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I was submitting answers to questions Lisette sent over for her blog sponsor spotlight at the end of last week, and I got stumped. One of the questions asked why people would enjoy reading my blog and what makes it unique. I couldn’t think of anything because sometimes I honestly don’t think I’m that unique (I mean, look at all of the awesome travel and lifestyle blogs floating around the Internet) so I put, “because my readers will never know where I am.” You know, because we move so often. But I quickly realized that that answer was slightly really creepy and it made me laugh. Anyway, this is what you’re getting yourself into if you read my blog. You’ll never find meeeee.

And now for St Andrews!

Whenever we had family members visit us in Scotland, we took them to St Andrews for a little weekend exploring. Because my dad, brother and father-in-law are avid golfers, they wanted to walk on the Old Course. We also found St Andrews Cathedral and St Andrews Castle, which are located only minutes away from the course. Both are situated on the coast with beautiful views of the North Sea.

St Andrews Cathedral Scotland
St Andrews Cathedral Scotland black and white
St Andrews Cathedral and Cemetery
St Andrews Scotland
St Andrews Old Golf Course
St Andrews Old Course
St Andrews tee time
Visiting St Andrews
Golfing in Scotland
Old Course Green
Jigger Inn Old Course
Castles of Scotland
St Andrews Scotland Castle

We skipped golfing on the course because we didn’t plan on spending much time in St Andrews and failed to make reservations ahead of time. However, if you would like to golf and know the specific dates you’ll be staying in Scotland, check out the golf website for tee time availability and tickets to different events and tournaments. And don’t miss the great golf shop inside the Old Course Hotel. All of the men in my family bought golf towels, hats and windbreakers. What a perfect way to remember your time at the course!

Have you ever been?


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  • tiarenie

    That is creepy but kinda cool.. Haha! Beautiful pictures.

  • Kotryna Bass

    really nice pictures, I’d live to come to Scotland and I will very soon hopefully!

  • Leia A.

    I want to visit Scotland! Love your photos.
    -Leia @ Latitude Adjustment

  • Yolanda Ronaldo

    These pictures are so gorgeous! Makes me want to go to Scotland :)

  • Amanda @ Eloquent English

    What a beautiful place!!! I want to visit Scotland asap!

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  • jackie jade

    awesome! my fiancee is a golf fanatic and we were just talking about taking a trip to scotland and checking out st. andrews. so seeing your pics makes me really want to go now!

  • Natalie Hinkley

    What a gorgeous place! My hubs has Scotland roots and wants to go there for our next vacation – I will have to hit you up for some tips :)

  • LB

    Ahhh! I’d love to go to Saint Andrews! It looks so beautiful! Awesome pictures!!

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful photos. I would love to go there. I have always loved anything to do with Scotland; my thistle avatar is one case in point. :)

  • SH

    I definitely chuckled at your first paragraph. Great photos too!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful day :)


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  • Ashley

    So beautiful!I’d love to travel there someday :)

  • Amanda Wissmann

    gorgeous! great pics!

  • kayleigh maryon

    I love exploring castles. There is something so magical about them.
    I think moving all the time is fantastic. You always get to start over and recreate yourself if you want to.

  • Lisa Nelson

    The photos are amazing – especially the one with the castle and the ocean.


  • Sarah S.

    I’m loving your posts! and the pictures in this one are beautiful!! makes me wish I was there. now following via Bloglovin :)

  • Sarah Pete

    I ADORE St Andrews! Favorite spot in the UK! Beautiful pictures!

  • Suda

    Graduating St Andrews student here :) It’s so nice to see St Andrews featured on your website as it really is breathtakingly beautiful. Did you visit the other cute towns in Fife like Crail and Anstruther? They’re so cute.