sunday social {end of summer wrap up}

We made it to the USA and things are as hectic as ever. We dropped off all of our suitcases in our new apartment in Phoenix and hopped on a flight to the Midwest the next day. We are at my parents’ house which means we have finally been reunited with our sweet puppy! Oh, happy days!

I didn’t realize how much nicer people are here until we were strolling around the Phoenix airport yesterday and everyone was striking up a conversation with us. It was like we were having a reverse culture shock. Why are you talking to us? Did we do something wrong?! In the UK, all of the locals ignore you. Even if they’re supposed to be serving you at a restaurant, they never really come back to fill up your water. It’s what we’re used to now. :)

And now for one of my favorite link-ups! Sunday Social…

What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer? 
It’s a tie between Marrakech, Morocco and our Mediterranean cruise. When we traveled to Morocco in June, we rode camels {I wanted down at first because I hated being up so high}, had tea in the Ourika Valley, and took a guided tour to the Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains. During our trip, we were able to give sweets, pencils and notepads to underprivileged children, and we even had lunch at an Imam’s house. The tour guide organized the lunch at the local’s house and all of the money went to new supplies and kitchen appliances, so we felt like we were contributing to the village.

Camel rides Marrakech Morocco Tea Ourika Valley Marrakech Morocco Berber Village Atlas Mountains Morocco

We also loved our Mediterranean cruise because it was so laid back compared to all of the other trips we’ve recently taken. 

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Favorite clothing item of the summer? 
I really love my cream, lace shorts (pictured above) because they’re comfortable and go with everything!

What is one thing you wish you would have gotten to do this summer? 
We wanted to take a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia because the area looks beautiful, but we completely ran out of time!

Favorite song of the summer?

Favorite movie/tv show of the summer?
I honestly have no idea when we last went to a movie so I’m going to say True Blood. It was great good this season!


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  • Amanda Wissmann

    Don’t you just love the states! I always feel that way in TX. Oh hello, you’re talking to me?!?!

    Fabulous pictures! Sounds like an incredible summer :)

    oh and SUPER cute shorts! They do look comfy!

    Happy sunday!

  • Hallie

    adorable blog!
    and saying I am incredibly jealous of your trip would be a understatement! :)


  • Veronica and Daniel

    Ooo! I have always wanted to do a Mediterranean cruise, it sound amazing! and Yay for being reunited with your puppy :)

  • BusyMomofTwins

    Rachel, love love love you blog! Thank you for stopping by mine today and following. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures. My husband and I loved the Med Cruise. It was awesome. Definitely come by on Tuesday and link up with my travel themed hop!


  • Manda

    wow. that seems like one heck of a summer! good for you!

  • Amy

    Love this pictures Rachel! Fabulous summer recap!

    Leopard and Lillies

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    Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping by! Happy to follow back!

  • Joanna Haughton

    Looks like such a great time! Thanks for linking up on the GFC Hop on ModaMama.

    I appreciate the support :)


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    Cute blog! I’m jealous of your travels!! Following you back :)

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    Brilliant blog! New follower from the blog hop! xx

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    well I guess if I can’t travel the world right now, I might as well follow someone who can! hahaha. thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! excited to be your newest bloggy buddy! woot woot!

  • Southern Glamourista

    wow! That trip looks amazing!

    Southern Glamourista

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    What an amazing trip amazing photos!

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    wow! That looks like such a fun trip :)

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    wow! what a gorgeous trip you had! looks like the perfect summer!

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