friday’s letters {road trip and thinking about christmas}

Dear Husband, Thank you so much for driving 12 hours last night so we could get to Colorado in a timely manner. Now we’re at the hotel attempting to catch up on some much needed sleep — and Malcolm is taking up the entire bed, but what’s new? Dear Malcolm, I’m watching you very closely, wondering what the heck you’ve been dreaming about for the past 30 minutes. You look a mess, pup. Your long hair needs a trim and is sticking out in all directions, you’re snoring loudly, and your tiny paws keep moving. Chasing rabbits and birds? Most likely since you were almost successful in killing a poor bunny in Arizona. Dear Sad Sadie {Shelter Dog}, When we passed you over to my brother this morning, you automatically jumped up on him, tail wagging. I think you know you’re in good hands and that you will be spoiled for the rest of your life! Dear Colorado, I’m ready to explore! We’re thinking Pikes Peak and the Royal Gorge today. I can’t wait! Dear Michael Buble Christmas CD, You are the BEST. Dear Coffee, With you, all things are possible. Time for another cup.

So, who else is already excited for Christmas? :) I love Thanksgiving, but sometimes I wish we could skip right over it — mainly because I love staying with my family in December!

St. Andrews ScotlandBag Piper Edinburgh Scotland
Christmas with my family last year in Scotland.


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  • Kristal

    Great photos. Amen to the cup of coffee! :) I am so excited for Christmas too! Love your blog and the design! I found you from the Friday Chaos blog hop! Oh and I have a giveaway right now on my blog, would love to have you visit!

  • Casey

    Such great photos of you and your fam! We’re going home for Christmas this year and I cannot wait! One Christmas without them last year was one Christmas too much for me! :) Happy Friday, girl!

  • Andrea

    Have fun in Colorado! My family and I visted Pike’s Peak once. Pretty neat adventure! Look forward to seeing more of your amazing pics from there :)

  • Ashlyn

    I need the Michael Buble Christmas cd. Like yesterday.

    Have fun in Colorado!

  • Helene

    great pictures!! have a blast in colorado! I am definitely dreaming about christmas!

  • elise

    love these pictures!

  • Lindsey

    i love that you’ll already broken out the Christmas music too! I can’t wait :)

  • Nicole

    I’m currently listening to his Christmas CD right now :)

  • Daisy Quijada

    That’s so sweet of your husband! :)


  • Hallie @ Life:Oceanside

    love love love love the MB christmas CD, ahhhhh love it!

  • Nicole Buckingham

    Hey you,

    I stopped by to follow you and realized I already am– how lucky am i? really?

    So… I thought I’d personally invite ya to join me at An Aloha Affair. We’re mingling and growing and all the virtual drinks are on me –I’m just oh so generous like that. =) Please do stop by ANYtime.


  • Mariel Collins

    I can’t wait for christmas! And the michael bubble CD is one of the best!

  • Nikki

    I was born in Colorado Springs, but we moved when I was 6 months old. Lots of pics would be great, lol. My dog appears to be dreaming as well!

  • Amber

    I love watching dogs dream :) Yes, with coffee all things are possible! Hope y’all have a great time in CO!

  • Brooke

    Holy cow, Christmas in Scotland would be such a dream come true! I also wish Christmas came just a little earlier – why can’t it be holiday season already? Why must we wait for after Thanksgiving??

    I just found your blog from the weekend blog walk, and it’s adorable! I’m excited to be your newest follower. Let’s be blog friends?


  • Sarah Mc.

    I love Colorado- such a beautiful state! I have to disagree about Thanksgiving, though- but only in the most respectful way. ;) I love Thanksgiving food and the fact there’s much less hype/pressure. My favorite holiday!