life’s little moments

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1// A walk on the beach
2// My blate with Lisette
3// Birthday flowers from B
4// The best taco salad EVER
5// Florida sunsets are so colorful
6// Birthday brunch near the water
7// Mimos. ‘Nuff said
8// A travel photography class
9// Malcolm relaxing
10// Birthday dinner with friends
11// My dogs spoon and cuddle… and spoon and cuddle
12// Oh, hello

I’m publishing my Lately post a day early because this Thursday is the second installment of The Expat Diaries. I’ll add the link-up code/button to this post on Thursday {and tweet it} so that people can add their shenanigans. I love reading about everyone’s weeks… and pretty photos are fun, too!

These past seven days have been filled with lots of activities. I had another blate with Lisette {love her!} which included a waterfront lunch and shopping at my favorite store, LOFT. And we also discussed one of our biggest blate issues: we never take photos! Sure, I took a photo of my beer and snapped a picture of Lisette in a beautiful “Southern Belle” hat at Charming Charlie, but seriously, where are the ones of us together? We decided that we have way too much fun to pause for photos. Maybe next time.

It was also my birthday on Saturday! B and I went zip lining in the morning {I didn’t take any photos because I was sweating like a man}, went to brunch, a photography class and had a yummy dinner with a couple of friends. After that, we walked across the street to a local bar and let me tell you, Florida’s senior citizen population knows how to get down on the dance floor. I’ve never seen so many sixty-year-old {+} booties shaking to the song “Wobble Baby”. It was disturbing… yet admirable? I hope I’m able to wiggle my rump like that when I’m older.

What have you been up to lately? P.S. Be sure to enter to win my Birthday/April Sponsor giveaway!
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  • Lisette

    Bahahaha. “Sweating like a man.” You crack me up! I wish I were back in Florida so we can take pictures!!!

  • Faith Bowyer

    Malcolm is the cutest!

    I laughed out loud at your ‘sweating like a man’ comment. Bahaha.

    Happy Belated Birthday : )

  • Shio Waline

    I totally cracked up too when you said “sweating like a man”!! You are silly! Those flowers are sooo PRETTY! It looks like there is a gerber daisy in there, those are my favorite flowers!! Your birthday sounded fun, glad you had a great time! And I totally know how it is when you get with your good friends, taking pics is not on your mind when you are having fun!


  • Laura Amy

    Looks like a fun month! Happy belated birthday!

  • smk053078

    I wanna go on a blate with you and Lisette!!! :) And my birthday is this month and I wanna go zip lining too!! Fingers crossed we can make it happen! Happy Belated Birthday, pretty girl!!

  • Ashley

    I always forget to take pictures too! But girl, the pictures that you DO take are always beautiful! Your birthday sounds like it was amazing!

  • Halie Renee

    Zip linking sounds fun! And so does the rest of your birthday – especially including the senior citizens wobbling their rumps.

  • Dena Barrie

    I love your Life’s Little Moments, and hey you aren’t really living if you aren’t sweating right :) Enjoy the sunshine and Happy Bday!

  • Stephanie

    Look at them spooning!! Too cute!!

  • Natalie Best

    I seriously can’t wait to go to the beach. But lately it’s been storming… like everyday. All day. Ugh!

  • Heather Marie

    Ah beach days! Too far away for us… Haha! You look beautiful in that last photo!