palma, spain

I don’t have nearly as many photos from Palma as I would like because we were busy swimming in the freezing Mediterranean Sea. Since it was blistering hot out, we figured the Sea would be similar to the Gulf of Mexico. Wrong. As I was climbing down the boat ladder into the water very slowly, B kept telling me to “hurry up!” He quickly ate his words when it was his turn to get in. Muahaha.

Palma Spain SeaPalma, SpainPalma, SpainSailboats Palma Spain Mediterranean SeaPalma Spain Dog on Paddle Board Mediterranean SeaPalma Spain Dog on Paddle BoardPalma SpainPalma Spain
One important thing we took away from Palma? All dogs should learn how to balance on paddle boards. Because it’s cute.


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  • Tyler

    Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures!

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    These pictures are gorgeous!

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    Your pictures are gorgeous, and your blog is adorable!

  • lostintravels

    Ah I HATE getting into cold water, even if it is scorching out. Have you been to Barton Springs in Austin? Same concept, freezing cold, lots of fun (once you get in). Gorgeous pictures!

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    You take beautiful pictures! Thank You so much for linking up with us and I’m happy to get to know you.

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    Gorgeous photos! And love that photo of the paddle boarder and the dog…very cool!

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    those pictures are amazing! so beautiful!!

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    Wow it’s so beautiful! It’s too bad the water was freezing.

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    Dear Rachel, I am a huge fan of travel and yesterday I posted a photo from my trip to Greece on my blog. I love your photos and look forward to future posts. Do you live overseas or in the states? I live in the states and try to visit a foriegn country about once a year. If you like photography, you should check out my blog. I am a new follower from the friends to followers hop.

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    What beautiful photography! Palma looks simply gorgeous.
    Fizz and Frosting

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    Those pictures reminded me of my trip to Spain. I think it’s time for another vacation :)

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  • Sara Ivy

    These are so beautiful that I actually want to travel to Spain even though I never had the desire before! Breath-taking!


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  • missmeggy took lots of wonderful pictures..wish I could also go to those places someday..thinking of touring Asia first before countries outside the continent..


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    Found your blog on a blog hop, wow, it’s so fun! Traveling is the best. Also, I saw your wedding dress, it’s beautiful! And you looked amazing! Hope you’ll come check out my blog too :)

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    I’m only a little jealous!! Your pictures are gorgeous!

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    Beautiful as always! I love Spain.