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I’m very excited to welcome Sharlee from Believing in Something to my blog today because she’s discussing one of my favorite topics: travel! On top of that, she’s handing out valuable information on how to travel with your significant other. Ya know, so you don’t decide to strangle your spouse instead of enjoying your holiday together.

Please welcome Sharlee!


Hello everyone! I’m Sharlee from Believing in Something. My blog is a lifestyle blog where I share my thoughts on relationships, faith, gratitude, and learning to build self-confidence. I’m so happy to have a chance to share a piece of Rachel’s beautiful blog.

Most guest posters choose to showcase their own travels. I’ve decided to also share the theme of travel. Today I bring you a few of the things I learned about traveling with your spouse…My husband and I never truly vacationed alone until we were married and were on our honeymoon. Once we got out on the road together, I realized we were a bit different in our traveling preferences/priorities. Here are some things I’ve learned:

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1. Not everyone’s favorite thing about vacations is food.

For me, I love eating out. It’s like one of my favorite things, but when we’re home, I prefer to eat at home. When I go on vacation, I very much look forward to eating out.

When we went on our honeymoon, my husband didn’t seem nearly as interested in lining out our eating plans for the day at the crack of dawn. It’s always the first thing on my mind :) Zach grew up in family where money was tight (so did I, but I they had double the kids so it was a little different). They always brought all of their food and kept it in a cooler. If they didn’t eat food from home they just went to Wendy’s or something. Now I’ve learned to rein in my enthusiasm for eating out and learned that we shouldn’t be spending half of our vacation money on food, we can go small sometimes. And he’s learned that fast food is not an option on vacation.

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2. Vacation means different things to different people.

For me, vacation means that I’m totally relaxing. I like to hit up touristy spots, walk around downtown, maybe shop a little, and then relax. And relax and relax and relax.

For my husband, vacation means learning new things. Zach likes to hit the less touristy areas unless they are historically significant. He’s one of those. They type that wants to learn stuff on vacation. Not me!

My dream vacation consists of reading on the beach and eating out every day. Zach’s dream vacation consists of sight-seeing and hitting up historical landmarks.

Luckily when two opposites attract, both views of vacation intersect, meshing two different ideas about vacationing together has made our traveling experiences so much richer!

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3. Traveling without a plan is actually really fun!

I am a planner in all things in life, Zach is not. It only makes sense that those things would carry over into travel habits.I always wanted to know where we were going and what we were doing.

We had the chance to visit Hawaii for Zach’s sister’s wedding a few years back and since it was a wedding, we didn’t have a whole lot of time for ourselves. Because of that, we didn’t plan a lot of ahead of time.

When we got to our hotel, we grabbed all the brochures that looked interesting to us. We laid out the things we wanted to try on the bed and as the plans for the week/the wedding became solidified we were able to narrow down what we could and couldn’t make time for. We also visited with the hotel staff about local recommendations for food and things like that.

I loved traveling this way. We recently took a little trip to Seattle and we vacationed that same way. Before we left, we wrote down the places we most wanted to see and then consulted this book. Those things became a priority. There’s something so liberating about it. If you haven’t tried this. Try it!

The last two things I’ve learned about traveling with your spouse can be found on my blog today. I’d love it if you’d stop by and say “hi!” See you there!


Thanks, Sharlee! Luckily my husband and I are both food-obsessed so there’s no issue in that department. Thank God.

If you enjoyed this post as much as I did, you can find Sharlee here:


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  • Lisette

    Sharlee…this post is SPOT ON! (Is that a phrase?) B and I also have different ideas about vacation. He likes going to historical things and learn stuff, but then relax on the beach. I like seeing touristy things but couldn’t care less about historical sites, haha! Great tips!

  • Erin Keene

    This is perfect!! My husband and I have totally different ideas about vacation as well. He wants to do more adventurous stuff and I tend to just want to lay on the beach and eat go figure!

  • Erin Keene

    This is perfect!! My husband and I have totally different ideas about vacation as well. He wants to do more adventurous stuff and I tend to just want to lay on the beach and eat go figure!

  • jackie jade

    great tips! my fiancee and i differ a bit too on what we want on our vacations, so it’s good to recognize your differences and try to make the vaca great for both people.

  • tiarenie

    i can totally relate. i love spending weekends at beach resorts and my fiance hates the beach! i also love to explore while he’s cool with sitting in a hotel room and watching movies. boring! although im a huge planner, i love being spontaneous and traveling without a plan is sometimes so much more fun!

  • Becky K

    Oh my gosh traveling together is something that I think really showcases a couple’s compatible aspects (and sometimes their not so compatible aspects!) I don’t think I would be able to marry someone I hadn’t already traveled with, but bravo to you for learning and growing together! Such a lovely post!


  • Treasure Tromp

    oh yes, I love this! I am def a planner as well but my man would much rather just do whatever when traveling. That was a hard thing to get use to!

  • LB

    Great post! Definitely checking out her blog! :)

  • Brittany Fryman

    Great post! I can’t wait to check out her blog!

  • Lisa

    New follower from the blog hop! Both of your blogs are great. Love the travel tips.

  • MyHaunted Attic

    Hello, this is such a great post.

    I’m a new follower from the meet and greet blog hop.

    Have a lovely day
    Yvonne : )

  • Chris Warren

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