inauguration 2009

In January 2009, I was a naive intern working on Capitol Hill. I had just graduated from college the month before, and decided to move to Washington, DC because there’s not much you can do with a political science degree in the Midwest. OK, you can do other things, but I wasn’t interested. I wanted my life to be like the show ’24’ {I’m currently forcing B to watch every episode from the beginning with me, by the way}. One day, the Congressman’s Chief of Staff {whom I adored because we wore the same dark OPI nail polish every day} passed me a small white envelope that contained a bright yellow ticket. An Inauguration ticket! I was so excited.

I lived in an intern townhouse directly in back of the Capitol Building, so I woke up on Inauguration day, put on an absurd amount of layers, and found the line for yellow tickets. After a lot of security, hours in the cold, and a creepy man warming up my hands, I was in.

Ahhh, I miss DC. Just not the housing prices…

Inauguration 2009 Capitol DC
Inauguration 2009 Capitol DC
Inauguration 2009 Capitol DC
Inauguration 2009 Capitol DC
Inauguration 2009 Capitol DC
Inauguration 2009 Capitol DC
Inauguration 2009 Capitol DC
Inauguration 2009 Capitol DC
Inauguration 2009 Capitol DC
I am completely obsessed with the Capitol because it’s such a beautiful building. As soon as we’re back in DC, Malcolm is getting glamour shots in front of it. In a doggie bow tie. Mmmhmmm!


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  • Beth Rowland

    I was there too! Loved every minute of it except the cold :)

  • Kenzie Smith

    Those are gorgeous pictures! So neat that you got to go!!

  • Julie

    Looks amazing and so exciting! Always wanted to visit DC!

  • Helene

    What an awesome post and so cool that you were there!!

  • Dara

    great photos, and a great experience you had!

  • Social

    I went there w/my family and my then boyfriend…now husband. Oh I miss it! Even though I was only there for a week, I could see how I would love living there! Well, except the cold, but I was so layered, it didn’t even matter. You got some really great photos! I do have to say what I liked best about our week there was the concert they had. I didn’t even know there was going to be a concert & I certainly didn’t expect to see the President, First Lady, the VP and his wife. It was great!

  • Allie

    Beautiful photos! I haven’t been to DC since high school, but my husband and I are planning to have a long weekend there soon! I love that you referenced 24– we were talking about it this morning as we watched the inauguration :)

  • lost in travels

    that’s so awesome to be able to go to the inauguration! what a once in a lifetime opportunity! i was able to be at obama’s acceptance speech and i’ll always enjoy that night!

  • Beth Mayberry

    what a day in history that you were able to be a part of! so fun!!

    i am a new follower! it is nice to meet you!!!