best online yoga store

Best Online Yoga Store

^^I took this photo after spin class so I’m sure Ollie is appalled by my smell

I’ve been trying very hard to stay active this summer, and whether it’s doing yoga in the privacy of my own home, playing tennis with Brandon, or going to spin class during the week, one of the things that keeps me going is comfortable workout clothes and good quality accessories that make the task of staying fit a little easier. That’s where comes in.


I recently had the opportunity to do a little shopping with them and purchased the Yoga Glyphs Flow With Me Tank in sapphire, the Gaiam Organic Cotton Yoga Strap in sage, and a Gaiam Yoga Block in blue teal. The cotton tank is light and soft and I’ve loved wearing it around the house and to morning classes, and the accessories go perfectly with the yoga mat I bought a while back. offers high quality items and popular brands at discounted prices that you really can’t beat. Plus, shopping online is quick and convenient.


If you’re interested in their products, use the code BRIDGEPOSE at check-out to receive an additional 15% percent off of your order. I can’t wait to see what you pick out!

Have you shopped at before?

+ Products c/o; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!


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unexpected adventures with target wedding

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own.

August is the top month for travel and weddings, and I’m partnering with Target Wedding to tell you about my favorite unexpected adventure and how you can make your trip memorable with their wonderful products. By registering with Target Wedding before your big day, you’ll unlock endless possibilities and make it that much easier to experience your own unexpected journey! Since vacation is more enjoyable when you have the right gear to document all of those special moments, I have some great recommendations for you all. But first, let’s talk about my own unexpected adventures.


My journey starts with a Mediterranean cruise that B and I saved up for while living abroad in the UK. Because we moved to Scotland one week after our wedding and our first year of marriage was a complete whirlwind, we wanted to plan something special for our anniversary. The cruise itself was wonderful and we became fast friends with the buffet in the main dining room, but one of the destinations was completely unexpected and an experience we’ll always look back fondly on. That was the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast

The destination was on our itinerary so it obviously wasn’t unexpected in that sense, but as soon as our small boat took us away from the cruise ship and along the coastline of Italy, we were in awe of our surroundings. The buildings were vibrant and gorgeous, and our local tour guide surprised us with a visit to a local market to take in the culture.

Unexpected Adventures with Target

I am so glad we had just purchased a DSLR camera few months before because these are some of my favorite photos to revisit. Now my husband and I will always remember our time together in Italy!

Target Wedding


Since I’m such an advocate of plenty of family photos — including ones of the special trips you take together — I recommend the Canon EOS Rebel T5I and also the SwissGear City Pack to make life a little easier. I started out with a Canon Rebel and it was so simple to use! Think of these things when you’re completing your registry with Target and you’ll be golden. :)


One Postcards from Rachel reader will win a $25 gift card from Target. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

Giveaway Rules:
+ Giveaway will be live from August 27 – 30
+ Must be 18+ or have parental consent to participate in giveaway
+ One winner will be chosen and verified on August 30
+ Winner will be notified via email and given 24 hours to respond
+ If no response, a new winner will be chosen
+ Giveaway is open to residents of the USA

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You can find other unique gift ideas at the Target Wedding registry. P.S. This post was #sponsored. As always, thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.


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6 ways to get over your fear of flying

I’ve been on a lot of flights throughout my lifetime and although I love being up in the clouds now, I used to hate it — especially when I was younger. Since my past career involved travel between DC and district offices, and even trips for staff retreats, I started paying attention to my flight anxiety and how I could calm it. By the time we moved abroad to Scotland and decided to travel all over Europe on discount airlines, I had basically solved this issue. Well, until we flew on a creepy Ryanair flight to Dublin, but that’s another story.

Here are 6 ways to get over your fear of flying:

6 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Flying


Take extra care when packing your carry-on suitcase and include things that you love. I always bring plenty of magazines, my Kindle with a couple of books already downloaded, a notepad and pen for jotting down random lists, and my husband brings his iPad and headphones so that he can listen to music during turbulence. If these items don’t work to distract us, we curl up with our travel pillows and take a nap. You should also pack snacks to enjoy en route because eating food is a great way to pass the time (and probably my favorite activity while onboard an airplane).


Since I’ve been dealing with anxiety for a while now, I’m pretty good at identify things that will exacerbate the problem — even when it comes to flying. I use the items listed above to keep myself from overthinking and overanalyzing things (because that always leads to a minor freak out), I avoid alcoholic beverages, sleep aids, and the biggest one, I do everything in my power to reduce any type of stress before the trip. This is different for everyone, so whether it’s cleaning your home from top to bottom before your vacation, finding the absolute best sitter for your pets, or getting to the airport extremely early, extra preparation can help travel go smoothly. Then you can focus on having lots of fun on vacation!


I love coffee but enjoying a caffeinated beverage before a flight isn’t the wisest plan of action since it elevates your heart rate and can make you jumpy. Instead of ordering a cup of joe before travel, I stick with caffeine-free tea. It’s soothing, plus it allows me to fall asleep on the plane.


I once booked a flight from DC back to the Midwest for a staff retreat, and as soon as a received the email confirmation and realized the plane from Washington Reagan to Newark was a turboprop, I got back on the phone with the travel agent and made other arrangements. I don’t do well on small planes because they’re cramped, bumpier, and noisier, so to avoid an anxiety-ridden two hours, I found a route that included a larger plane. Problem solved.

I’ve cancelled and rebooked a lot of flights, and Expedia, Kayak, and other travel websites are pretty lenient as long as you’re not doing it every day. My best piece of advice is to look at the type of plane before you hit the “confirm” button.


I like being able to watch the take-off and landing from the window so I don’t do well in middle or aisle seats — however, I know that some people like aisle seats because they can almost make themselves forget that they’re on a plane. Figure out which type of seat works best for you and stick with it.


This can mean many different things so let’s go through a list of stuff that might help you:
- Research the airline’s safety record before you book a ticket
- Figure out the size of the plane before hitting purchase
- Find the route with the least travel time
- Surf websites and forums created for people with flight anxiety (specifically ones in which pilots and former pilots answer reader questions… always helpful)
- Remember that turbulence isn’t a big deal and that driving a car is more dangerous (huzzah!)


Download a turbulence tracker app on your smartphone so that you know what to expect before a flight. I promise it helps!

Are you afraid of flying? What do you do to calm your nerves?


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why you should use kayak explore

Why You Should Use Kayak Explore

Kayak Explore has quickly become one of my favorite websites for travel now that we’re on a budget due to our mortgage payment. It’s a travel tool that allows you to browse for flights to different destinations all over the world so that you’re able to find something in your price-range, and as long as you’re a bit flexible when it comes to timing and the location, you’ll have a blast booking travel this way.

Here’s why you should use Kayak Explore:


The obvious reason is that you’ll find cheap flights to fun places. Instead of becoming completely horrified when I have the urge to travel and find that a certain destination doesn’t work with our budget (like, at all), I go straight to Kayak Explore to see what we can afford. The website gives me reasonable round-trip options which is wonderful since air travel has become so expensive over the past couple of years. This is a great way to see the world and save money at the same time.


 Instead of having to dig around multiple travel and airlines websites for the best date/airline/price combination, Kayak Explore does all of the hard work for you.


Since moving back to the States and finally settling down in one location, we’ve discussed going back to Europe to explore all of the countries we missed while living in Scotland. Because of a quick Kayak Explore search, we completely changed gears and decided to purchase flights to Panama and Peru. We’ve never been to Central and South America before and that’s why this trip seems really exciting. Kayak Explore will broaden your horizons and I guarantee you’ll book a trip somewhere unexpected.


Looking at a map filled with flights from your current city to every location in the world? That’s fun. You can also give the website certain search criteria like weather and activities. Want to plan a ski vacation with your significant other? No problem.

Have you ever used Kayak Explore?

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