bow wow wow {hi, dexter!}

It looks like we have another foster dog in the house. Just call me the crazy dog lady… and meet Dexter. He was on the county euthanasia list because of an upper respiratory infection that’s easily treatable with a dose of antibiotics. We’re very excited to nurse him back to health and get him adopted soon!

foster dog Arizona chihuahua shibu inu mixshelter puppy
{Big yawn!}


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  • Angela

    Aww, so cute! My friend has a dog like that named Dexter too!

  • The Cantrell’s

    Aweee I’m a sucker for dogs! My husband has banned me from the shelter. ha! Dexter is so precious!!

  • Jo Lane

    Adorable! I am a sucker for any chihuahua!

  • Stephanie F

    Sweeeet!! Bless you for taking another foster :)

    After 2 years of fostering, we just finished because… we ended up adopting our last foster Sofie! hehe.


  • lost in travels

    That dog is so precious! It’s so cool that you foster little pups! I think if I did that I would end up adopting all of them…bad news

  • M and L

    So darn cute! M won’t let me near shelters, pounds, even wandering dogs on the street. He’s knows I can’t turn away from them & he can’t say no to me. Glad there’s people like you who can be fosters for precious pups. :))

  • Shabby, Chic, & Cheap

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Returning the visit and following you now. Lately my husband and I have been wanting a dog SOOOO bad!! Dexter looks adorable!

  • Ellie

    So cute! One of my friend’s dogs is named Dexter! It’s great of you to be a foster mommy :)

    xx Ellie 

  • angelica

    Ahh! What a cutie pie! :)