friday’s letters {settling in}

Dear Arizona, After unpacking and chipping my nails on cardboard boxes all week long, I’m finally ready to explore you. As we were driving through Old Town Scottsdale last night {from the car dealership – ugh!}, I spotted a few sushi restaurants I’m very excited to try. There’s nothing better than a few Philadelphia Rolls and some Edamame too cheer you up. Dear Car Shopping, You steal my soul and make me want to punch things. Every time I fall in love with a pretty SUV, the car salesman decides to increase the price by tacking on a ton of fees. I thought the husband and I would be great at negotiating {since we turn into experts when we’re fighting with each other} but alas, you win. And I despise you. Dear Tunisia, It was only last month we were exploring your beautiful country, and now the United States embassy and an American school is being attacked. Scary times; I hope everyone stays safe. Dear Negative Political Ads, You frustrate me and everyone else, yet it seems like you’re becoming far more common. It’s times like these when I’m glad I no longer work on the Hill. Dear Malcolm, I can’t decide if you need a doggy friend. We found a cute terrier we’ve been considering adopting, but do we really want to move two dogs in 6 months when we’re off to Florida? {yes, we’re moving again in 6 months} And two hyper terriers, no less. I guess you would have a buddy to keep you company in the back seat, and then maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to jump all over me with your sharp nails. Dear iPhone 5, Yeahhhhh!!! This will be my first iPhone ever and I can’t wait to throw my awful Droid out the window! Dear Husband, I can’t wait to resume date night soon. I feel like we haven’t gone out in months because we’ve been so busy! Dear Blog, I’ve been neglecting you recently because I honestly don’t have anything to write about — every day feels the same. We’re moving around like crazy people and unpacking. And then doing it again. I could do a million trip posts I’ve been putting off {since we visited 14 countries last year – eek} but I haven’t felt up to it. Hopefully this changes soon!  

Palace in Tunis, Tunisia 2012
{in Tunis, Tunisia last month}


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  • Whitney@SomethingBroughtYouHere

    So jealous you are getting the new iPhone! Oh man, I’m going to start car shopping soon, not looking forward to it.

  • Dalayna Dillon

    Hey Rachel! Yay it’s Friday!! Stopping by from the Friday Chaos, already a follower but I thought I would take the opportunity to stop by and say hello :D
    Wanted to let you know about one of my sponsor’s giveaways. It is AWESOME! An adorable hat, side cross bracelet, PLUS $20 credit to Scentsy and $20 to Thirty-One. So great, right? Well today is the last day for the giveaway so be sure to make it over and enter.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to ya soon :)

  • Danielle

    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog!! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and I’m excited to read about your travel adventures! I highly recommend negotiating with auto dealerships online and getting a firm price emailed to you as confirmation; then when you walk into the dealership you won’t have to haggle and they’re more likely to drop the price to get you in the door! ;) That’s how I got my $24k car for like $20k out the door! :) Best wishes on the car buying! xoxo

  • Morgan

    happy friday!
    and thanks for stopping by my blog!
    tunisia looks amazing…will have to add that travel list!


  • Kristin

    Thanks for stopping by Young & Southern earlier! And girl – I can’t believe you have traveled so much lately! Wow! But how awesome :)

  • Allison

    Stopping by from Friday’s letters. Your blog is adorable! I hate any and all political adds right now. Can’t wait for them to be over! New follower. :)

  • Kenzie Smith

    Oh my gosh you have such a cute blog! I love your letters :)
    Holy moly you travel a ton! I am so envious :D I hope to see pictures of all the places soon!

  • lostintravels

    Loved the letters as usual! Hopefully you guys get to relax and go on a few dates. I know how that goes with busy schedules, dates nights are like a breath of fresh air! Why are you guys moving so much?!

  • Nicholl Vincent

    14 countries? sounds amazing!

    Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)

  • Amy

    I love Phoenix, AZ – we have dear friends that live there and loved our visit there! enjoy settling in!

    xx amy

    Leopard and Lillies