new york city in instagram photos

After we returned from New York City a week and a half ago, I was borderline obsessed with convincing my husband that we should pick up and move to the East Village neighborhood. We found 15+ awesome restaurants in the span of two blocks (we like to eat), plus drip coffee shops on each corner. Is this Heaven? No, it’s the East Village in all it’s glory. Then we looked up rent for a one bedroom apartment and had heart palpitations. We’ll keep our townhouse in the ‘burbs, thank you very much.

Even though this area was our favorite to explore, there was a lot to see in NYC and the overall experience was great. Here is New York City in Instagram photos:

New York City in Instagram photos

Have you ever been?


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snapshots from great falls park virginia

Great Falls Park Virginia

The best part of living in Northern Virginia is the endless opportunity to explore the surrounding area. This means I’m never bored on the weekends, and I also have something to show family members when they come to visit. Most of my July vacation was spent in Georgetown and New York City, but my sister and I slipped away to Great Falls Park Virginia to snap some photographs and enjoy the gorgeous views. I would love to go back again for a picnic — but maybe in the fall when the weather is cooler and I can bring the dogs.

Great Falls Park Virginia

The park entrance fee is $5 per vehicle or $3.00 per individual which is a great deal considering the number of overlooks, hiking trails, picnic tables, and quick visit to the informational center. You could easily spend half the day there with family and friends! Just wear tennis shoes because you’ll be climbing over massive rocks while trying to reach some of the overlooks, and don’t plan on swimming. The river is extremely dangerous… eek.

Have you ever been to Great Falls Park?

Great Falls Park
9200 Old Dominion Dr
McLean, VA 22102


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photography session in dc

After we moved abroad for my husband’s job, we had every intention of coming back to the DC area. I started my career on Capitol Hill, my first “real” apartment was located on the trusty red line, Brandon drunkenly confessed his undying love to me after meeting at a bar in Dupont Circle, and we made many other memories here. Plus… the monuments are a good enough reason to live in this area. Have I ever mentioned my obsession with the Capitol building? I used to get lost in those tunnels, yo. And not because I was exploring… I was legit lost trying to find the flag office as an intern. Anyway…

The Capitol Building and Lincoln Memorial took this photography session to another level. It also helped that Christa and M.V. are a completely adorable and sentimental couple. Christa brought her wedding shoes to this shoot and M.V. had his wedding socks, bow tie, and handkerchief on hand, which I thought was completely wonderful.

Here’s a sneak peek of their session over the weekend:

Photography Session DC Capitol
Photography Session Lincoln Memorial
Couples Session Lincoln Memorial
Couples Session Capitol Building
Photo Session Capitol Building
Photography Session Capitol Building
Photography Session DC Capitol Building
Photography Shoot Capitol Building
Capitol Hill Photo Session
National Mall Photo Session
Photography Session in DC
Photographer in Washington DC
Couple in front of Capitol

P.S. Christa has her own blog so be sure to check it out!


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and this is why my neighbors probably think i’m crazy

My husband and I decided to buy some organic seeds when we moved into our new home and for a few months, they lived in a small plastic greenhouse in our kitchen. Since the smell of soil disgusts me and for a while our kitchen had a faint aroma of the earthly mix, I’d try and throw them out onto our deck because I’m awesome like that. Every time I attempted this, my husband would insist on it being too cold during the nighttime, and eventually he won the battle of the plants. After a while, our Target seeds sprouted into seedlings and then full-blown plants that were taking up way too much room because I’m a dumbass and planted an excess of seeds in each container. Because of this, we then had to purchase a legit tiered cedar garden that had to be assembled in our yard. Since we’re both so outdoorsy, it was an interesting project.

Our dogs trampled all over the cedar garden a few times per week and then started fertilizing the fruits and vegetables with puppy urine, but the space still turned into a suburban jungle and our stupid plants are thriving.

Where is this story going? We have creepy crawlies all over our backyard and it’s not cool.

Are you familiar with hornworms? They’re freaking disgusting and are currently covering every inch of our plants. And because they munch on leaves and tomatoes all day and night, they’re about four inches long… each. Is this some kind of sick joke?!


Before work this morning, my husband went outside with the dogs and started to trim leaves and branches off of the plants. He didn’t want to touch the critters so this process seemed logical enough, except he ran out of branches to remove since they’re basically building their own little hornworm army.

Because my dear husband was so concerned, I went out during lunch time with a pair of pliers to gently remove the suckers and throw them over the fence. I hate killing any type of living being so I gently cradled each caterpillar/worm monster until the little bastards started flipping shit and squirting bright green juices all over my husband’s tools. I spent the next ten minutes shrieking and swearing, while whipping my hair around because I thought that a wasp was trapped in my tresses. Did I mention that hornworms attract wasps? Fuck me.

Eventually I figured I should retreat back into the house since some of my neighbors witnessed my outburst and I was wearing yoga pants covered with old paint, my husband’s huge tennis shoes, and white zit cream on my cheek. And that is how you make a lasting impression when you move to a new area.

I’m secretly hoping that our HOA informs us that outdoor gardens aren’t allowed so I can burn the jungle down. We don’t plan on using pesticides because avoiding chemicals was the whole reason we wanted to plant our own organic garden, plus our dogs traipse around our yard every day, so we’ll have to continue to use pliers — or collect a bunch of chickens, which probably won’t happen. So burning down the garden sounds like the best solution to me.

Who needs fresh tomatoes and peppers anyway?

+ Image found here because I’m too disgusted to take my own.


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