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    those just say love!!!

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    love the last one:)

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    I love that first print! So cute and classic!

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    These are all so sweet :)

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    Awww…I love this post! :)

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    Love it!!!

    New follower to your blog girly.

    xoxox Ellen from http://ellenyu.blogspot.com

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    What a cool stoplight!

    Thank you for linking up at Super Sunday Sync!
    Hope to see you next week and before :)

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    Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for linking up with the Super Sunday Sync! I love getting to know other bloggers :) I’m loving your blog already and looking forward to reading more! Adore that cute puppy of yours! Newest follower.


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    I LOVE the first one :)

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    Hi there! Visiting you from the GFC blog hop. I am already a follower of yours, but I thought I would drop by and say hello anyways. :)
    I do have a giveaway going on right now that is for a great cause. I would love for you to come over and enter the giveaway and read an awesome story by one of my readers who is making a big difference in kid’s lives. You can enter at http://dalaynadillon.blogspot.com/2012/10/coffee-for-cause.html
    Have a terrific Tuesday!

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    What a beautiful post! Made me smile.