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In honor of the Olympics {we’ve been glued to our television} here are some photos from a couple of our trips to London this year. You’ll notice that the trip I took with my friends was in the middle of January and freeeeeezing cold {this explains the dorky London hats we bought at the Tower Bridge gift store} and the trip with Brandon and his parents was in the middle of May and a little better, but still chilly. There’s a lot to see in London so it was hard for me to narrow down the hundreds of photos we took for this post, but I picked a few of our favorites.

London hats Tower Bridge Tower Bridge

St Paul Cathedral

Tower of London London Eye Capsule London Eye Top of St Paul Cathedral

Big Ben

Westminster Changing of the Guard

London Bus At Night

Has anyone else been to London? What was your favorite part? I did a Changing of the Guard tour with my girlfriends in January and I’d have to say that was my most memorable experience. Our tour guide was hilarious and he had us running all over Buckingham Palace!


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  • Amy

    We were in London just last week on our way back to Dubai, I love that city!


    Leopard and Lillies

    • Rachel

      There’s so much to do and the people watching is great! :) Loved your guest post on J’s.

  • Katie

    Love these photo’s. My Dad was born and raised in Camden Town in London, and my Grandad still lives there. I love London!

    • Rachel

      It’s so overwhelming! People everywhere and so much to do/see. I’d love to go one more time before we leave but we’re out of time!

  • Lindsey

    Once again, totally jealous! We want to go to Europe someday, but with baby on the way it’ll probably be a few years.

  • NurseRT

    I’d love to go back and sit in the pubs and drink Stella. Thank goodness the Brits understand the true meaning in an attitude adjustment.

  • Rebecca

    Wow I’m happy to have found your wonderful travel blog… seems I’ve been transported to places unknown!!!


  • Lauren Talon

    Love this post! I was in London in April for my honeymoon and absolutely loved the city. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get to Buckingham Palace :( It was the London Marathon so the road to the Palace was packed with runners. Kind of disappointing but we saw so much that it was okay. Can’t wait to go back one day :)