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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a few friends over for dinner and I made my first turkey ever. I figured that cooking the bird would result in a disaster and as soon as B cut into it, it would burst open and be extremely dry {Christmas Vacation dinner scene, anyone?} — but somehow, between the roasting bag and everything random I poured in it to keep it moist, it worked out. And by worked out, I mean it was delicious {nbd}. Anyway…

Today I have a very special treat for you all! Lindsay from You Are The Roots is here to discuss babymoons, which I had never even thought about before. I can tell you this, though… I definitely plan on taking one. And isn’t her little boy adorable?


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Hi Postcards from Rachel readers! My name is Lindsay and I blog over at You Are The Roots! I’m a 26 year old first-time mom living down in Southeast Florida with my highschool-sweetheart-turned-husband, our beautiful 16 month old little boy, Ethan, and our four spoiled rotten cats. It’s an honor to be here on Rachel’s blog today!

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In honor of all of Rachel’s travels, I thought I’d focus this guest post on traveling. The truth is, I’m kind of a homebody. By “kind of,” I mean I’m totally a homebody. Moving three hours away from home for college all but killed me. That said, I haven’t been to too many exciting, exotic places. Maybe living in the heart of Southeast Florida near our gorgeous beaches has jaded me. Still, like every parent — er, everyone — I appreciate the feeling of just getting away from it all. While my Chronic Homebody Status has rendered me totally unable to share any great getaway memories or recount any travel tips, I’m sticking to what I know. Babymoons.

Having a babymoon was important to me when I was pregnant, even though I couldn’t predict the chaos and disorder that can explode into your life when you have a little one at home. (I’m looking at you, gigantic pile of laundry!) A babymoon is like a second honeymoon, but one that comes right before baby. A final hurrah for peace and quiet and time as a couple — a goodbye handshake to your old pal relaxation. It’ll be a long time before you meet him again. For our babymoon, all I knew was that I wanted to stay close enough to home in the event something happened and I needed my doctor or a hospital I knew. We chose a hotel an hour from our home. Just far enough to feel like a tropical getaway.


I don’t believe your travels will just fizzle out completely once you have a little one in tow. It’s just that your travels start to look a little bit different.

Every once in a while, a new mom-to-be will ask about babymoons: Are they worth it? Have you gone on one? Would you recommend them? My answer is always the same: a resounding yes. Having been dating my husband since we were just fifteen years old, I can honestly say that nothing compares to the love I felt for him when I saw him hold our son for the first time. But those memories, those final fleeting days of it just being the two of us? They’ll always mean something special.

You Are The Roots


I honestly love Lindsay’s blog because her stories are fun and she has a great sense of humor, so stop on by and read about toddler travel tips, recipes, baby must-haves and her life in sunny Florida {I’ll be there soon!}. Enjoy! 


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  • Rebecca Recommends

    aww that picture on the carousel is priceless! :) x

  • Heather Marie

    how much fun, traveling with kids is always a different experience. loved the guest post

  • Ali W.

    She is darling! Glad your turkey turned out good. I have never made one. I would be so scared! haha