diy bath salts with essential oils

homemade relaxing bath salts with essential oils

Because I enjoy relaxing baths, I go through a lot of bath salts. I finally decided to make them myself after realizing how much I spent every couple of months, plus I now know every single ingredient that’s going into my bathtub. This makes me enjoy my happy place even more! By following this simple recipe and making your own bath salts, you can include essential oils with many health benefits. I always make a batch of lavender bath salts because it reduces stress and helps me fall asleep at night, and also tea tree oil to help with blemishes on my back. There’s a perfect essential oil for everyone! Feel free to make your own and to also give them away as gift to friends and family members.

DIY bath salts

What you’ll need for DIY bath salts:
1. Dead sea salt.
2. Epsom salt.
3. Essential oils or your favorite perfume.
4. Food coloring. (optional)
5. Dried herbs. (optional)

1. The ingredients will always be 2 parts dead sea salt to 1 part epsom salt, so my measurement was based on the size of jar I chose. I used a large glass bowl to mix both of these ingredients.
2. Add a few drops of essential oils or perfume to the mixture and stir. If needed, you can add more, but make sure the smell isn’t overbearing.
3. Add a few drops of food coloring until you get your desired shade and stir.
4. Place in jar and top with dried herbs. I added dried chamomile but this is completely optional.

DIY bath salts

And there you have it — DIY bath salts in a snap! I hope you enjoyed this simple recipe.

Note: I found all of these lovely jars at the Dollar Store!


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  • themovetoamerica

    What a lovely idea! I will give this a try as I am a fan of a lovely relaxing bath too!

    Molly xo

  • Samm

    Okay the bath salts just look cute. I don’t use them, but your pictures make me want to. I just want them. Like now.


  • Vanessa Morgan

    What a cute idea and, apparently, dead sea salt and epsom salt are healing for the skin as well.

    By the way, I’m currently giving away a pdf copy of the travel book “One Year Lived” by Adam Shepard to all of my readers. I thought you might be interested:

  • smk053078

    So gonna try and give this a whirl….such an easy and fun idea…perfect for gifts too!!! Thanks for sharing!! xoxo

  • Jamie

    That’s such a great host present. Sounds easy enough too.

  • Katie H.

    This is fantastic! Can’t wait to try it =)

  • Just Another Shopaholic

    I am gonna have to give this a try! Sounds like a fun diy and perfect for a gift.

  • Jennifer

    I would love to try this. I wanted to tell you that I was in Walmart the other day and I checked out the Phisoderm moisturizer you told us about and I’m interested in it. I might pick some up after I finish what I’m currently using. I noticed there was a coupon for $2 off inside the box too!

  • Miss Angie

    That’s lovely, thank you for sharing!

  • Lisette

    I haven’t taken a bath since I was a child. This sounds interesting. What are the benefits of using bath salts over bubble bath? –one confused blogger.

    • Rachel

      Epsom salts soothe muscles and help heal certain skin conditions. They’re relaxing and wonderful!

  • LB

    These look amazing! So excited to try!

  • lost in travels

    i love bath salts! especially if i could make them myself…now to try and find a bathtub…
    oh and i love kenzie…she’s the sweetest!

  • Erin

    Is it a problem that I automatically think of that crazy guy that ate the bath salts whenever I see them now? Does this make me a crazy person too?

    Your pictures of these ones are absolutely beautiful though. I loved your instagrams of them today.

  • Rachel

    aww i wish i had a bathtub now! will definitely try it as a gift idea. thanks for sharing! :)

  • Jess Casey

    I’m going to try this. I take epsom salt baths all of the time1

  • Treasure Tromp

    what a great idea, Rachel!

  • kayleigh maryon

    Thats a great idea, I to love bath salts but am sensitive to a lot of artificial stuff that gets put into them. I will be trying this for sure.

  • Karen Sans

    What a great gift idea. Who wouldn’t love to receive some homemade bath salts. Thanks for sharing the instructions. I wouldn’t have known it was so simple.

  • Claudia Castro

    thanks for sharing it on pin it mondays!

    Claudia @

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  • Sam Bell

    Shared this on my link love round up!

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