friday’s letters and my purse

Dear End of the World, What a joke. I was ready to turn into a zombie, but I guess I’ll have to wait until the next looming Apocalypse. Dear Florida, Your humidity gets me every time. When I’m visiting you, I feel like I need to bathe at least twice a day and keep a pack of oil blotting tissues in my purse to prevent myself from turning into a ball of grease. Dear Malcolm, I had never seen a dog poop in the middle of a packed airport before… until yesterday. Well done, sir.

And now I’m linking up with Aunie Sauce to show you the contents of my bag! I’ve always wanted to do a similar link-up because it’s fun to see how much “stuff” we all pack into our purses. This past year, I bought a Steve Madden bag to replace my massive Longchamp one {shoulder pain from a purse? yes} and I think that’s helped me cut back on all the junk — but I still manage to fit quite a bit.

Steve Madden Studded PurseInside My PurseInside My Purse
For some reason, I’ve always had multiple wallets {probably weird?} so I can keep everything organized. The black mini wristlet is stuffed with business cards and gift cards, the grey and black wallet has all of my frequent flyer/hotel cards, and the leopard wallet has my ID, cash and credit cards.

I also like traveling with my Kindle Fire, a bottle of water, lotus hand cream from World Market {the best!}, cherry chapstick, all of my chargers and some headphones, hair ties, and I’m sure you can guess what everything else is! I used to carry Tylenol for headaches, but since I’m paranoid and my dog digs in my bag, I’ve eliminated that. Ha. ;)

What do you keep in your purse?

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  • Helene

    first, love that purse! second you are organized, mine is a huge mess

  • Betsy Transatlantically

    my mom has a wallet just for her cards, too – when I need one, I’ll know I’m a real grown-up! haha :)

  • Becky Marie

    With the new baby, I carry a diaper bag instead of a purse. I’m not sure I want to find out how much has accumulated in just 7 weeks! Love your purse.

  • Annelise @ Aunie Sauce

    So cool! I love that Steve Madden. It’s a nice one! And yay for Firmoo glasses! Thank you for linking up today!

  • lost in travels

    love your kindle cover, oh so chic : ) and i must say, you’re is a whole lot more organized than mine which at any given point has googly eyes and playdough to keep my kindi kids occupied.

  • Danielle

    I’ve seen the hand creams from World Market, but haven’t actually tried them yet. Might have to add that to my shopping list!