stockholm open air museum

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would either be Barcelona or Stockholm. Probably Stockholm, but there’s one problem. The city is extremely expensive. We figured it would be pricey, like every other European city we had traveled to, but we weren’t expecting to pay $45 for a couple of sandwiches and bottles of water. We also ran into a problem when I noticed I had forgotten my face wash in Scotland. We went to a department store and purchased a bottle there, but quickly returned it after we realized a small bottle had cost us around $56! Needless to say, I used hotel shampoo on my face the rest of the trip (thank goodness it was only for the weekend). So, if I had a ton of money, I would definitely live in Stockholm. The sun was out the entire time, which was a nice change from the UK, the city was clean, and the architecture was beautiful.

Since the weather cooperated, we decided to enjoy Skansen, the Stockholm open air museum and zoo. We were able to learn about Swedish history, all while taking photos of furry cuties!

Stockholm open air museum
Skansen Stockholm
Skansen Sweden
Sightseeing in Sweden
Sightseeing in Stockholm
Street food in Sweden
Sweden is fun and clean
Open air zoo
Sweden zoo
Stockholm zoo
Stockholm open air museum
Lemur eating
Lemur photo
Stockholm squirrel
Squirrel photo
Skansen zoo

This little squirrel and lemurs were my favorite. They made a point to pose for my camera and were very photogenic.

Have you ever been to Skansen?


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  • Jay

    We’ve spent the last 2 years living in one of the most expensive countries in the world and now are in Norway which is uber expensive too. I hardly bat an eyelash at prices anymore. The upside is when you travel, everywhere else is cheap!

  • Lindsey

    Once again, I’m totally jealous! That ice bar seems so awesome!!!

  • Joanna

    amazing photos!

  • NurseRT

    I’m so glad you had a fab time in my homeland!! I’ve heard that it is pretty spendy, but I’ve have also heard that it is an amazing place! I’ll start saving my $$$ now so I can go visit. Heck I’ll just go knock on my relatives door and make them take me in.

  • Amy

    Couldn’t agree more about Stockholm, love it but extremely expensive! Great photos!


    Leopard and Lillies

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