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Random, but I love how my “short and sweet” post from yesterday was probably longer than any post I’ve ever written in the history of this blog. And it was about ticks– for that, I’m sorry. Anywayyyy…

Today I have a special treat for you. Casey from True Colours is guest posting on my blog and you’re in luck because she’s sharing one of her travel experiences! As a former expat and travelaholic, I appreciate her wonderful memories from Marrakech and am in awe of the photographs she included. If only I was that talented.

P.S. Happy birfday, B! If I was really mean I’d include all of his cutesy nicknames right here ______. But I’ll spare you another rambling post.


I’m so excited to be here guest posting today and have recently fallen in love with Rachel’s blog and story. I’m Casey from True Colours and my blog is all about travel. A fellow traveler and expat as a kid, I thought I’d share an exotic place with you all today.
After growing up in the Middle East, I had been wanting to go back to that part of the world for a while to get back to my roots and experience that culture again after being away for so long. After many trips to Europe and around the US, last March my husband and I ventured to Morocco.  We spent some time in Marrakech and it was truly an experience to remember.
We wandered through the souks, haggling over prices.  We found spice markets and ate amazing food. We explored the old medina part of the city and listened in awe at the call to prayer from the mosques all around.  I got henna tattoos on my hands and wrapped up in my head scarf.  It was a magical city and a place that brought back many memories of my time growing up in Saudi Arabia.
As an exotic local, Morocco did not disappoint.
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If you loved Casey’s post as much as I did, you can find her here!

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  • Brittany Goodnight

    Love the photos!!
    The henna is so pretty I’ve always wanted to do my hands!!


  • Kotryna Bass

    Marocco is definitely the place on my list! Thanks for the info!

  • Elizabeth Mayberry

    these are beautiful pictures!!

  • Tiara Wasner

    Sounds like such an amazing trip and another place to add to the bucket list. Love all the beautiful photos too!


  • SH

    Her photos are amazing! Can’t wait to check out her blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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