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This weekend wasn’t the best. Mainly because Malcolm got into trouble yet again. Even though he’s only a year and a half, Malcolm has experienced more things than most. Bad things, unfortunately. While we were living in Scotland and hanging out on a beach near the North Sea, he decided to lick a jellyfish. It caused a horrible allergic reaction and he was foaming from the mouth, lethargic, confused and basically unable to move. I was almost positive he would die but luckily we got him to the emergency vet in time. While we were living in Arizona, he gobbled up a fajita with onions. Again, I was afraid for his life, but we made it to the emergency vet and he was given fluids and medication.


This time Malcolm experienced a snake bite. 

I was walking both of the dogs alone because B was on a call for his MBA program, and it was dark out. As I was trying to get Ollie to go potty in the grass I heard Malcolm yelping and felt him trying to rip the leash out of my hands. I looked over and he was almost out of his collar because he was whipping around so hard. I went over to look at what had ahold of his leg and it was a snake. A big, fat snake that was brown with black splotches. Now, I don’t know my snakes so of course I thought he was done for. I ran inside crying, B got off his call and we ran to the emergency vet. 

Of course Malcolm would find the only snake in the entire apartment complex… of course.

Anyway, even though our poor dog was limping around, the vet told us that he would be fine because it didn’t seem like the snake was venomous. Apparently venomous snake leave massive, bleeding puncture wounds and the area swells immediately. Then the dog is paralyzed and usually dies within 20 minutes to an hour… if enough venom is injected, that is. Perfect.

Needless to say, I am now paranoid. And I hate Florida’s many critters.

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So, this weekend was spent hanging with our fur children, trying out Influenster products, cooking and trying new beers, and staying away from snakes. Oh, and I met with Lisette (Northern Belle Diaries) at the dog park and got a cute new ring from Amy Cornwell. Yay!

What have you been up to?


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  • Chloe West

    Your poor dog! :( That’s so scary! I’m glad he was okay!

  • Dara

    wow, that is crazy. did you scream??? I would have for sure. a snake jumped out of my lawn one day and I screamed, and it did not have hold of my dog!!

  • Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos

    Oh no, poor Malcolm! That precious little face. Thank goodness he is OK!

  • Angela

    Glad that precious little guy is doing fine! He and Ollie are the cutest pair :) I’ve been extra paranoid of FL critters since the snake-in-our-house incident two weeks ago. In all my 24 yrs here, that’s only the 3rd time one has found its way in the house, and outside I’ve seen a snake maybe 5 times.

    Love that ring!
    :) Angela

  • Meg {henninglove}

    oh no malcolm he is just very curious and unfortunately it ends up being taken to the vet. hopefully he will learn soon! im glad that fortunately you have been able to take him to the vet and get him medicine

  • Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife

    Aww Rachel I feel so bad for your dog. I am so glad the snake wasn’t venomous! Damn snakes.

  • Betty Taylor

    Malcom does seem to get in trouble alot. I’m sure it’s just his venturous spirit. I am so glad he’s okay.

  • Cocalores

    Oh no, that sounds awful, pour little pup. I’m glad he’s okay now… and that there are no snakes around here. Our Coca eats all kinds of crap she finds outside, too. The end result is a whiny dog at 5 am with a stomach that sounds like it’s about to explode. Well, the perks of having a dog ;-) Needless to say, even with dogs getting in trouble, life without them would be bad.

  • Jenn

    Poor little Malcolm. What bad luck he has. I hope he’s feeling back to his normal puppy spirits.

    Other than that, your weekend sounds pretty great.

  • tiarenie

    Oh your dog! :( I had no idea that dogs couldn’t eat onions! I need to remember this one!

  • Jess Casey

    Poor little guy! I hate when anything happens to my fur children. Good luck ;)

  • Kristen Jamie

    Aw poor pup! So scary! PS – LOVE your rings!

    New follower from the hop :)
    Jamie & Kristen

  • jackie jade

    aw poor malcolm! that is so scary! my one dog gets into crazy stuff too. once he ate a bunch of wild garlic (didn’t know that was a thing) and had a bad reaction to it since it’s like onions. he ended up being fine, but soooo scary. hope malcolm is ok!!

  • Helene

    oh no!!! that is awful, poor guy he really has gone through a lot!

  • Lisa Nelson

    Poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better soon.

  • Sami

    Omgosh how scary! Thank god he is a resilient little thing! He’s a cutie thats for sure :) PS. I don’t know how you did it.. snakes scare the ever living crap out of me!

  • Allie

    Oh my gosh what a scary experience! Having to take your pet to the emergency vet for any reason is terrifying, I can’t even imagine experiencing a snake bite. I’m so glad he’s OK, you guys are fantastic dog parents!

  • Sessy@NTSST

    Poor pup!!! I live in an apartment complex in Fl as well…. Now I’m paranoid! YUCK!!!

  • Grass Skirt

    I love the little Westie! I grew up with one, and she lived to be 18. Now my parents have one and so does my sister. They are the cutest. :)

  • Lacey at Sunny + Turquoise

    Your little heart ring is ADORB!! Love to know where you got it from :) Have a great day girl!

  • Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often

    I would have been shaking with fear. Glad he ended up being okay. Give him some extra lovin to make up for the adventure.

  • Shelley

    Poor puppy!!! Glad he is okay!

  • Nikki

    Aw poor Malcom! Your pooch is nuts! I’m sorry, but I giggled a little at him licking a jellyfish. Maybe he learned not to lick everyth- Ah, who am I kidding? He’s a dog! The lick where they want to lick! Best of luck with your fur children :)

  • racingcourne

    I didn’t see any snakes when I visited Florida but I did see a whole lot of lizards!