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1// Java Chip frappuccinos are my favorite
2// Malcolm enjoying his toys
3// Julep “Stefani” & Essie “Set in Stones”
4// More Quinoa! Recipe to come

It’s been warming up in Florida and the sun has been shining every day since last weekend {no more gloominess!} so I’ve been enjoying frozen Starbucks drinks… much to my husband’s dismay. He prefers our Nespresso machine but since we’re waiting on a replacement, I’ve been buying overpriced coffee drinks. ;) Sorry!

I miss certain things about Scottsdale/Phoenix but it’s nice to be surrounded by beautiful water instead of the desert. Something about the palm trees and the ocean makes me strive to be somewhat healthier. We have been making a lot of quinoa and fish dishes lately, and yes… we completed our third day of the Insanity workout. I told a few bloggers I’d give short updates every once in a while so here goes: I CAN’T move. I thought my muscles were bad yesterday, but when I woke up this morning I could barely get out of bed. I hurt everywhere. Even though I’m in pain, I’m already feeling more energized and I’m glad my little ticker is getting the workout it deserves. But holy hell, Shaun T. Slow the workout down!

What have you been up to lately?


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  • Helene

    mmm java chip frapp sounds so good right now! and i can imagine that you would be a little homesick- perfectly ok!!

  • Myranda

    It sounds like Insanity is going just as it should lol. Is it way harder then P90X?

  • Lisette

    Haha! I hope you’re able to move for our blate today! Otherwise, no Georgia Peach wine for you!

  • Jenn

    Dang insanity is pretty intense – I wouldn’t be able to make it through 3 days! Pamper yourself to a nice Epsom salt bath to soothe those muscles. Epsom salt does wonders.

  • Shelley

    I love your nails!

  • Kaylin

    I just made a salad that looked just like this- sans Avocado, next time the avocado is happening!!!

  • Setarra

    Keep it up with the insanity workouts! I’ve heard they are super tough.

  • Living in Another Language

    Holy cow, it’s already time for another ‘Lately’ post?!? Where does time go?

    About Insanity: seriously that first week is the hardest. I looked like I had wooden legs going up and down stairs…it hurt to bend anything. haha. or even get out of bed! Stick with it, I promise next week will be better. :)

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  • Ashley

    I wish I had a Java Chip Frapp in my hand right now :) I hope your muscles start to feel better! Maybe give them a rest today? <3

  • Amber

    I loooove Starbucks frozen drinks. I love the coffee frap w/ vanilla. :)
    Can’t wait to read your quinoa recipe – I’m determined to try it and like it!

  • Becca Moss

    That frapp looks amazing right now!

  • Jenn

    Thanks for hosting, happy Thursday!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•`¤… Jennifer
    Jenn’s Random Scraps

  • Endymion

    I’ve been in Phoenix last year and I edored it…of course I don’t know how Florida is, but sounds sunny and warm and beautiful! I miss the avocados too, we don’t have them here in Italy :(

    (¯`·._.·Nymphashion FB·._.·´¯)
    (¯`·._.·Nymphashion Bloglovin·._.·´¯)

  • Ashley Barnhill

    LOVE that glittered nail polish!!!

  • Beth K.

    I really hate Shaun T. sometimes! I’m always most sore in my calves/lower back, maybe all of the jumping?

    I’m excited for the quinoa recipe, I still haven’t really found a way that I like it but I LOVE the nutritional value of it!

  • Meg {henninglove}

    malcom is such a cutie!! that essie glitter polish is amazing. i just picked up meet me at the altar yesterday and i love it!

  • M and L

    hahah that’s hilarious! i did p90x in college & thought the same thing. everything hurt even when i laid down. good for you for working out. that’s way better than me right now. i go through phases where i’ll work out a ton then stop for no reason other than i’m tired… :/
    i think we should swap pups for a day. i want something i can hold lol.


  • Rachel

    I can’t wait for that quinoa recipe, it looks so yummy! I love workouts that hurt so good and energize you!!! Keep it up girl your ticker will love you for it:)

  • lost in travels

    by the end of my first round of insanity i wanted to kill shaun t! i hated it! but then i noticed how nicely all of my clothes fit : ) something that i did that i really liked was measurements. you can’t always tell the improvement from the scale so i measured certain areas of my body that i really wanted to improve and checked on it weekly. glad to hear it’s slowly getting better!

  • Patricia Baret

    I just found this link up through your blog and I love it! It’s great because it actually makes participants want to click the other links and see all the pretty pictures. Love your nails by the way. I need to get that essie glitter polish. :)

  • Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    Your nails are AWESOME!