friday’s letters {rome, italy edition}

Today I’m linking up with Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday’s Letters… And using Blogsy for the first time so I apologize if anything looks strange!

Dear Rome, You. Are. So. Hot. And my feet are killing me, but you might be my new favorite city. I had the best meal of my life last night {swordfish, capers, olives, tomatoes and yummy sauce} and I could live on gelato. And the Colosseum at night? Stunning. Oh, and Rome? One more thing. Why are so many people wearing parachute pants and fanny packs? Are they back in style now?

Dear Cruise, Just a warning. I plan on being extremely lazy. Sleeping in every day sounds wonderful and so does relaxing by the pool. I’m almost scared to wear a bathing suit after not seeing the sun for a while {thanks Scotland} but floating around in cold water sounds very nice…

Dear Husband, It’s almost our one year wedding anniversary! I can’t wait to celebrate. :)

Dear Blog Friends, I hope that everyone is having a great Friday and I am excited to share fun photos with you all!


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  • J

    Let me know if fanny packs are back in style, I’ll dust off the one I wore in the early nineties and rock that thing!!

    Hope you have a great weekend, love your blog!

  • Jane

    Your blog is beautiful! It makes me wish I hadn’t just redone my blog because I want it just like yours. haha Okay that wouldn’t be cool. But, seriously I can’t get over your blog. Happy almost anniversary! Rome sounds lovely!! I can’t tell you about the parachute pants and fanny packs though. I would blame it on the hipsters though. ;)

  • Chelsea

    Happy aniversary! Cute blog – looking forward to reading more :-)

  • Mary De Bastos

    I’m a new shade of white since moving here to Scotland! Ha! My mother is Puerto Rican and I now wear the lightest ivory makeup they make. Ugh.

    My husband still has a fanny pack {they call them bum bags in Scotland because fanny is kind of a bad word. Ha!} I will tell him they are back in style. He’s been waiting a long time.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • Robyn

    enjoy rome-even if it is hot! I love it, the last time I visited was a few summers ago now-one of the best trips in Europe to date

  • Jenna

    Hey! Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for stopping by my blog for Friday Letters. You have a super cute blog yourself! Enjoy Rome! Jealous!

  • Ali W.

    Came across your blog and I think it is so dang cute! I love it. You have the cuuutest style! I am jealous that you are in ROME! That must be amazing!