friday’s letters

Dear Blog, Yep, that just happened. I decided to ignore you for an entire week and it was great. Regular posting will resume shortly {more travel posts and photos} and a fun giveaway will be popping up soon so stay tuned. Dear Readers, Thanks for all of your comments — and for participating in the blog hop last Friday! It’s time I finally catch up with emails. :)


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  • Emily

    Everyone needs a bloggy break every once in a while!

  • Beth

    I’ve recently taken a month break, mostly because of stress, but yeah, a break is always good.

  • Ladi Da

    Seriously incredible pictures on your blog! I found your blog via the blog hop and am your newest follower. So excited to follow along and see some awesome photography!

  • Ricci

    I took a couple month break last year and now that I’m back I’m loving it!!!

  • Joanna

    I have been having a hard time posting regularly too! Life gets in the way!

  • Jessica Schmitz

    I hear ya…I’m checking in after almost a week and just stumbled on your blog. So glad I did. It is DARLING! Now following and hope you follow back.

  • Kenzie Smith

    Great to have you back (: Blog vacations are always nice!

  • Jo Lane

    Hello! I am Jo from I found your blog on the blog hop! I’m your newesr follower. Hoping you’ll follow back :)

  • My Froley

    i also love taking blog breaks ! i hope you enjoyed the time relaxing !

  • themosbysinchina

    New follower via My Beautiful, Crazy life! Excited to follow along!

  • MissMorgan

    Don’t feel too bad, I just took a two month break. :S Life gets crazy! To celebrate my return I have a giveaway going on on my blog right now! Check it out! :)

  • Jelli

    HI Rachel, visiting from My Crazy Life. I so love your design (yes I know I’ve said it before, but I REALLY love it!) Following via GFC and way jealous that you’re brave enough to step outta the blogosphere for a week. I should definitely give that a try.

  • Melissa88Senick

    Only a week? lol. I was off for over a month!!! What was I thinking? New follower. :) Have a good week.