rome, italy {part two}

Hey, friends. I know I keep bringing this up, buuuuuut… we’re leaving the UK tomorrow. And I’m sort of freaking out. We’ve been packing our suitcases for the past week or so {attempting to pack is probably a more accurate description} and we have clothes everywhere. I have a ton of clothes, but nothing to wear every day. Odd, isn’t it?

So while I’m frantically trying to pack up our little life in Scotland and scrounge around the house for Monopoly money we still need to use before tomorrow, here’s the second part of our trip to Rome.

I had obviously seen a million photos of the Colosseum before planning our trip, so I knew that it was massive, but I wasn’t expecting to hop off the metro and… BAM!!… For it to pop out of nowhere, looming over us. It’s truly a magnificent structure! We set aside an entire afternoon to explore and used our Roma pass for free entry. And another plus –we got to skip the lengthy line! 
As soon as we made it inside the Colosseum, I stopped dead in my tracks and just stared. I couldn’t believe we were actually there!

We tried to get both the arch and the Colosseum in this photo… it sort of worked.
ColosseumColosseumColosseum at night traffic rome italy
If you’re planning a trip to Italy, I highly recommend stopping in Rome for a visit to the Colosseum; you won’t regret it. And be sure to come back at night with your sweetheart, grab some wine at the sidewalk drink stand, set up a tripod, and take beautiful photos! How romantic… 


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  • Emily

    That last pic is beautiful! You need to blow that up and frame it!

  • Becky {This Is Happiness}

    Hi Rachel! Amazing pictures!! Over from the hop and excited to be a new follower. Look forward to reading your blog a bit more.

  • Katie

    Good luck on the move, Rachel! My husband and I go back and forth about returning to the UK in the future, and as much as I would love to, it is such a big move I’ve already done twice now that I’m afraid to do it all over again- if that makes any sense? Best of luck while you settle back into your life in the USA :)

  • Alessandra (Adventures of a Homeschool Mom)

    Hi! Stopping by from the Weekend blog hop. I love your blog, the style is perfect. Beautiful pictures.

  • Kristi McInerney

    Hi new follower from the hop! WE loved Rome too!

    Keeping up with Kristi

    would be great if you could follow me also!

  • Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

    Absolutely amazing photos!! I’m stopping by from the Mingle Blog Hop, following you back. :) Thanks for stopping by. Good luck on your move!

  • Amy Rogers

    Oh my word…the photos are amazing! I especially love the last one.

    I’m a new follower from the blog hop.

  • Motivated Mommy of two

    wow there are great pictures, I would love to some day take a trip to Italy and visit Rome. Thanks for sharing stopping by from Let’s Mingle blog hop

  • Jelli

    We went to Rome while living in Italy for a few months back in March 2012. Loved the city, but a word of advice to any mama readers you might have: don’t take a stroller to Rome. The lovely cobblestones are not stroller-friendly at all. Baby carriers are a must.