger than me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • Sharlee

    I haven’t had to really move except for within the area surrounding my home town and even that change is hard for me. I can so see myself being like this. This made me laugh!!!

  • Meighan

    the gifs in this post made me LOL. I feel for you though! I HATE moving, so I can’t even imagine.

  • Casey Aslan

    YES! I can say I have done this one too…stupid new zip codes, area codes, addresses, highways, everything that’s not “home”

    It’s ok to ugly cry…we all do it!

  • kayleigh maryon

    Hey I am totally with you on this one. I move way to often to ever remember addresses or phone numbers. I hate filling out any type of bank statement or government form when they ask you for your previous address its like oh crap which one was my previous previous address. I have totally had more then a few melt downs with Jason staring at me helplessly.

  • Lindsey Marie

    Oh man, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has trouble remembering one of her last 12 zip codes. I occasionally have the mover meltdown too, so you are not alone. And thank you for the ugly cry reference(with snookie too? Genius!) I only know one pretty cryer and I intentionally try to film her when she’s about to get upset(while consoling her) because the rarity with the beauty of it is just amazing! And finally I’ll vocalize that attribute which puts her in a better mood so we both win.

  • Shelley

    Aww I’m so sorry!!

  • Treasure Tromp

    oh my goodness! that sounds like horrible. On a side note – I’m literally watching RHOBH and I JUST saw the scene with Taylor flipping off the camera. and it was wonderful.

  • Stephanie

    Aw poor thing! I do it too, don’t feel bad. I’ve moved a million and 2 times and my zip always starts with 606… yeah but those last two numbers?! UGH.

  • Whitney Ellen

    I feel like I could see this happening to me.
    You’re not a drama queen, that shit is confusing. I moved to my new apartment in October and I still forget my address and zipcode… and I’m only 30 minutes from my last zipcode.

    All you need is some wine and you’re golden!

  • tiarenie

    hahaha, i LOVE the reference to claire dane’s homeland scenes!!! but im sorry for laughing. i totally understand how you feel and have had many ugly cry breakdowns over the stupidest things!

  • Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes}
  • Leti Del Mar

    Hi there fellow co-host! Your blog is hysterical and looks like lots of fun. glad to have found it.

  • lost in travels

    bahaha, this is hilarious! i can’t imagine moving as much as you do and having to remember everything! i ugly cry too, but mine is every time i’m sick. my husband asked if all girls do it and i lied and said of course they do!

  • Jennifer

    I hope things settle down for you soon. We moved a lot in our early years too, I can definitely relate to how you’re feeling. I remember one time not being able to remember my street address when someone asked me for it. I literally could not decide between two I had in my mind. I just couldn’t remember where I lived. It gets better, though. You’ll love it. Hang in there. :)

  • Nifty Thrifty Mom

    Thanks for Co- hosting the blog hop. I am your newest follower via GFC. You can find me anytime at the Nifty Thrifty Family Blog.

  • Niki Caron

    Oh girl! I feel your pain, I have been there! I’ve moved around quite a bit and it’s a lot of stress! When you’re under that much stress, even something so simple as a zip code can make you break down. I’m sorry :(

  • erica @ to the sea

    I can totally relate to this. I even GOT MAD at a postal worker once because he kept trying to tell me I was giving him the wrong zip code. I totally was.

  • Carly Markham

    I have never moved to a different country or even city but I’ve had my fair share of moves the past few years and I’m always giving out the wrong postcode or street name moving is a nightmare!
    Oh and there are not many people that look good when crying and I’m certainly not one of them! I have to say though if I was there I would have had to run over and give you a hug whatever you looked like!

    I’m a new follower from the Friday chaos blog hop :) my blog is

  • hemborgwife

    Right now we have a giant post it not with our zip code on it because I realized after all of our moves I had no idea what it was and had a total I am 27 and do not know my address crisis!

  • Julia Terpstra

    I get the shady feeling that you have when you can’t remember at the pharmacy. I can never remember my kid’s birthdays and I feel like I’m trying to get away with $5.00 copay cherry flavored antibiotics or something. I am so glad you remembered your zip code!!! (I would have paid for your gas, btw) xoxo from California and the Bloglovin hop!~ Jules

  • Gyps

    I feel the same way! I am moving to my fourth or fifth zip code two days from now. I think I’ve got it down but only because I’m ready to get out of my current one. It’s such a pain remembering which credit cards or accounts we’ve switched…or which accounts are still in my maiden name.