and this is why my neighbors probably think i’m crazy

My husband and I decided to buy some organic seeds when we moved into our new home and for a few months, they lived in a small plastic greenhouse in our kitchen. Since the smell of soil disgusts me and for a while our kitchen had a faint aroma of the earthly mix, I’d try and throw them out onto our deck because I’m awesome like that. Every time I attempted this, my husband would insist on it being too cold during the nighttime, and eventually he won the battle of the plants. After a while, our Target seeds sprouted into seedlings and then full-blown plants that were taking up way too much room because I’m a dumbass and planted an excess of seeds in each container. Because of this, we then had to purchase a legit tiered cedar garden that had to be assembled in our yard. Since we’re both so outdoorsy, it was an interesting project.

Our dogs trampled all over the cedar garden a few times per week and then started fertilizing the fruits and vegetables with puppy urine, but the space still turned into a suburban jungle and our stupid plants are thriving.

Where is this story going? We have creepy crawlies all over our backyard and it’s not cool.

Are you familiar with hornworms? They’re freaking disgusting and are currently covering every inch of our plants. And because they munch on leaves and tomatoes all day and night, they’re about four inches long… each. Is this some kind of sick joke?!


Before work this morning, my husband went outside with the dogs and started to trim leaves and branches off of the plants. He didn’t want to touch the critters so this process seemed logical enough, except he ran out of branches to remove since they’re basically building their own little hornworm army.

Because my dear husband was so concerned, I went out during lunch time with a pair of pliers to gently remove the suckers and throw them over the fence. I hate killing any type of living being so I gently cradled each caterpillar/worm monster until the little bastards started flipping shit and squirting bright green juices all over my husband’s tools. I spent the next ten minutes shrieking and swearing, while whipping my hair around because I thought that a wasp was trapped in my tresses. Did I mention that hornworms attract wasps? Fuck me.

Eventually I figured I should retreat back into the house since some of my neighbors witnessed my outburst and I was wearing yoga pants covered with old paint, my husband’s huge tennis shoes, and white zit cream on my cheek. And that is how you make a lasting impression when you move to a new area.

I’m secretly hoping that our HOA informs us that outdoor gardens aren’t allowed so I can burn the jungle down. We don’t plan on using pesticides because avoiding chemicals was the whole reason we wanted to plant our own organic garden, plus our dogs traipse around our yard every day, so we’ll have to continue to use pliers — or collect a bunch of chickens, which probably won’t happen. So burning down the garden sounds like the best solution to me.

Who needs fresh tomatoes and peppers anyway?

+ Image found here because I’m too disgusted to take my own.


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state of the blog address

State of the Blog Address

As I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs a few days ago, I spotted a post title that completely resonated with me. Hey Natalie Jean decided to publish a sort of “state of the blog address” to answer reader questions, and although I want to discuss something entirely different, I found it appropriately titled — so here I am.

Let’s talk about some things you may have noticed in the past month or so, plus the direction of this ol’ blog of mine.


Blog posts have been sparse around these parts and I myself have been a bit flakey due to an extremely long and wonderful family vacation that involved a whole lotta wondering and New York, Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Although I’ve been away from the world of blogging because real life always comes first, I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect and I feel good! I’m ready to get back to writing, clicking photos, oversharing, and interacting with all of my favorite readers and fellow bloggers. I think it’s a good sign when you’ve missed writing on your blog, no?


I want this blog to be a personal reflection of my life so you’re going to see less sponsored posts and giveaways, more photos of my life and my family, and of course, lots of home projects. So if paint colors and office renovations aren’t your thing, run now. But really, I’m turning our entire rec room into an office/studio space and I cannot wait to share every step with you guys. Any suggestions on where to find a cute table for a printer?

I also want to publish more recipes. I’m constantly cooking and baking bread, but I don’t have the patience to write anything down. Apparently I’m allergic to measuring anything and would rather throw random ingredients together… because that’s kinda fun. But I’m excited to share my favorite healthy recipes with you all since I haven’t done that in a while.

Finally, I’m still going to share my photography shoots, and our weekend trips and family vacations, so that won’t change at all. But like I said, it’ll hopefully be more personal!


I’m still going to offer blog consultations, which I absolutely love, but I’ve suspended sidebar ads until at least November. I need more time to focus on writing and photography (have I mentioned that I booked my first wedding?!) and I just don’t have the time for sponsorship, unfortunately. I really wanted to mention the ad suspension in another blog post because I’ve received a couple emails from bloggers interested in sidebar ads and I feel horrible for turning people away. It’s not that I don’t want you on my sidebar — I just don’t want you until this fall. ;) Then we can get to know each other and party it up!

And there you have it — the state of Postcards from Rachel. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for sticking with me as I figure out what the eff to write about. Writer’s block is no fun.


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a local’s guide to london

Even though Jen doesn’t yet consider herself a London local, her guide to London is so thorough and helpful that I’m calling her one. I mean, look at the detail of this guide! Her suggestions are wonderful so be sure to bookmark this page before your next vacation to London. And let’s give it up for Jen of Lady, Relocated!

I’ve now lived in London for 9 months as Rachel mentioned in her most recent weekend postcard. I don’t consider myself a local but I have graduated myself to tour guide status. I’ve had several visitors rely on me for London ideas so I’ve refined my suggestions to a point I’m finally comfortable sharing. These recommendations are meant for first time London visitors who want to see highlights and squeeze in as much as possible during a short timeframe. I’ve also included some helpful resources from travelers much more experienced than me at the end of this post so you can customize your trip to your heart’s delight. Let’s plan a fab trip to London for you, shall we?


Morning: Get your walking shoes on and pack a snack, you’re about to explore London’s most iconic sights with a little walking tour. Starting at Westminster tube stop you can walk to Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St James’s Park, Buckingham Palace, and Trafalgar Square.

A local's guide to London

If you prefer to see more than just the exteriors, you can book a tour of Parliament or visit Westminster Abbey (closed to tourists Sundays).

Lunch: Borough Market is London’s oldest covered market and has produce vendors and food stalls galore. You can walk here from Westminster by following the Thames River path towards Tower Bridge or take the tube to London Bridge station. Insider tip: the market is more lively later in the week (Thursday-Saturday) but open everyday besides Sunday.

Afternoon: From Borough Market walk along Thames River path back towards Westminster. At Millennium Bridge cross over to St Paul’s Cathedral and climb the steps to the lookout for eagle eye views of London. Walk back across Millennium Bridge and you’ll arrive at the Tate Modern. Entry is free.

Break time: All this walking and sightseeing makes a gal hungry. Grab a coffee or cocktail at the Tate Modern’s third floor espresso bar which offers sky high views of London.

Dinner: Albion Cafe is just a few steps from the Tate Modern and offers a quintessential British menu using local ingredients. You can also grab a meal at the Founders Arms, a popular pub nestled up to the river in front of the Tate Modern.

Late night stroll: Walk back along the Thames River pathway towards the London Eye. The nighttime views of London will captivate you during the half hour spin around the wheel.


Morning: Back to where you started yesterday, arrive again at the Westminster tube station and walk a few blocks to the Churchill War Rooms. This was the command center and bunker of Winston Churchill and his staff during WWII. Alternate option: you could also schedule the Parliament tour today if you didn’t get to it yesterday, it’s just next door.

Lunch: Somerset House is another London landmark you can’t miss with several cafes and restaurants inside. It’s a 20 minute walk from the War Rooms but it’s en route to your afternoon destination.

Afternoon: You can’t visit London without touring the Tower of London. How else will you see those stunning Crown Jewels and entertaining “Beefeaters”? Guided Tours by Yeoman Warders are included in the price of your ticket. You’ll spend one to three hours here depending on how interesting you find it. Personally, I was fascinated.

Dinner: Cross the Tower Bridge and walk a few blocks to the Dean Swift Beer House. It’s a relaxed atmosphere offering up good eats with a wide range of craft beers on tap. Win-win.

Late night extra credit: After dinner and a few pints you could return to the Tower of London if you’ve arranged in advance to attend the historical Ceremony of the Keys. Getting on the list is harder than getting into a popular club in Soho. It requires a written request via snail mail months in advance. However, they’re now accepting online requests for 2015. Technology!


All day: Museums are free and plentiful in London, so even if you don’t consider yourself a museum-goer, keep an open mind and try out a few. Here’s some options beyond the Tate Modern:
British Museum – see the Rosetta Stone and some of the greatest Egyptian artifacts in one place.
National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery – Located side by side in Trafalgar Square they’re worth a peek. Earlier this year I saw two of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous sunflower paintings here up close and personal.
Natural History Museum – Dinosaurs and other cool nature stuff.
Science Museum – I haven’t been to this one yet but I’ve heard rave reviews from coworkers with kids.
Victoria & Albert – Marketed as the world’s greatest museum of art and design. I drank the Kool-Aid after seeing an exhibition on pearls here.
Museum of London – Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of London.
More options outlined in this list by here.

Disclaimer: if you’re like me you have a quota to how many hours you can handle per day in a museum. If that sounds familiar, go see the Natural History Museum and the V&A (short for the Victoria & Albert Museum) because they’re located next door to each other. Navigate to the South Kensington tube station for this plan.

Cocktail time: Since you’ve saved money by taking advantage of free museums AND learned something today, treat yourself to a craft cocktail at the Shard’s 31st floor bar, Aqua Shard. Take the tube to London Bridge station and walk to the Shard from there. You can’t miss London’s tallest glass building. Oh, and no sneakers allowed inside, so pack a pair of cute flats or dress shoes if you’re coming straight from a museum.


Morning: Get yourself to Covent Garden or Leicester Square tube stations and you’ll find yourself immersed in shops and cafes. Covent Garden (not really a garden) is a covered market surrounded by narrow alleyways and streets full of shops. One of my favorites is Stanfords, a traveler’s oasis packed to the gills with maps and travel guides for every destination imaginable.

Lunch: Inside Covent Garden you’ll find everything from a Shake Shack to Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant.

Afternoon: Time for the shopping big leagues. From Covent Garden take the tube to Oxford Street or Bond Street stations. You’ll want to stop in at Selfridges, Liberty, Fortnum & Mason, House of Fraser, and Top Shop. And of course shopping in London wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Harrods, until recently the world’s largest department store. It’s a bit further from Oxford, but accessible from Knightsbridge tube station.

Break for tea time: You can go fancy and have afternoon tea at Fortum & Mason or an equally lovely option for less at House of Fraser. I outlined some other teatime tips in this post awhile back.

Guide to London, England

Dinner: Depending where you end your day you’ll have no shortage of restaurant options. If your last stop is Harrods, you can find dining options in South Kensington or Sloan Square areas. If your last stop is Oxford Street, you’ll be closest to dining options in Soho.

Post dinner: Snag tickets to a musical in the West End. I’ve seen and would recommend Once, Book of Mormon, The Commitments, Jersey Boys, The Bodyguard, and heard rave reviews about Matilda, Wicked, and Les Miserables. Check the dates of your visit to see what’s on.


Morning: Head over to the famous Notting Hill neighborhood (Notting Hill Gate tube station) and walk along Portobello Road Market, an antiques market with lots of good souvenir options, jewelry, and coffee shops scattered throughout.

A guide to London

Lunch: The Churchill Arms and New Tom’s are both nearby and won’t disappoint. The first is a pub atmostphere, the second more of a hip brunch/lunch spot.

Afternoon: Buckingham Palace is just one aspect of the royal scene in London. From Notting Hill you’re a hop, skip, and a jump away from Kensington Palace, home to Will, Kate, and baby George. Part of the palace is open for tourists. It’s also next door to Hyde Park, so don’t miss this escape from the city, within the city. Rent bikes or just wander through it by foot.

Snack break: Indulge yourself in afternoon tea once more at the The Orangery in Kensington Gardens.

Dinner: After seeing the home of the Duke of Cambridge (AKA Prince William), go dine at the pub named in his honor. The Duke of Cambridge is my favorite pub in all of London. It has organic, farm-to-table food and really brings out the hippy in me with its relaxed setting and friendly service. Arrive here by taking the tube to Angel station and then walking a few short blocks.

Post dinner wind down: Angel is one of my favorite neighborhoods in London. Stroll along Upper Street to seek out a cocktail and dessert, or wander along the canals. It will make you want to stay in London another week!


+Oyster card – This is your ticket to public transportation in London. You can buy a week-long pass or top up and pay as you go. Pick one up at any tube station and they work on trains, buses, and tubes.
+Of course public transportation isn’t for everyone. If you’re rich you can navigate London by cabs. I also recommend Uber which works well in London and is less expensive than cabbing it. Download the app on your phone.
+Another option for transportation is a Hop-on-hop-off bus or public bus #11 which will both take you to all the major tourist attractions if you’re not sure where to start.

Guide to London

+Citymapper has been my go-to for navigation from day one in this town. Download the app on your phone as an alternative to Google Maps.
+Cell phone – wifi is available at most hotels and tourist locations these days, but if you prefer to have a functional cell phone 100% of the time you can purchase a SIM card from a UK provider like O2, EE, or Virgin and use easily with any unlocked phone. Otherwise, contact your cell phone provider at home and have them turn on international coverage temporarily.
+Accommodations – Check out AirBnB for unique London lodging options. Expedia and also have plenty of options.
+Money – London’s currency is the British Pound (GBP) which currently is not favorable for American travelers. However, you’re on vacation so you don’t care. Live it up and take money out from ATMs with your debit card. Notify your credit card company before traveling to London so you don’t have any problems using it here.


These folks are the real experts and I rely on them constantly for travel advice.

+Rick Steve’s London travel guide
+TripAdvisor things to do in London
+Lonely Planet Destination London official tourist site.
+TimeOut London’s handy site

Cheerio! I truly hope you enjoy a brilliant stay in London and come to love it as much as I do. I welcome your comments and questions below, or suggestions for any must-see activities I’ve left off the list. There’s so many options you’re sure to have a great trip whatever you do.

P.S. Download a print version of this post here for easy packing.

You can find Jen here:
Blog | Bloglovin’ | Twitter | Pinterest


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weekend postcards #37 | lady relocated spotlight

Weekend Postcards

Jen of Lady, Relocated is an expat and travel blogger living in London. She writes about her wonderful adventures all over the globe and discusses life as an expat. I’m a big fan of her expat life recaps and highly recommend contacting her if you’ve ever considered moving abroad. And isn’t it fun “meeting” new bloggers living in other countries? Some of my best blogging buddies live overseas!

Jen has a bunch of travel plans in the near future and you won’t want to miss out on tips and gorgeous photos. When I asked her about all of the places she’d like to visit, this was her response: “While I’m living in London my goal is to travel to one European and one UK destination per month. The next trip I need to plan is to Switzerland because the photos of its scenery are absolutely stunning. Also on my near-term wish list: Budapest, Istanbul, and Dubai.” How awesome is that?

So, if you’re a Lady Relocated, be sure to say hello to Jen!

Lady Relocated

Blog | Twitter | Instagram
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