friday’s letters {in 2013!}

Dear Week: I thought it was Friday two days ago while we were flying back to Arizona, and now I’m just confused. Dear Massive Zit: I don’t even have to look into the mirror to see you. You’re taking up so much room on my cheek, I can look down and see the outline. I can’t say that’s ever happened before. Dear Christmas Tree: I suppose I should take you down. Tears. Dear Kennel Cough: Thanks for showing up at our house yet again. I must say, getting hacked and snotted on by a foster dog is something I enjoy immensely. Dear Riding Boots: Buying a new pair of you is such a production. With a price tag of $70-$150 {I decided against expensive Frye boots… wahhh!} I want to make sure you’re perfect… but there are so many options! Dear Husband: I think we have a problem. We collect {hoard} Groupons wherever we go. I believe we have about four or five to use before we move to Florida next month. Let’s get on that! Dear Readers: Thanks for sticking around. And Happy 2013!

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  • Pamela

    LOVE Groupon! We have two wine tastings that we need to use! Aww hope the pup feels better soon!

  • Anonymous

    The worst are the groupon’s that expire in less than 60 days, I never remember to use them before they expire!

  • Brittany Lea

    I have thought it was Sunday most of the week! Holidays have screwed me up! lol

    Cute blog! Newest follower! :)

  • Lindsey

    I’ve never used Groupon, but I do have the app. Maybe I need to check it out more often.

    And I feel you on the zits, girl. The last couple months of my pregnancy I had awesome skin and all of a sudden I’m breaking out like crazy. I thought we were supposed to outgrow acne before our 20s!

  • lost in travels

    I Just bought a pair of Enzo boots from Nordstroms and I have loved them! So comfortable and durable! I believe I paid around 150? That was my cut off point

  • Dani @ Inspire. Motivate. Love.

    Sooo I never use groupon….because I have a tendency to buy them and never use them. Haha. Money waste for me. :)

  • aimymichelle

    i have never done groupon.

    im a new follower.

  • Lisa Kothari

    Your letters column is SO creative! Loved reading it!

    Found you through the Blog Hop!

    Ray Doc Wife