life’s little moments {easter weekend}

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends. B’s family stayed with us this weekend and we enjoyed meals on the beach and a few games of Jenga. One thing we learned? Our entire family cheats during this game, yet we’re still terrible. Laughter and shaky hands don’t mix well apparently.

In other news, Ollie is teething and has basically turned into a demon. He’s like the love child of two Twilight vampires. Luckily I haven’t experienced the little man’s wrath because B has been the main victim (aka chew toy), but I have been stepping on quite a few baby teeth and wow, those things are sharp. The shelter recorded Oliver’s date of birth as October 10/22/2012, but I’m thinking he may be younger than that since he’s still losing teeth. Who knows.

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I still find it funny that we traded in gloomy Scotland for Arizona and Florida. I’ve never lived in a “vacation spot” before but it’s nice to see the ocean almost every day. And the sun isn’t bad either.

What have you been up to lately?


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  • Lauren

    Those are some beautiful flowers! :)

    Happy Easter Weekend!

  • Treasure Tromp

    oh I haven’t played Jenga in forever! And now I’m craving it!

  • Helene

    sounds like a fun easter! I love jenga!! and i would love to live in a vacation spot, how fuN!

  • Ashley

    I’m horrible at Jenga :) So fun though! Meals on the beach? You are living the life now! Glad you all had a nice Easter weekend!

  • smk053078

    My family loves playing and Scrabble and we all try to to cheat!! LOL!! Poor Ollie, hope the teething thing subsides soon. No fun!! And man, I wish I had a beach view every day!!! Lucky girl!! ;)

  • hannah singer

    love those happy flowers!
    happy new week to you xo

  • Becca Moss

    Love this! So sweet (:

  • Jen

    Oh poor Ollie! Hope he gets through the teething stage soon and doesn’t chew up too many things. I would love to live near the ocean! It’s like a permanent vacation :) Happy Monday!!

  • Agnes Mayer

    Visiting from the link up. Would love it if you stopped by and checked out my blog and said hello :).