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I took a day off from blogging because I had two doctor’s appointments yesterday. A fun day away from the computer, right? No. Not at all. I guess I could have blogged last night but B and I have been doing the Insanity workout in the evenings. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this type of regimen, it involves a lot of cardio, suicide drills and weird push-ups, hence the name “Insanity”. Shaun T is the good man behind this workout plan and the reason why I cannot walk today.

Keeping with the fitness theme of this post (because I’m so fit and all), I thought I’d share some hiking photos from Scotland.¬†Hiking is the part I miss most about our time abroad because it was a fun way to get in shape. Aside from the rain, the weather in the UK is perfect for this type of activity because you’re never too hot or too cold; the temperature is fairly stable all year long.

If we weren’t traveling to another country on the weekends, we would try and find a different trail every Saturday or Sunday. We even bought gear from our local sport shop to make ourselves feel completely legit. For this type of trail, I’d recommend a small bag, water bottles, a first aid kit, snacks, hiking boots and waterproof jackets with hoods. Hoods are key if you don’t want soaking wet hair (the worst).

Bennachie is a range of hills located in Aberdeenshire and it’s a popular place to explore because of the view. If you’re a fan of the Scottish countryside like we are, you’ll enjoy seeing all of the fields of sheep and brightly colored flowers — especially if you visit while the rapeseed is blooming (the bright yellow fields below).

Bennachie Scotland
Mither Tap
hiking in Scotland
hiking up hills and small mountains
hiking a Monroe
West Highland White Terrier hiking

Did you notice that Malcolm eventually wanted to be in the photo?

View of Scotland

Coming down is difficult for short people.

Rapeseed fields

Always sniffing.

Scotland scenery
Aberdeen, Scotland

I think Malcolm misses his home country too because he was always off leash. He would run around, explore his surroundings, and come back to us every time. Here in the States? I don’t trust him at all. Sorry, little man!

Ahhh. To be in Bennachie Scotland again.

Do you enjoy hiking? How does your family stay in shape?


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  • Belinda F

    Um… Malcolm is pretty much the cutest little hiker I have seen in a while! We try to get out and about in Wales too, so many trails and places to explore. I see some hiking in my near future this spring and summer!

  • tiarenie

    I love hiking and unfortunately dont have many places to do it nearby here! Hopefully this changes soon with my upcoming move! :D We tried to do insanity last year.. I lasted about 2.5 weeks. It definitely works but sheeesh.. Too much jumping up and down!!

  • Gesci

    I miss the rapeseed so much! We brought some oil back with us, though, since it’s now our favorite cooking oil. My dogs miss GB, too, I swear. Sloan thought she was in trouble for the entire first couple of months after we moved back here, since she’s always on lead. We’d get to a playground and she’d look at me like “Here? Can I unhook here?” and I’d feel like a jerk. We’ve taken them to a couple of dogparks, and that helps, but none are very close to us and even then it’s not the same as a 3 mile public footpath through sheep fields!

    That’s a great view behind y’all- we explored a bit of Aberdeenshire, but since it was on short breaks up there we didn’t do as much mosey-rambling as we did down in Yorkshire, of course!

  • Kaylin

    The trail looks like so much fun!!! I love day hikes!!!

  • Allie

    I was so impressed with Malcom being off leash, Casey would just run forever if we let him. That scenery is so beautiful, I would love to go hiking in the UK.

  • Casey Martin


  • Living in Another Language

    I’ve done the Insanity workout three times now! How do you like it? What week are you on?!?! I’m thinking about going for a fourth. Some would say im a little crazy…but nothing like good results eh?

    I love these photos! Absolutely gorgeous. sigh. I’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug.

    Amanda | Living in Another Language

  • Stephanie

    Sooo cute in the photo where Malcolm is looking at the camera! I love it!

  • Jennifer

    Wow, it’s so beautiful there. I really want to go someday. I love the shots with Malcolm in them, he’s so cute and looks like a very funny little guy.

  • Rachel Murphree

    Gorgeous photos! I have been wanting to try the Insanity work outs; I am thinking this summer when I have time off. I’ll be stalking your blog to hear about how it goes! ;)

  • Dara

    I love Malcolm hiking! I love hiking too. It’s harder now to do it with kids involved, but we try occasionally!

  • Treasure Tromp

    oh my goodness, so beautiful! Hiking is one of the few ways that I enjoy staying fit. I’m so busy that it can be hard to actually do it!

  • Beth K.

    Those views are stunning! I love Malcolm running around in the background of all of them, too cute.

    So impressed y’all are tackling Insanity! I might have been better at staying on track if H wasn’t such a baby about them… he used to make fun of me for not being able to walk and then I made him try them! He never made fun of me again.

  • lost in travels

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  • lost in travels

    i just started my second round of insanity! most difficult thing i’ve ever done but SO worth it! I’ve never seen such great results so quickly! that’s awesome that you’re husband is doing it with you though. how do you like it so far? and those hikes look so amazing, i love that your dog sticks with you the whole way! when we get back to the states we would love to get a dog and train him to be off the leash. planning my trip to scotland after seeing this : )

  • Laura Darling

    That scenery is breathtaking!! I love hiking, but I don’t know if I’ve ever hiked somewhere are gorgeous as this!!

  • roxanneblogs

    What a beautiful view!

  • Rachael

    That is one amazing view!

  • Ashley

    With views like that I would definitely be more open to fitness and hiking. :)

  • Bonnie Rose

    Those are such gorgeous photos. I look forward to going up there soon with my family.

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  • Lisette

    Gorgeous photos. I can’t trust Chip off-leash either. Malcolm is so cute!

  • Megan

    Beautiful hike! I completed Insanity earlier this year and once the year before, too. It is TOUGH. It does get a LITTLE easier, but each day is still, well… insane… Such an awesome workout though!

  • Debbie Buisson

    Bennachie was one of my first hikes when I moved to Aberdeen. Terrific views! I was never an outdoor person before I moved to the UK, but Scotland changed me! The countryside is amazing! I now live in London and I miss my hikes in Scotland so much! Rain, snow, wind, sun, I will hike!

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