introducing: the expat diaries

…Building a Community of Expats

Hi, everyone! I am very excited to announce a new blog series for past, present and future expats. It’s been in the works for a while now and we’re finally making it happen. And thanks to Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries, my new project even has a beautiful travel-themed button. She’s the best!

Travel is near and dear to my heart and living abroad is something B and I are trying to do once again in a few years so why not write about it? This link-up isn’t about gaining followers on GFC, Bloglovin’ or Twitter… it’s about building a community of expats and people who might be considering a big move abroad. I’d love for fellow bloggers to link up their expat experiences with us — Why did you decide to move? How did you prepare? Was obtaining a visa difficult? — And other stories that could be helpful to others. If you don’t feel like writing about an expat experience just yet, you’re more than welcome to tell us about your favorite travel experiences or some facts about the country you’re currently residing in. After all, we’re just a group of ladies and men who love exploring the world. And bloggers, everyone loves travel photos. Feel free to use those, too! Like stated previously, maybe you’re not an expat but are interested in becoming one. Go ahead and post questions for us all. We would love to help in any way.

As you’ve probably realized, this “hop” doesn’t have many rules. The only requirement is to stick with the general theme of the link-up, so please don’t add recipes and random craft projects. ;)

The Expat Diaries will be held on the first Thursday of every month and will be hosted by myself and Lost in Travels. Chelsea is currently living in South Korea with her husband, so they’ll be a wealth of knowledge for everyone!

As always, thank you for reading. I hope to see you here on Thursday, April 4th.


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  • Amanda Wissmann

    omg omg omg! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I always try to look for and keep in touch with other expats who can relate in some way to my experiences. I miss home SO much and I know Im not alone so it’s great to talk to other women who are missing home but having adventures out in the world.

    I CANNOT WAIT for April 4! Im marking it on my calendar (LITERALLY) and setting aside time to read and connect with others!

    CAN. NOT. WAIT! Thank you girls for putting this together. Seriously a cry of my heart in the past few months and I feel like a prayer has been answered through you :) *tear*

    Have a happy day!

  • Treasure Tromp

    I absolutely love this idea, Rachel! I can’t wit to see what everyone writes about!

  • Katie

    Yay! Love that your doing this Rachel!! I’ve been researching like crazy for the past few months about moving abroad!!!

  • tiarenie

    what a great idea! cant wait to read the upcoming posts!

  • Elora Shore

    That is such an incredible idea! I’m going to love the posts, I just know it. I really want to travel, but to actually move to someplace for a time…that would be awesome!!

  • Meg {henninglove}

    what a wonderful idea for a link-up!! i love learning about other countries

  • Rachael SparkFire

    my name is Rachael too and we both blog…something in common!

    your blog is SO lovely to look at. beautiful design!

    so excited to follow you via bloglovin and GFC. i hope you follow back so we can stay in touch xoxo

  • Naomi VanDoren

    Hi! Found you via the Aloha Blog hop and I will definitely be back! I’ve spent more years living overseas than I have in the USA and would love to connect with others! Really looking forward to it!

  • Dena Barrie

    Finally!!! Thanks so much for doing this. Already excited about the ladies that I am following just from the comments!!

  • Tracy Speight

    I am not sure how I stumbled on this blog but I am so happy. Like Naomi above I have spent more years overseas than I have in the USA. I married an Aussie and live in Australia. I have never gone a year or month without thinking of where I come from or missing something about my growing up in the USA. I just wrote a blog post about how I became an artist and talked about a few things I miss most about home..

    Handmade at Warratahstree

  • gladley

    This is great! This is the first link-up I’ve wanted to take part in EVER! I just started a Thursday series called “Strange things Expats do” (about my experiences in living in the US now) which will fit perfectly.

  • Ersatz Expat

    This is great. Being based in Kazakhstan I am not sure the timing will work for me on the 4th but I will try. Looks very exciting.

    • Rachel

      It will be up for a few days, so feel free to link-up whenever you have time! The more the merrier.

  • Allie Gunter

    I love this link up idea :)
    Newest follower here!


  • Brianna Renee

    such a great idea! can’t wait to read up on others experiences. new follower via the blog hop :)

  • JaneA

    This is such a great idea! I’ve been living as an expat {first in England, now in Africa} for almost 10 years!

  • Patricia Baret

    I’m so excited!!! I love reading other expats blogs. I’ve been living in France for about two years. All my friends, my husband, and his family are French. Sometimes it’s so nice to hear from other Americans.

    The DIY Frenchie

  • Fritter

    Nice to find a hop like this that isn’t just wading through the expat site directories. Looking forward to reading about other expats (new Netherlands expat here- 5 months in with our 3 young boys). Thanks!

  • Jade

    I’m so late to the party but as they say, better late than never & I am so excited about this – I’ve got my May post already written up in my head. As an Aussie expat in the UK, I’ve always found it so important keeping an eye out in the blogosphere for other ladies (and guys too!) in the same boat as I am.