meet sadie!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We’ve been busy attempting to train a dog we pulled from a euthanasia list at the county shelter. My younger brother has always wanted a German Shepherd mix so when I saw her sad eyes, I knew it was meant to be. She has been watching our little Westie, Malcolm in action for the past few days and is becoming more confident, but she’s still very timid and on anti-anxiety medication at the moment. We are meeting my dad and brother in Colorado this weekend to drop her off and I can’t wait until she starts meeting with a behavioralist. Has anyone else saved/trained an abused animal before? How was your experience?

I feel like we should do more for her but you can tell she’s extremely grateful just to be out of that place {aka hell on earth}. At the shelter, she cowered in the corner and wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone — oh, and had submissive urination. Now she’s started to wag her tail on walks, and look at that adorable face!

German Shepherd Mix from Shelter Saved
When we arrived at our apartment with her on Saturday, she was too afraid to go up and down the stairs in front of our building. Now she heads up and down… very… very carefully — As our psychotic Westie runs up and down like a rabbit beside her. We call it his “controlled fall” method.

I’m excited she’s becoming more comfortable with us!


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  • Molly

    She is so cute! I volunteered for a rescue that mainly rescued dogs/cats up for euthanasia. Have a soft spot for all these little fur babes. When it comes to submission, just keep praising her when she’s good :) She’ll get the hang of everything with positive reenforcement!

  • Helene

    omg so cute!!! she looks like a sweety.

  • The Cantrell’s

    I love your blog! What a sweet puppy. My husband and I have been thinking about adopting another dog as well. I’m a new follower from the gfc blog hop. :)

  • Jess

    Big high-five to you for doing this.

    (Euthanasia lists are ridiculous and make me so angry and so sad)

    Seriously, you are awesome.

  • Cassandra

    Sounds like shes come a long way in a very little amount of time. Good for you! Another big high five from, me for doing this.

  • SEL

    You are such a hero for rescuing a doggy! What a beautiful face she has! Congrats on the newest addition to the family!

  • Mariel Collins

    Thats amazing! She is gorgeous!

  • Yüz Germe

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  • Christina Morley

    A happy ending to a sad story! Found you through the Twitter hop. My latest post has photos of kittens and puppies from our local animal shelter. Check it out at

  • Grace G.

    Aw that’s so sweet that you decided to adopt her!
    My parents and I thought about adopting a rescued dog, but we had second thoughts about it because we didn’t really trust it, ’cause we didn’t know the dogs history.
    But I still want to do this one day!

    xoxo Grace

  • Christine

    Hi! New follower from GFC blog hop. Poor little girl you have there! She is sooo emaciated :(
    I haven’t adopted an animal from a shelter in 20 years….I haven’t needed to. God just sends them to me, lol! I currently have 4 dogs (the new puppy is “disabled”), 5 cats, 4 turtles and a parrot. I am often horrified at what people are capable of regarding abandonment, neglect and abuse.