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travel essentials

1. Documenting our experiences abroad is important to us so we bring our camera everywhere. Instead of lugging a large camera bag around, I tuck it into a bag that looks like a purse and put it across my body. You should always have your hand on the bag to prevent your equipment from being stolen!
2. An extra memory card is a must. You might need it for extra photos or for when your other memory card becomes corrupt due to not formatting (this happened to us on a trip to a castle).
3. We traveled with cell phones while we were living in the UK. A Lebara SIM card is handy because you can buy a different one in each country to make International cards.
4. Be sure to grab your hotel’s business card before you leave for the day to explore. If you get lost, you can simply hand the card to a cab driver. Problem solved.
5. We brought a small camcorder with us and had a lot of fun recording our surroundings. Especially in Morocco. When we have friends over, they enjoy watching all of our travels.
6. I think that a small, bendy tripod is a must-have. They fit in small bags and you can attach them to railings, branches and other things to get that perfect shot.
7. Even though we had our iPad with us, we usually had a travel guide too. iPads die and are a pain to lug around. Books are small.
8. We never leave our passports in the hotel, even if there is a safe in the room. B wears a money belt under his pants and we stash all of our valuables there so they’re will us at all times.

What do you bring while traveling?


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  • Amy

    Love the hat, couldn’t agree more. Sadly, I have random change from tons of countries all over our house. Oh well!

    xx Amy

    Leopard and Lillies

  • Lindsey

    I love the travel essentials posts. Great to know for the future. Thanks! =]

  • Life etc…

    Hey Rachel- just letting you know that I’m passing the Liebster Award onto you! All the details are on my blog :)

    These are definitely all travel essentials – I wore my fedora everyday when I was in Italy recently!

    Life etc

  • Whitney Morris

    I really liked this list! Some of these things I haven’t thought about!

    • Postcards from Rachel

      Sorry I missed this comment! Thanks, Whitney… I’m hoping to do a couple more posts like this. :)