marseille, france

Our stop in Marseille, France was meh, mainly because the cruise shuttle bus dropped us off in the middle of nowhere with a complimentary map that didn’t include half of the city (seriously, it was chopped off), or the street names, for that matter. We’re usually calm travelers but when we have a tight schedule, a useless map, and the iPhone isn’t working, panic sets in. Unfortunately, we ended up wandering aimlessly down a few streets for far too long and missed out on quite a few of the sites. We did end up finding the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde somehow, which overlooked the entire city, and we saw a black lab carrying a baguette down the street (sooo French). However, most of our time was spent at a street cafe drinking Hoegaarden, because that’s what we do when we’re lost.

Stairs up to Notre Dame Marsaille
Marsaille France Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde
Inside the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde
Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde
Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde Marsaille, France
Marsaille France
View from Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde
View of Marsaille countryside
South of France Marsaille harbor
South of France Marsaille cruise port
Marsaille building
Marsaille France fountain
Marsaille France black and white
Traveling in Marsaille, France
Marsaille France merry-go-round
Marsaille France architecture
I’d love to go back, stuff myself with French food, and see the rest of the city. And ride the merry-go-round?

Have you ever traveled to Marseille? 


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  • Tarabelle
  • funsizetessa

    Beautiful photos! How are you so lucky to travel to these wonderful places!

  • Bevin Lewis

    Beautiful photos! I have always wanted to travel. But, it will have to wait until we are done with the kiddos!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog…I’m looking forward to following yours!

  • Casey

    Gorgeous photos, girl! We’ve yet to go there…but we’ve done a few things in France. Hoping to see more of France on our cruise next year, but I think our boat stops in Toulon, not Marseille. Ohhh well. :)

  • Jess

    I do the same thing when I’m lost. Like the beer will give me new magic orientating skills :)

  • Stefani

    I am DYING. These photos are gorgeous. And I’m a tad bit jealous.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m excited to read what comes next on yours. :-)

  • Bev

    STUNNING!!! Love the carousel picture!!

    xo, Bev

  • Samantha Curtis

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday… SO glad you did, I love your blog! Those pictures are gorgeous and I am going to live vicariously through you lol looking forward to more :)

  • Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm}

    Hi Rachel! I’m a new follower from the GFC blog hop!

    I just love your pictures from France! These are stunning! And I figure, if you’re going to be lost, sharing a beer in a cafe in France with your husband is a great way to spend that time. :o) I hope you get to go back again and experience it the way you wanted to, though!

  • Margaret

    Hi Rachel, wow what a gorgeous blog and fabulous pictures. I need to thank you again for coming by my blog or I might never of sound yours. I will be over very often as I love to travel and your photos are magnificent. I was in Paris, Madrid and Portugal last year and took a tour of Italy a few years back. I will be back to go through your previous posts.
    New follower,
    Margaret (Moving Forward)

  • Diana Chastain

    Jealous! I would love to visit France. It’s definitely on my bucket list. Here returning the follow as promised. :)

  • Empowered Momma J

    France has got to be one of my most favorite places I’ve traveled. Their architecture, scenery, food, museums, shopping and love for the female contoured body, amazing. Your pictures are unbelievable and breathtaking. I especially love the merry-go-round for its vibrant colors. Looking forward to more photo’s.

  • Nicole Buckingham

    OH the beauty here! It’s breathtaking.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us at the ALOHA Friday HOP last week, it’s so sweet to be able to find you here and to follow you right back.


    p.s. We’re linking up again this week and I’d love it if you’d join us and share this awesomeness you’re creating here.

  • Nicole

    Hi, I’m stopping by from the Weekend Blog Walk. I love these beautiful pictures of France. Thank you for sharing!

  • Missy

    What beautiful photos!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for participating in the GFC blog hop!


  • Kasey Lynne

    Marseille was a stop on our Mediterranean Cruise and we felt the SAME way about the city. It was COMPLETELY different from any other city in France that we visited. BUT, the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde was beautiful. Overlooking the entire city….it was breathtaking. All of these photos really capture that!

  • Allison Coomes

    Your blog is has some of the best photography I’ve seen in a while-love your style! look forward to following from the GFC blog hop!