guest post: found love now what {struggling to fall in love… with paris}

When Belinda from Found Love Now What mentioned her idea for a guest post, I was thrilled. I’ve talked before about getting lost in cities and how it makes traveling more enjoyable and her post is about just that. Wandering around Paris and falling in love.


I wanted to share the story of how I fell in love. Not with my husband {that is on the blog here if you are interested}. But how I fell in love with Paris. I expected to stroll the streets of Paris and immediately find inspiration surrounded by such history and beauty. From the Louvre to Versailles, it never happened. I was frustrated and overwhelmed by the crowds, tired from walking all day and simply feeling lack luster. The days ticked by in Paris, and I was wondering what was wrong with me. Why, oh why wasn’t I falling head over heels in love with Paris, like so many before me?

Then, on our last day in Paris we changed course. Exhausted from tourist sites {and our 4 day museum pass expired} we were prepared to {get this} do nothing. We hopped on the metro, and landed near Luxembourg Gardens. As we went through the streets, we passed by a cafe where we snagged our usual coffees but this time we also purchased our first box of macaroons. With the sun shining, we found ourselves strolling to the gardens where we literally put our feet up and appreciated the view. This was the first time in five days when we took a deep sigh, relaxed and just enjoyed being.
This moment in the Luxembourg Gardens was when I had an incredible travel ah-ha moment {there were a few others, which you can see here}. The moment I stopped trying check off things to see in Paris compiled on a list, was the moment that the city unfolded itself to me. When we walked through the city with coffees and macaroons in hand, without guide books or maps, I discovered the pace of Paris. I accepted the city, with its honesty and flaws, romance and quirks. By the end of the day, I was in love.
The travel lesson I learned that day? Stop, and take a moment. Savor the place you have traveled to experience. Many times we have incredible travel pressure to see everything and experience all that a place has to offer. By zipping around and checking off sites, you miss out on actually experiencing a city for what it genuinely is.
There you have it: a bit of my travel philosophy. Swing by the blog to see other lovely Paris moments plus my life as an expat in the United Kingdom.


Isn’t Belinda the best? I completely agree with her travel philosophy!
If you’d like to read more about her travel/expat adventures, you can find her here:


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  • Jennifer F

    Love it!! So true when traveling – we all want to see EVERYTHING. I totally agree with that travel philosophy – but knowing and doing are sometimes two different things! I have actually found that if I schedule about a 1/2 days worth of touring around a city – it does leave time to be spontaneous, savor moments and just as you say, put your feet up and let the area unfold around you! Thanks for reminds us to do that.

  • Casey Martin

    I love this story :) Sometimes you just need to take a breath to really see what’s all around you!

  • tiarenie

    I love this story, its so true! The picture of the Eiffel Tower with the flowers is gorgeous!

  • Chloe Moon

    I absolutely needed to hear this because I just told my best friend that we should go to Paris for our 30th birthdays!!! I have 2 years to save up money and I was debating doing a package but hearing this how the tourist attractions made it seem so fast and unappreciative I might have to forgo it and just enjoy the time in Paris! I’ll definitely go check out her blog! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  • Cocalores

    So true, a plan that is too busy and crowded and a visit according to the travel guide’s top ten list won’t give you a real feeling for a place. I love just wandering the small streets, hanging out in cafés and watching people.

  • Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes}

    Great guest post!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Laurie

    Thanks for linking up with the Meet & Greet Blog Hop! :)

  • Bonnie Rose

    Love this post…it truly encompasses the joys of traveling and experience a place organically. When we went to Paris last time we stayed at a flat from AirBnB and away from the tourists, and it was like living in Paris instead of on vacation, which was so relaxing for us. I remember sitting up on a hill near the flat overlooking the city and it was just the calm we needed. Thank you for sharing.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  • LB

    Awesome guest post!! :)