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Erin from Living in Yellow had the wonderful idea of doing a “blogger crush” link-up and I’m 100 percent on board because I have many {SMOOCH}. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, moving around gets old and sometimes I feel completely alone. But guess what makes it easier? Reading blogs about super cool ladies who are going through the same thing in their own way. I’m always astonished by how many strong women I’ve met through blogging. Some run their own businesses from home, many are expats, quite a few juggle kids and work, and most are just badasses.

I never thought I’d make Internet friends or plan blates with other bloggers. But I have… and I am… and it’s wonderful!

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//Marshalls Abroad//
Every aspect of Amanda’s blog is beautiful and she’s basically everything I want to be when I grow up. While I’m trying to figure out how to work my new DSLR, she’s gracing the pages of her blog with phenomenal photography. While I’m burning things in the kitchen, she’s teaching readers how to make homemade pumpkin ravioli and winter citrus salad. Have you ever wanted to lick the screen of your laptop because a recipe looks absolutely divine? No? Only me? Well, that’s how I feel every time I look at her blog. I highly recommend you follow along with her adventures in Japan.

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//Lost in Travels//
If I lived in South Korea, or if Chelsea lived in Florida, we would probably be the best of friends. We could share expat and travel stories together and walk around with cameras around our necks like all the cool bloggers do. Anyway, I absolutely love that Chelsea and her husband dropped everything to move across the world. How amazing is that? Check out Chelsea’s blog if you’re interested in learning how to survive an overnight train {always a good travel tip to know}, viewing photos from Bangkok, or if you just want to meet a really cool couple.

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//Northern Belle Diaries//
I always enjoy reading Lisette’s posts because she’s sweet, hilarious and sarcastic all at the same time. And readers, no big deal, but I’m meeting her today at the dog park so our four dogs can fall in love and be together forever. I know, I know… it’s not fair that I get to meet her and you don’t. But you can head over to her blog and read about the time she fell asleep on a date, and my all time favorite story, her hangry post — because I can totally relate.

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//Travel Babbles//
When I first started blogging at the end of last July, Kym’s blog was one of the first ones I stumbled across. I took interest in her because like me, she moves around with her husband. A lot. It’s a little crazy, but whenever I’m feeling down or thinking about something, Kym seems to blog about that exact topic. I respect how open and honest she is about her situation and that she shares all of those experiences and emotions with her readers. Plus, who wouldn’t love all of the photos she posts of Brutus, her handsome English Bulldog? Visit Travel Babbles if you’d like to read about life in Germany and how traveling can change someone.
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